What makes a man powerful? (The mind of a controller)

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Good question; what makes a man powerful? Is it money, is it beauty, is it the women, for the ladies; is it the man? I think power lies somewhere else, true power that is. Power is a product of some inputs; power is birth from determined and focused inputs. All the things we define power by are just what we can see, in other words, power is a product of some inner virtue. It’s not the money that is the real power. That may amaze you, but ask yourself why a Mexican drug mafia lord for instance; with all the hefty guns around him; remains the leader? Why doesn’t someone just snipe him? It happens, mutiny happens, a change of power, but that too is a product of inner decisions and a sense of control, the leader of the mutiny simply learnt the secrets of power and moved to take it!

Power is allure, power brings attention, power brings fame, controlling this power is in itself; a higher form of power. Many people want power, some simply look for wealth however way, soon the wealth comes and the power is felt by just a few; the gateman, the staff at the office, a few relations, etc.

Power comes in different forms, some crave to become control freaks, they fear what they feel they cannot control! But I don’t know a real, sensitive man who questions his manliness; I’ll explain that further. Look at the man who puts fear into his wife of his staff at the office; that person is just a control freak, not really a powerful man, he wants to put a duct tape over everyone before they get the opportunity to speak, because, truly they might not know how to handle and control the situation! So, they assume control by intimidation.

On the other end is a one who has searched deep within and is completely confident of who he/she is; no questioning, no need to intimidate anybody. He knows how to control his emotions, control the situation and be the captain. A powerful man has no need to intimidate his wife or his staff, he has no need to tell them “do you know who’s in charge?” Listen to that question: how can a husband ask such a question? The question goes first to him, because it’s obvious he’s the husband! It’s obvious he’s the manager! But he’s not in control.

So, how do we get that power we need, that allure, that attraction, that place we need and crave? I don’t believe that true power is greedy and divisive. Yet that sort of power is still power, period. Consider the dictator, one man sits on a nations’ throne and a baby becomes a father, he stays feared and revered, men would kill for him, some would kill their own brother for him. People would kneel and beg though they could snap off his neck. Some wonder ah, ah.
How again does a man get a group of people and brainwash them till they pick up arms, swear to oaths of death should they betray him, and kill their own people? What makes their words convincing?

What makes another person celebrated? What separates one man from the other, such that others aspire to become like them. They become authorities in their own right. Why does this happen? How could you become powerful, loved, feared, respected, famed and envied? Is there anything like good power?
What determines the end story for someone who had power? When he’s gone and people speak of him, why would some say of some: he did well and of others they’ll rejoice on his exit? Why? These are interesting questions.

Some men are capable of forming complex power units, like cults that other men and women would hinge upon and die for. But the secret is a secret: thus; one: every man finds strength, cover and confidence when surrounded by other men. Two: every man desires leadership someway. That may seem funny to you, but people yearn for direction, the most powerful people lived with deep craving to be encircled by the people who feed the needs. Thus they intelligently lure these ones, give them a sense of protection and make them their protection. No wonder a soldier of a strong General feels fearless, it’s simple; he answers to a strong head, he has the protection of the strong head by the reason of the other followers! Does that make some sense?

Before we delve into power and the internal inputs that determine your success and quest; I’ll like to understand that power in the hands of a good person is the lifting of others, while power in the hands of an evil man is the demise of others. For instance; power in Hitler’s hands put the world in extreme tension, but power in the hands of Mother Theresa was healing and help for many. One gave life to children, one saw them dissolved in acid. One put up homes for orphans; the other made orphans and killed them. You see, behind the expressions of power is a common human essence, but it’s the reason for acquiring the power that determines what the expression would be.

What do you desire power for? Is it to lord it over people unduly? Do you just want that fear and reverence or do you want to be a carrier of an aura of compassion. Is it for the relations and neighbours to revere you and respect you, or would it be to solve the problems of people around you? Your power should be an inspiration to others.
Power is control, simple. That’s what it is, at every level, from the grooming stages within the heart, to the expression, it’s all about control! And I see true power as the ability to be in control, in control of your urges and desires, in control of your environment, in control of your fame, in control of your wealth… that is power.
Some power is creative; I love to live in those realms. I’m simply fascinated by creative mystic. For me it creates the sort of attraction and aura I desire within. Some describe me as wanting to create fear in the minds of people, but no, that’s not the case. You want to know about fear? Look at militancy; look at terrorism, that’s when people want to induce pure, piss-in-your-pants fear.

But for me, there’s fear that is mystical and yet attractive, that’s what I am about. It inspires others, it doesn’t scare you to run; it attracts you with a suggestive curiosity, you approach with caution, but then you are attracted to the mystic, you want to know what it is about; is all that real? The skulls, the rings; is he really a Satan worshipper? What sort of mind does he really have? You see, that is a form of control, but it’s not to enslave, but to liberate.

In my humble journey, I have been called a celebrity. Its power, you have the respect and envy of people, and women are ready to curse their parents to be with a celebrity. It can get you drunken and lustful for more of it. But the true power lies in the ability to control this environment and what passes within it. True power is the ability to maintain a reasonable lifestyle, true power is the ability to stay with that one lady despite the unending distractions. What makes one celebrity stay off the news and become an iconic figure of inspiration? Control; what he/she has learnt about self-control and power control gives him an extra level above the norm of bad news, stories of divorce, drugs, endless partying, etc. What about the politician, the manager, the supervisor? The ability to honourably carry out your duties without staining your hands; that is true power; when you have the opportunity to make a seven zero addition to your account by depriving others, but you rather ensure their livelihood; that is true, resonating power people, write that on the clouds!

Power is about perception, what do people see on you and in you? What you show. The wise King Solomon said: “When a man is quiet, he’s perceived as powerful”. This is simply perception. Maintain quietness; it gives you an air of superiority and respect; this is because people are oblivious of the pearls of your thoughts and conversely they feel you understand everything. Some silence is stupidity; some silence is simply out of inferiority complexes and a feeling of intimidation. But true silence is really golden as they say. But again even the stupid silence could be taken for wisdom and power, and some have used it to their advantage knowing its power.
Create the perception you want and be sincere about it, because it’s only a matter of time before the sun exposes your fakeness and true intentions. Remember, as alluring as power may be, those who wield it wrongly always end up defeated. You know why? Soon, there’ll be mutiny. This is not to say that even the good holders of power do not get betrayed but many times they have the shield of loyal friends or even enemies trying to prove a point of their ability to protect him.


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