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Etiquette - how to use cutlery?

It is important to know the proper way to use a cutlery. Do you know that you give different signs to the waiter depending on how you place your cutlery on your dish? Perhaps you have had cases where you left the table for a while only to come back and find that your half-eaten dish had been cleared out? Don’t blame the waiter for this, it was most likely your fault, because of how you placed your fork and knife.

How to use cutlery when eating?

How to use a cutlery in a formal dinner?

Dining etiquette at mealtime plays a great role in giving a favourable impression about you. Manners that you demonstrate at the table are observed by other people around you, and is very important if you hope to get more invitations to dine with your friends. When a host or a hostess picks up their napkin, it is a signal for you to do the same and that the meal has begun; pick up a napkin and lay it neatly across your knees.

How to use cutlery when eating?

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Do not shake a napkin or open it above the surface of the table. As soon as a host or hostess picks up their cutlery and begins to eat, you can start eating too. Eating before your host has started is very rude; you can do this only in cases when he or she insists that you do. Utensils that are on the farthest position from a dish must be used first.

How to use cutlery when eating?

The rules are quite simple: food on the left, drinks on the right. If a fork is used in a pair with a knife, it will always lie on the left. If a fork lies on the right, then you mustn’t use it with a knife. Cutlery for dessert lie above your dish or will be brought together with the dessert.

Eating etiquette

How to use cutlery when eating?

Do not talk with your mouth full, always taste a dish before deciding to add sauces. A hostess or a cook in a restaurant puts in effort to prepare delicious meals, that is why adding salt or pepper to the dish without even trying it first is considered as an insult. It is also impolite to blow on your food in order to cool it.

How to use cutlery when eating?

If it is too hot for you, wait until the meal becomes cooler. It is better to cut off a portion that can be put into a mouth without problems. Do not hurry while eating. If a dish is not to your liking and you feel you cannot praise it, simply keep quiet instead of complaining.

How to use cutlery when eating?

It is acceptable to leave food on your plate if you are filled up. And even if a meal is tasteless to you, you have to eat a little bit. Do not ‘play’ with your food or cutlery. Do not keep food on a fork or in a spoon during conversation, and do not gesticulate with cutlery in your hands.

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