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Actress Chioma Toplis To Femi Fani-Kayode: I’M LAUGHING OUT LOUD AT YOUR STUPIDTY

Click for Full Image Size Action they say, begets reaction, is a popular English saying that garrulous lawyer, Femi Fani Kayode must have thrown quickly into the toilet, but with the current turn out of things, it appears, Fani-Kayode is now finding it very difficult to live with the reactions coming from his reckless statements on the social media scene a few days ago. An example was a particular story that followed suit after he alleged that he had slept with Bianca Ojukwu and other Igbo ladies, Chioma Anasoh and adaobi Uchegbu…

The story revealed the alleged reckless and dirty lifestyle of Mr. Fani Kayode, how he allegedly sleeps with his daughters, cheats on his wife and most of all, how ex president, Olusegun Obasanjo and his Vice, Atiku Abubakar had allegedly slept with his wife was spread across facebook and othe social media platforms…

Reacting to the story, FFK as he popularly addressed took to his facebook page this afternoon and wrote in said. (Please, Read a part of his statement below)

“One of the reactions to that expression of truth was the rubbish that some faceless individual wrote about me and my family on some blog. Needless to say all that was written there was nothing but a tissue of lies concocted by a sick mind.

The man does not even exist. It was a scurillous and desperate attempt to smear me and to intimidate me into silence. They want to stop me from telling the truth about the history of our country.

I assure you that this will not work because I am not easily threatened or intimidated and I owe no-one an apology for narrating the facts of our history. My integrity and that of my family remains intact.

When those that wish to smear me have decided to stop being faceless cowards and to stop hiding behind fake names and identities then we can take up this matter properly.

Absolutely pissed by Fami Fani Kayode’s recklessness which has played itself in the last few days and the fact that his statement insinuates he could take some legal actions on the person behind the story, actress, Chioma Toplis dropped some harsh lines in reply…see below

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The Bitter Truth About The Igbo, By Femi Fani-Kayode


Deportation Saga: Governor Fashola Seal’s Orji Kalu’s Lagos Home

Ezekwesili Calls On Government To Arrest Fani-Kayode

''Fashola deported people who were constituting a nuisance'' - Jide Kosoko

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Lalaland | 8/17/2013 6:19:17 PMWe are ALL laffing at the ediots stewpidity as well! Reply this thread
Lalaland | 8/17/2013 6:20:49 PM | Stewpid yoruba man we BELIEVE everything they said about ya family!
PweetyB | 8/17/2013 6:41:30 PM | This irrelivant mad man at it again? Chioma pls tell him We tired of him barking like a dog already!
lolo | 8/17/2013 8:35:22 PM | hehehe the pichas there are hilarious..Chioma laughing out loud at Femi's s****dity while Femi is pointing at her...u eh u eh...Chioma abeg we follow u dey laugh at this yeye dey smell monkey
Macky | 8/17/2013 6:33:06 PMSee below what? Maybe i should get a magnifying glass or a googlle glass to read the content! But this Fani Fan man is behaving like an elementary kid! It beggars belief to know that he was once a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria.The country is beset with myriad of problems and instead of proffering solutions to remedy them, the man is busy stoking controversies. Reply this thread
Chinwe | 8/17/2013 6:44:50 PMFemi-Fani Kayode have bitten more than he can chew sha,4rm left,right and center,since he has publicly expressed in his untitled piece of crab called essay the callous and accumulated grievances towards d beautiful Ndigbo which will forever drag him to the mud.Mad dog like him.Imagine,he was not even afraid mentioning Bianca Ojukwu's name in that crab.This man called FFK is an insane man that lacks vision 202020!!! This man is a hug disgrace,its so sad that a distinguished institution like Cambridge University has a misfit and moron called Femi Fani-Kayode as an alumnus. Sad that this clown was formerly a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. So sad that there are people who endorse this clown's drug-induced outbursts. What a country!!! There really was a country!!! Reply this thread
Fani F Kayode | 8/17/2013 8:00:32 PMChioma Toplis aka Lalaland, what is your problem? Well you have a point this time, but both you and FFK have many things in common. You can only compare FFK with the likes of Lalaland the forumite, with his latrine mouth. Reply this thread
lolo | 8/17/2013 8:38:14 PM | now u feel lik obama making ur comment mentioning lalaa/lolo...oh sowi o i forgot ur comment won't be complete and will be un noticed with our ids
Goodluc Ekwensi | 8/17/2013 8:43:43 PMFani Kayode is always high on drug as a junky he is,imagine a former minister in Nigeria talking like a kid.
Don't judge so that you will not be judged says by the Holy book,but as mr Fani Kayode judge others he is now been judged and his case now become shamefull.
As he was recalling how he slept with Igbo women,somebody somewhere is also telling him how Chief Obasanjo take Bite Mother Bite pikin in his own Fani house.Alhaji Atiku also took his turn in Fani's house,and security men also contributed large quantity of Sperm in Fani Kayode'house.
So Mr Kayode don't judge people next time so that you will not be judged. Reply this thread

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