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Pastor Violates, Aborts Pregnancy Of 14 Year-Old Girl

Pastor Violates, Aborts Pregnancy Of 14 Year-Old Girl

A restaurateur and mother of 14-year old girl has told a Chief Magistrates’ Court in Karu how the pastor of a church she attends serially had carnal knowledge of her daughter, impregnating her and aborting the pregnancy.

According to her, the pastor had his way with the teenager on the pretence that he was carrying out deliverance on her.

The said pastor, Princewil Basil is standing trial for allegedly having unlawful carnal knowledge, impregnating and abortion and for also having sexual intercourse with another 15-year-old girl, Amarachi Onuoha.

The police charge sheet reads in part, “that you Apostle Princewill Basil severally had unlawful carnal knowledge of one Favour Iwuoha, 14-years-old and Amarachi Onuha, 15-years-old, who are all students and members of your church, in your church office on the pretence that you are carrying out deliverance on them, and you impregnated Favour Iwuoha.

‘’When you discovered such, you conspired with Pauline Okoh Odey and took her to Fantami head medical center, Mararaba and you falsely impersonated yourself as her father and aborted her pregnancy without her consent.”

The victim’s mother, Mrs Ngozi Iwuoha, told the court that her pastor, Apostle Princewill Basil, lied to her daughter that there was a “dirty foundation that defined her life’’ and he wanted to cast out evil spirits from her.

Apostle Basil who runs Mountain of Mover Fire Ministry Church in Nyanya, was said to have ordered the teenager to remove her clothes in his office, to enable him cast out evil spells from her and that after she removed her dress, he started pouring and rubbing a certain oily substance on her body.

Iwuoha, who was testifying in the trial of the pastor by the police, said even when the girl asked the pastor whether one has to remove ones dress for deliverance, the pastor slapped her.

The pastor, she said also told the girl after rubbing her with oil that there were still certain spirits in her body which can only be removed by her husband and since she was not married, he was going to do it for her.

Consequently, he asked her to close her eyes and by the time she opened her eyes, the pastor had removed his dress. At this point, the pastor removed a handkerchief and rubbed her face with it which made her unconscious.

The witness further told the court that by the time her daughter regained consciousness, she noticed there was blood all over her genitals. The pastor, she said cleaned her and brought a knife, threatening her never to reveal the encounter to anyone including her mother otherwise he would kill her

She said from the deliverance record she got from her daughter, the pastor first had carnal knowledge of her daughter on July 27, 2011 and continued carrying out the dastardly act until her daughter missed her menstrual period in December 2011.

“When the pastor discovered that my daughter was pregnant, he took her to Mararaba and aborted the pregnancy. But it was when I found out that my daughter was ceaselessly bleeding and that it no longer appeared to be her menstrual period that I began to ask her questions,’’ she added.

Chief Magistrate, Shuaibu Ahmed adjourned hearing in the matter to November 13, for continuation of trail.


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