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After Attacking Jide Kosoko For Rituals Activity, Kemi Olunloyo Threatens His Son (video)

After Attacking Jide Kosoko For Rituals Activity, Kemi Olunloyo Threatens His Son (video) Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

– Kemi Olunloyo had earlier on Tuesday, June 7 called for Jide Kosoko’s investigation for rituals after the death of Henrietta Kosoko

– She alleged on Thursday, June 9 that one of Jide Kosoko’s son threatened to get at her

– The social media critic dares the Kosokos to sue her since Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo and Bianca Ojukwu dare not

Controversial social media critic, Kemi Olunloyo is at it again. The ex-governor’s daughter is alleging that one of Prince Jide Kosoko and late Henietta Kosoko’s children threatened her after her tweet calling for the investigation of Jide over his wife’s death. Sshe went on Facebook live to clear the air on her first tweet about Jide Kosoko being investigated for ritual over the death of his Henritta who is his third wife to have died.

Kemi then went ahead to threaten Toyin Kosoko who had sent her a threat. In her usal manner, she dragged Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Bainca Ojukwu and Olamide into the discussion. She also threatened to unravel the Toyin Kosoko that threatened

“Good morning it’s June 9, 2016 live from Ibadan, Nigeria. I am Kemi Olunloyo. This video is a very serious one and is a stern warning to the daughter of Jide Kosoko. Earlier this week Jide Kosoko lost his 3rd wife Henrietta Kosoko. And I made it known on social media, I tweeted it and posted it on my Facebook that Jide Kosoko has lost his third wife and he is now a black widower. Well,  he has actually being a black widower since he lost his second wife. A black widow is a woman who has lost one, two, three husbands; a black widower is a man who has lost two, three or more wives. It’s an English term, it doesn’t really say anything about the person whether they are responsible for the deaths or not.

Henrietta and Jide Kosoko

Henrietta and Jide Kosoko

Last night, Toyin Kosoko came to my Facebook and left a threat. She said I’m really stupid, I’m looking for people to visit my page, she said a bunch of crap and then she said wait till I see her she is going to get back at me. Toyin Kosoko you don’t really want to mess with me. First of all I’m going to drag you on social media. I am a social media critic; I’m a social media expert. I’m gonna drag you so low by the time you are supposed to be mourning your mum. This is not the time. I have the right to say what I feel as a person; the bottom line is that your father should be investigated for rituals that’s what I wrote. I did not say your father did rituals, I did not say your father used your mother for rituals. I said rituals are prevalent in Nollywood and should be investigated. I don’t like ritualism, when my father got involved in it I reported him and did a documentary for the world to listen to. It traps you and it takes a lot for you to come out and speak about your family. I spoke about Olamide and how he visits ritualists for his music business. I don’t just makes things up, people tell me things and I verify them. When he refused to sign a female artist, what happened? Later on his male artists started leaving after he signed a female artist. It takes a lot of things for me to say the things I say on social media but one thing I will not tolerate is threat.

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Henrietta Kosoko’s children having a last glance at their remains

Now we are in a civilized society right, you could sue me. Adeboye hasn’t sued me, Oyedepo hasn’t sued me, many of the public figures that I’ve talked about haven’t sued me even Bianca Ojukwu who said she does not know Femi Fani-Kayode and I told the world that she knows Femi Fani-Kayode and was pregnant for him twice while we were in London. Let me tell you something, everybody can actually go to court and sue me. When you sue me I will come to court and prove you wrong and you will lose and then I will sue you and you will pay me money.

Your father have a fourth wife he should be worried her safety and that’s my message for you Toyin Kosoko. Don’t mess around with me, don’t fool around with me, don’t threaten me that you’re gonna get back at me. You can’t get back at me unless you want to do rituals. If you threaten my life I have people waiting for you. Toyin, whoever you are wherever you are I will find out about you fast. This is Ibadan. Toyin Kosoko, this is my message for you, bring it on.” 

Watch the full video below:

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