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How to find a car owner? Top 5 ways

There are situations when you need to find the owner by plate number of the car. For example, you want to buy a car, and its price is suspiciously low. Or maybe you were in an accident, and the person responsible for the incident quickly disappeared from the scene of the crime? In this case, you have a legal reason to know who is the owner of the car you are interested in.

How to check plate number owner

How to find car owner by number plate?

How to check plate number owner in Nigeria?

Finding out the information about the proprietor of the vehicle, such as the owner's address, his name, and even passport data, is entirely possible, and in some cases will not be tough. The choice of the variant that suits you depends on what kind of situation you are in.

You can check the owner of the car by car number plate area codes using the following ways:

  1. Appeal to the traffic police;
  2. Apply for a database of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate;
  3. Use Internet resources;
  4. Method of "word of mouth";
  5. Using the services of a private detective.

What is the most efficient way?

How to check plate number in Nigeria

Now let`s talk a bit more about the most legal method of how to check car number plate owner.

The most reliable and efficient option to find the owner of the car by plate number is to contact the relevant authorities. They have access to a database of all registered vehicles, and will help you determine the name of the owner of a particular car, and also provide additional information about it.

The only problem is that such information is confidential and could be disclosed only at a legal level. Therefore, you must have objective and severe reasons to clarify the identity of the owner of the car. For example, you have the unquestionable right to file an application for an offence. In this case, the bodies of the traffic police will not only find the culprit but also attract the owner of the transport to justice.

How to act? Brief instruction

weird plate number

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You can contact the traffic police in any area. You need to write an application and indicate all the data known to you, in particular, the car number plate area code or its fragments. Also, you will have to show the reason why you want to know information about the owner of a particular car.

Soon you will be provided with the right material. Sometimes, it takes a few minutes, to find the owner of the car, sometimes it takes several hours. As a rule, the database contains all the necessary information about a person: passport data, the address of residence, and phone number of the car owner.

plate number in Nigeria

If you are now on the “scene” of an accident, then you do not have to remove your transport from that place. You need to call the appropriate authorities and after that to call the inspector. Describe the course of events, as well as provide the number of the car or, if you do not remember or have had no time to write, then fragments of it. The inspector can check who is the owner of the car, by knowing only the color of the vehicle, region and pieces of the plate number.

If there are witnesses of this situation, be sure to involve them, as well as take contact information so that if necessary, you can contact them.

If you are outside the settlement and do not have the opportunity to contact the relevant authorities (for example, there is no communication, low battery), then try to get to the nearest traffic police and provide all the necessary information and describe the situation.

Access to the database

How to check plate number owner in Nigeria?

As practice shows, the most frequent inquiries in the database of the traffic police are connected with finding car owner by number plate.

The search for the owner of the car can also be carried out by having only fragments of the plate number.

In this case, the system offers variants that coincide with the provided particles. Further search is performed by filtering the possible results. Some systems assume the search of the owner of the vehicle by the color of it, the model of the car, the region and the appearance of the proprietor.

The database contains all the correct and complete information about the owner, in particular a registration card with information about the owner of the vehicle.

There are situations when the owner of the car is a legal entity, do not worry this information will be available too. You can find out the name of the company and its location. If the owner of the car is an individual, the information you can find out is the passport data, name, place of residence, and telephone number.

How to check plate number owner in Nigeria?

Undoubtedly, the most reliable source of information to check a transport owner is using the database of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

It is worth knowing that if you do not have serious and objective reasons to establish the identity of the owner of the car, then you are unlikely to be provided with such information.

Also, you can try to find information with the help of your friends or acquaintances. Chances are little, especially if you live in a big city, but it still worth it. For example, if the car is often parked in one place, near a shopping centre or other institution, then you should ask the working staff, maybe they will prompt something. Refer to the doorman or security guard. Perhaps you are lucky, and you will get all the information by using this simple method. Good luck!

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