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3 Types Of “Weed” Out There You Need To Know (Read)

3 Types Of “Weed” Out There You Need To Know (Read) 3 Types Of “Weed” Out There You Need To Know

When it comes ganja, all we know is to roll it up and nobody cares how many types of ‘wee’ there is.

Interestingly, there are different types of it and each one has it’s own potency. Reason why some will say some weeds are stronger than others.

As an Agric student, I had the opportunity to study this and realized there are many types out there and they even have botanical names.

So the next time you go for a puff, you might want to know the type you’re smoking, so that you don’t get into trouble and also be able to choose the best. The reason why you need to read this.

S. Indica

Indica plants are shorter and stockier than the other cannabis plants. They have wide, deeply serrated leaves that overlap, branches that are closer together, coloration that tends towards olive green and a compact and dense flower cluster.

The effects of indicas are predominantly physical and sedative. Due to the relaxing nature of indicas, they are best used for non-active times of the day and before bed. Indica strains generally have higher levels of CBD and CBN and lower levels of THC.

S. Sativa

Generally, the Sativa plant is a taller and lankier variety, characterized by narrowed serrated leaves, branches that are further apart, coloration that tends towards spring green and loose spear-like flower clusters that can be extremely resinous.

The primary effects of Sativas are on the mind and emotion. These benefits can be particularly helpful for the psychological aspects of many illnesses, giving people an increased sense of well-being.

Due to the stimulating nature of sativas, they are generally better for day-time use. However, caution should also be taken for people experiencing heightened anxiety or those with mental health conditions.

Sativa strains generally have higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD and CBN. It is also the most common one smoked in Ghana.

S. Ruderalis

Cannabis ruderalis is characterized by varied leaflets in the mature leaves, a shorter stature and generally small in size.

This subspecies is used to create S. Sativa or S. Indica hybrids with the select desired traits.

PS: So the next time you go out there for a puff, you might want to check which one you’re smoking so you don’t get over high.


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3 Types Of “Weed” Out There You Need To Know (Read)
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