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6 Simple Ways To Identify Your True Talent

6 Simple Ways To Identify Your True Talent 6 Simple Ways To Identify Your True Talent

Editor's note: Lola Tenny, the NAIJ.com partner blogger, explains six best ways that could help people discover their God given talents.

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Everything begins with you, always keep this in mind. Self-awareness is the key. For you to figure out which talent you have, you need self-examination.

How to discover your God-given talent

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1. Know yourself

Don't be a blind man to yourself, learn to know who you are, what suits you, how your brain reacts in different situations/circumstances, what you think about, etc, without these, you might.

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2. Don't deceive your self

You can deceive everyone but can’t deceive yourself, it leads to destruction. Learn to be faithful with yourself, don't watch people's lives to live your own life, all fingers are not equal.

3. Believe in your self

Learn to believe in yourself, don't stop trusting and believing in yourself even in the time of challenges, because your victory is certain. Listen to the voice crying inside of you! (remember “yes we can” President Obama of USA believed in himself and took this words has his watchword till he won the presidency).

4. Have a ‘me’ time for yourself

Always have few minutes a days of ‘ME’ time. Where you think deep into your mind and discover more about yourself. Be your own best friend, learn to ask yourself questions, learn to query yourself, think about your past to learn the lessons and dump the waste, by doing this, you will learn new things about yourself and your talent will be discovered I assure you.

5. Have an event dairy of yourself

Always learn to have a short note on how you spend your day to day activities because you will surely find something interesting and worth dwelling on to help enhance your talent.

6. You have to love what you do

Love covers everything, in school (love the subject), in your chosen career (love your job), in marriage (love your wife), in life (love yourself), etc. So before you discover your talent, you have to love that particular thing you do because you never can tell if that is your talent.

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In summary, to discover your talent, you must build-learn-manifest that wonderful gift God deposited in you for the good of mankind. Invest-explore-discover because, nothing can stop you, you must rule your world.

How to discover your God-given talent

Lola Tenny

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