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Results of exciting SummerSlam 2017

Many fans admired the events of one of the most popular wrestling shows in the world on August 20, 2017. It was held in Brooklyn and became the 13th annual contest. 13 matches were played. Three of them were pre-show. From this article, you'll find out WWE results of SummerSlam 2017 with winners and grades.


You may have an exciting feeling like you are in an ancient coliseum and watch the battles of brave gladiators fighting not for life but for death. Of course without swords and shields and in a slightly different format, but the spectacle is no less interesting!

WWE granted wrestling lovers the night of extreme emotions and experiences and this was breathtaking. All fights were great! Athletes showed the highest class and led the audience into a real delight. Memorable were the battles for four, where outstanding monsters tore each other into pieces.

SummerSlam 2017


1. Jordan showed excellent interaction with both Hardy. But as a result, they were crushed by Miz and Miztourage. The grade is D.

2. Nevil won a brilliant fight with Tozawa, although the latter himself gave his opponent a tough game. Very quickly, his advantage disappeared. Tozawa continued to fight courageously and vigorously, but this was not enough to win. Mark is C+.

3. Usos are the champions in an exciting B+ duel with New Day. Strikingly technical blows were shown. Winners acted very powerfully and inflicted heavy damage. The brothers finished the enemy before he could get up.

Usos brothers

Brock Lesnar - wounded and victorious

In the main show, Brock Lesnar beat three other athletes and retained the proud title of the champion with grade A+. Here are bit more details:

● In the first half of the match, Lesnar put Reigns and Joe on the floor

● He fought with Strowman, who knocked him out of the circle. Due to the uncontrollable rage of the rival, Lesnar needed medical assistance.

● The champion was carried away on a stretcher.

● Strowman had to deal with Reigns and Joe. They fought well enough, but Strowman was able to defeat both of them.

● Then Lesnar returned and showed everyone that he still had enough strength to crack down the opponents.

● The fight was controversial because the advantage was many times passed from one athlete to another. As a result, Lesnar defeated opponents and snatched the title of the winner from their hands.


Do not celebrate ahead of time

Also, Jinder Mahal performed eally well in the fight with Shinsuke Nakamura and got C+. It just needed to be seen! WWE SummerSlam audience enjoyed this fight very much!

First, Nakamura put in great effort and the public was on his side. Mahal retreated and the obvious leader mocked him, thinking that victory was already in his pocket. Over time, Nakamura lost his vigilance. He wanted to show off in the rays of glory and the match was slowed down. It was a great chance for Mahal to turn things in his favor. Step by step he took revenge on his opponent. Singh Brothers appeared in the ring, took several knee punches on the face. As a result, Mahal was in the right place and took the victory.

Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

AJ Styles and Kevin Owens

AJ Styles beat Kevin Owens and also consolidated his championship status in the US with mark A-. Fighters did not even wait for the signal to begin a severe fight. They began during the announcement. Supervisors tried to prevent the chaos in this brutal scramble when athletes emerged from the circle and enthusiastically began to beat each other.

Owens laid Styles to the ground but spent too much time arguing with the judge. The champion returned with even more destructive power than before. Then the advantage was on the side of the Styles. The fighters attacked each other with a cruel desire to seize the victory.

Owens at one time, thought he is already a winner but the opponent got the advantage and finished him.

AJ Styles and Kevin Owens

The most patient wins

John Cena did outfight Baron Corbin and get D+. His tactic was to annoy the enemy. The responses were strong blows. Corbin remained on his feet for a long time and created a dangerous threat to the opponent then took a leadership position. Still, at the end, he was unlucky. Corbin lost emotional control, which was his end.

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John Cena did outfight Baron Corbin

Impressive 2x2 battle

Dean Ambrose as well as Seth Rollins defeated their rivals and won the Raw Tag victory with result A-. This well-coordinated team from the very beginning seized the advantage over rivals Cesaro and Sheamus. At first, the opponents grouped inside the ring and advanced to Rollins. Then, together with Ambrose, they defended the attack, showed very good teamwork and top mastery in wrestling.

Sheamus & Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

Also, it should be mentioned that Big Class crushed Amore in the fight with the cage and got D.

Orton got an advantage over Rusev. The latter did attack before the bell. The victory was gotten in a few minutes, although, at first Rusev behaved bravely and boldly. As you can see, this bravado did not lead to anything. Mark is D-.

Also, worth paying attention to was the B- victory of Balor. This game was especially epic because of the fog, which swirled around the ring when huge athletes fought wildly. Balor struck first and used his advantage in speed. The answer was a strong blow that very much hurt Balor. Opponents teased each other. At the end, the outcome of the match was decided in favor of Balor.

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

Female fights

For dessert, it's reasonable to enjoy the women's fights. Who said that in modern society there are no more Amazons? Try to say such things to these ladies. This will be the last thing you say.

Natalia's fight with Naomi is worthy of the highest praise. She repelled the opponent's attack and used the environment to gain victory. The decisive actions of Natalia created problems for Naomi. Every time she tried to bring the advantage to her side, Natalia cut all attempts. She did not only attack, but also kept her literally cornered opponent under control. So, she could only obey and accept the fate of the loser. The grade is C+.

Natalia Naomi

Alex Bliss and Sasha Banks also had a fairly hot fight. Sasha showed great skill, getting rid of her rival. The girls attacked each other right after the bell and grappled in a fierce struggle. The advantage did not go to the champion immediatly. At first, Alexa led this exciting game and tried to deprive the opponent of energy. All decided by a few movements. Acting technically and confidently Sasha forced Alexa to obey. Girls got B-.

Sasha Banks

Professional wrestling is an amazing pleasure and source of excitement! We hope that you like WWE SummerSlam 2017 results. Such events are fantastic and impressive. Let's wait for new battles and hope that they will be no less interesting and spectacular than this one.

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