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Confession Of A Frustrated Lekki housewife: I Cheated On My Husband Because He Is A 2 Mins Man With A Small Manhood

Confession Of A Frustrated Lekki housewife: I Cheated On My Husband Because He Is A 2 Mins Man With A Small Manhood I Cheated On My Husband Because He Is A 2 Mins Man With A Small Manhood

If you are a 2 mins man with a tiny manhood only fit for kids, better read this story to the very end & take action.

My name is Titi Davies, a banker, Married to Dr Segun Davies, and I have a dark confession to make. A secret so powerful most “shy” women always hide from men, the worst part is they make these men think that all is well!

“I am sorry to break the code Ladies..but we ladies are very secretive”

So what set of men am I referring to?

I’m talking of men who are 2 mins men in bed & men who have small manhood!

Confession of a frustrated Lekki housewife

***If you are a man who is either married or in a relationship, and down below you are just 4 inches, my brother, there is fire on the mountain for you!

***If you are a man who spill the milk in less than 2mins of action, bros you are in BIG soup!

You have to step up your “Egg Plant” game and find a way to last long, or risk your woman gisting her friends who will laugh at you when you walk pass them!

That been said, here’s my true life confession:

True Story: How I Cheated on My Husband With a “Sugar Boy” Because of his 2 Mins Manliness & Pencil Blokos Issue!

Confession of a frustrated Lekki housewife

Before you keep reading, know that this is Exactly what an AVERAGE wife or girlfriend must be going through if you are not a man that can fire her well on BED 100%, as you are meant to.

I got married to my man as a “Virgin-Man” and I must confess , even though Segun is a man of ANY woman’s dream, he lacks one very important thing that many women publicly accept.

Segun couldn’t do his manly duties!

Nah! I don’t mean him giving me money or showering me with gifts & care. Uncle Segun is so sweet, he does all that “romantic” things well. He is caring, loving and super rich, but what he Lacks is a very VALUABLE thing most women will cherish more than all the riches of life.

A man that lasts long & has a rock solid manhood!

For good 4 years of marriage, I was sexless, in short my friends call him a “Castrated Limp” during this period.

I Was NEVER Satisfied!

For 2 Years of terrible sex life, I was behaving like an insane woman, I think it’s because I was NEVER satisfied when ever we have sex , and studies shows that if a woman is not satisfied, she is plunged into an emotional imbalance.

To make matter worse My BAD Friends Advised Me To Get a Sugar Boy to Service Me!

My friends noticed this and advised me to better look for a “Sugar Boy” to “Service me” so I will feel alright.

At first I was adamant, because I really loved my husband. But I was behaving like a mad woman, always angry and moody, there was no man to take away my sorrow sensually!

You see…it’s very easy for us women to pretend like everything is okay in our bedroom life when we are breaking down like price of Naira to Dollar.

I am not excluded!

I Cheated on My Husband!

I got a sugar boy to do “the Job” for me!

But please don’t blame me…I was sex starved for over 4 years and I needed a man to quench the raging fire down below my legs

The worst part is that Segun was so obsess with a new business he is building, and he was not performing well on bed!

Can you imagine?

The worst part was that he was blaming his new business for his lack of performance.

There was no day without a meeting, the weekends were spent virtually at his office, rarely does he have time for me!

Frustrated Lekki housewife

This made me idle and made me do somethings I am so ashamed to say.

It first started with social media…

When I was horny & lonely, I will slide into Twitter and Facebook to rant about how men with small blokos and 2 mins manliness are more dangerous than men who have it and cheat.

On twitter I will dress in a sexy dress, discreetly tempting men who are man enough to “D.M” me.

Fake smiles hiding my critical “desire” for a hot steamy sex.

Then it happened, finally a fine ass guy hit me up on Facebook!

Mr Remi

He was 8 years younger than me and 25 yrs younger than my hubby Segun. But take it from me, this dude was funny and witty!

He caught me off guard!

Remi pierced my heart with his sweet talks of how big his “mamba” was & how he could last as long as 45 mins during sex!

Before a blink of an eye, we where dating!

We did all sort of things..Is it mid night calls in my kids room? Or sexting over whatsapp?

And the big one…I invited him to my matrimonial home!

Remi was young but knew how to drill a woman well on bed…there was not dull moment with this guy!

All thanks to his big “mamba” & solid stamina to last for 25 mins!

I totally forgot I had a husband!

Remi got me real good to the extent I didn’t even care about my husband. The worst part is Uncle Segun get’s back from office & starts gisting me about the (boring) things that happened to him at office then goes to bed.

This was when I had time for my lover Remi. Remi chat’s with me like I was a teenager again.

Please don't blame me at all…Body No Be Stone!

Frustrated Lekki housewife

I could vividly remember the first time Remi & I made love…he drove me insane, I could not get hold of him! He sparked a fire in me, all thanks to his Long Massive Blokos!

I won't lie, I was always shouting 'Bros E don do! I’m satisfied!'

Remi’s rod doesn't get tired!

The crazy part was this guy lasts for 45 mins! “I felt so bad for my husband & Naija Men Like Him!”

So I teased the hell out of Remi so he can tell me the secret to his 7vinch Blokos & lasting long so that I can help my rich caring husband who can’t make love to me well.

Remi Showed Me The Secret!

Remi finally gave me the secret he uses to last long & also have a massive package!

Check it Out Here=> http://bit.ly/2in1trick

I had to pass the info to my husband via his best friend Tobi.

A week later I observed my hubby and observed that he have started using it! That showed he really wanted to improve on his “Bedmatic” skills!

In less than 2 weeks, hubby’s Blokos have grown astronomically!

Segun Went from a mere 4inch to a massive 7ich! Shocking!

To top it up, he is now a German machine! He can go on me for 45 mins and make me feel alright!

“Now that’s what real men are made of”

All thanks to the amazing 2-in-1 Solution Remi revealed to me.

Now that Segun is a COMPLETE man, I have to dumped Remi and erase all memories I have of him or I ruin the MAD fun Segun gives me!

Segun is now like an African Hungry lion just released from a cage!

The once “Micky Mouse” is now a “Spartacus”!

Thanks to the all new 2-in-1 Solution that is changing lives of men who is suffering from premature ejaculation & small manhood.

If you are a man and you want to quit premature ejaculation & have a Big blokos, then hook up with my man, Dr Segun HERE for the 2-in-1 Solution or risk you wifey leaving you for another man.

The good thing is that now that my Hubby is cured from 2 min manliness & small blokos he now want’s to help men who are like him too so he he have brought in just 50pcs of this amazing 2-in-1 solution into the country & now I want to help him reach out to men here, that’s why I’m revealing my deepest secret to you….

Over 50,000 Nigerian men have tried it and it worked magic for them1

See Testimony of someone who has used it:

Frustrated Lekki housewife

A word they say is enough for the wise.

If you are a man, be wise enough to act now and save your marriage.

With the 2-in-1 cure cry no more..your private solution have been found finally.


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