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Under the name I/O, Ayo Olatunji, New York City singer-writer-producer,just dropped his newest mix Isolation as of July 24th, just one year after releasing his tape 8 Bit Love. Frank Ocean watch your back, because I/O’s chill wave R&B style will definitely be making babies this year.

My favorite track, no contest, is Wasted My Time, because it feels real-meaning I don’t think the song (or mix for that matter) was created by some dudes whose pockets are stuffed with cash trying to selling a product rather than a sound.executive production credits go to I/O, Kozza Babumba and Le’Roy Benros.

FYI: Ayo’s talent runs in the family. He’s the grandson of Nigerian drummer, Babatunde Olatunji. Olatunji won a Grammy Award in 1991 for Best World Music Album, as a part of Mickey’s Hart’s Planet Drum projects. The 27 year-old performed alongside his grandfather several times during his teenage years.

DOWNLOAD:  i-o-isolation


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