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Common Nail Conditions That You Shouldn?t Ignore

By Gabriel Olawale Take a close look at your fingernails and observe how they look. Are they strong and healthy or do you see ridges, dents, ...

REVEALED: Pain Killers Reduce Sexual Drive And Sperm Count

A medical practitioner at the Federal Medical Centre, Jabi, Abuja, Dr Arikawe Adeolu, on Tuesday, said that long use of analgesics and antidepressant drugs, could ...

Bill Gates Says Altered Mosquitoes Are Next Weapon In Malaria Fight

BOSTON (Massachusetts) — Bring on the genetically modified mosquitoes, Mr Bill Gates says. In recent years, biologists armed with a new gene-editing technology have proposed altering ...

Health Warning: Taking Very Hot Drinks Is Very Dangerous To Your Health Says Research

Drinking very hot beverages 'probably' causes cancer of the oesophagus, global health experts warned today. Gulping down anything very hot - over 65°C (150F) - including ... Full story

Lagos government to tackle HIV/AIDS stigmatisation

The Lagos State Government says it will tackle the challenges faced by people living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in ... Full story

Malnutrition In Pregnancy May Cause Hearing Loss

The Chairman, organising committee of the annual international conference of the Speech Pathologists and Audiologists Association in Nigeria (SPAAN), Mrs. Grace Ademila Sokoya, has revealed ... Full story

Foods to avoid late at night

If you have had an extremely busy and long day, and you are finally free to eat at about 11pm, maybe, of course, it makes ... Full story

Shocking Adverse Drug Reaction: See What Happened To A Lady After Taking Septrin In Katsina

According to a Twitter user who shared the photo on social media, a woman has fallen victim to Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) in Katsina State, after ... Full story

Meet The 2 Year Old Boy Whose Skull Is As Big As A Football Because Of Excess Fluid In His Brain

The baby boy's head has swollen to more than three times its normal size due to a medical condition. Daily Mail reports that two-year-old Emon, from ... Full story

The Five Minor Health Problems That Could Send You To An Early Grave

Loneliness and losing your sense of smell have been included on a list of 'hidden killers' that could deny you a long and healthy life, ... Full story

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