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5 Signs To Know If Your Guy Is Commitment Phobic

5 Signs To Know If Your Guy Is Commitment Phobic 5 Signs To Know If Your Guy Is Commitment Phobic

Editor’s note: Sleek Modupe, the NAIJ.com partner blogger, explains five types of men ladies should be wary of or never date.

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Real love is as hard to find as it is now hard to find money. So, a lot of ladies who have been waiting and believing God for a life partner usually fall victims of men who aren’t ready to commit to an exclusive relationship that can lead to marriage. It has been a nightmare for some ladies who have turned some nice chicks to harsh ones and they are judged by those attitudes.

Here are signs of a man who is commitment-phobic and why ladies should avoid dating them:

1. He wants all his dates with you in the bedroom

When you meet a prospective suitor with all the requirements of a husband material and all he wants to do with you is to only get naughty with you in the bedroom, like just want to do all the naughty things men do in bed with you and never even asks you lets go out on a date where people will see you guys together - that’s a big red flag to run for your life, if you don’t want to be emotionally traumatised.

2. He never introduced you to his main friends and his family members

This is a man who doesn’t talk about his family to you or has introduced you to his childhood friends, you meet weekends and he just loves getting dirty with you babe you need to take a back seat and disappear from the guy’s life.

3. He is not predictable

This guy decides to see you at this own convenience like even when you call him he doesn’t pick and he makes decisions at the spur of the moment. For example Laura likes to go to the movies and Seyi never took her likeness for the movies seriously because he doesn’t want to be seen with Laura in public so he can decide they go to a random hotel or quite beer joint where nobody knows him, it was Laura’s mum who notice this and warned her.

Couples in a love mood

4. These guys have history of short term relationship

You meet this drop dead gorgeous brand manager because he gave you attention and you miss the red flag. You hear whispers he is a Casanova he uses and dumps chicks. These guy has been in short term relationship he doesn’t even know what it feels like to date long term and you think you are the one to change him what makes you think you are the one, only God changes a man, you had better take a walk if you don’t want to spend another two years trying to prove to a man who doesn’t love you are the one.

5. These guys are expert in playing the seduction/rejection game

These guys are great actors they know how to turn a woman on and then make her feel confused at the same time.

These guys can be charming because they like intercourse a lot and to get what they want they use love but when they realise the woman is getting too close for comfort, they look for exit ways like forming snub and reacting in a negative way so the chick will flee, they can’t just commit to a long term relationship. This can make a lady not even wanting to get married again.

After all said and done, ladies if you want a fling they are the perfect candidate to take you to the height of relationship but after that don’t expect anything from them, stay clear from them because of their negative experiences in life generally and beliefs in the opposite sex.

Some guys suffer terribly from being committed even if an angel comes, it takes a thunder bolt to awaken them to their sub-consciousness, these are tortured souls full of fear and are always in a constant emotional conflict, when you date them as a lady, they cause havoc, confusion, insensitive behaviour that is not healthy.

LADIES! For your sanity stay clear especially if you want to get married, they will waste your time.

5 types of men ladies should never date

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