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Tips On How To Dress Classy

Tips On How To Dress Classy Classy Dressing

It is true what they say that appearances matter a great deal. You can be infinitely smart, but no one will take you seriously if you are dressed inappropriately. Of course, each woman has her own unique and beautiful style. However, not all clothes hanging in the wardrobe are appropriate for every occasion. Today, we will show you some tips on how to dress, how to look classy and how to be classy. So if you are smart, learn how to look the part!

How to dress classy in Nigeria?

How to dress classy

dress classy

Class is never out of style. It was important hundreds of years ago, it is still important today, and we guarantee that it will matter in the future. A proper outfit can get you very far in your life and career. The way you choose to dress might actually influence your life much more than you can imagine.

Regardless of your personal preferences in clothes (or your occupation), an occasion might arise, which would require you to step up your fashion game. It might be once in a lifetime thing, but you still need to be prepared for it. We want to offer you some basic tips on how to look classy in any circumstances.

Tip #1. Stick to the classic materials in your garments

classic fabrics

Whether it is a classy dress or a regular sweater, the first thing that catches the eye is the quality of the fabric used in making the garment. Wear more clothes made out of cotton, silk, linen or wool and try to avoid cheap-looking synthetic fabrics.

Of course, clothes made out of quality materials are sometimes on the expensive side. However, a well-made piece of clothing can last you several years or even decades, if you care for it properly. Always read the labels and care for each garment accordingly.

Additionally, you can find some real gems in second-hand stores or bargain shops. Classy clothes are not always expensive. You can look like a million bucks while wearing something out of your grandma’s closet. Therefore, either splurge on few expensive garments, or have time and patience to look for classy clothes in cheaper shops.

Tip #2. Avoid outlandish patterns

crazy patterns

Prints and patterns are great, but only if you know how to pull them off. If you are not sure whether this pattern is classy, or if it goes well with other things you are wearing, it is better not to wear it. Instead, stick to basic and neutral colours.

Most of the time, try to use the rule ‘less is more’. Less colours, less patterns and less accessories can make you look more serious. Wear monochromatic outfits, avoid bright neon colours, but most importantly, wear your clothes with confidence.

Tip #3. Wear the clothes that fit you

right fit

Some women have body types that do not fit the standards of today’s fashion industry. This means that for these women, it is hard to find clothes that fit them well. But if you want to look classy, you cannot wear something that is too small or too big for you.

What should you do?

Well, there are three choices. First, settle for clothes that fit you, even if you do not like them. Sometimes, they grow on you over time. Second, go to your local tailor and have your clothes fitted for you. But if it is too expensive for you, you have a third option — fit the clothes yourself! Most of the times, you do not even have to be a world-class seamstress. All you need is a few stitches to fix your outfit. YouTube can be a great help in this.

However, you can remedy an ill-fitting outfit with a few thought-out accessories that could change the whole look. Never underestimate the power of a well-placed belt or rolled-up sleeves.

Tip #4. Leave something to the imagination

classy length

Yes, we get it, you have a killer body and you want to show it off. But a classy lady never reveals all of her secrets. Try to avoid deep necklines (especially the ones that reach your navel), crop tops, shorts and skirts.

Your neckline should not reveal more than a little cleavage, and your bellybutton should be hidden at all times. The shortest skirt or a pair of shorts can reach just above the knee. Anything shorter than that is inappropriate for a classy look.

Tip #5. ‘Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off’

less accessories

Those are the wise words of the magnificent Audrey Hepburn. They are still accurate many years later. As we have said before, keep the amount of accessories to a minimum, if you want to look classy. Stick to the things made out of precious metals (or at least to ones that look expensive). Avoid large earrings and necklaces, unless it is a centrepiece of your outfit.

Shoes and bags are also accessories. Leave your backpacks and sneakers at home. Exchange them for clutches, handbags and classic shoes. You do not have to torture yourself with heels if you do not want to. Even flats or shoes with small wedges can be classy. What matters above all is that you are comfortable.

Use these tips, as well as your personal knowledge and imagination, and you will look classy in no time!

How to dress classy but casual

classy but casual

Classy and casual are not necessarily contradictory terms. You do not have to show up to the cinema in a luxurious dress, but you can still be classy, even in your good old pair of jeans.

The key to combining casualness with class is ‘using the best of both worlds’. You can take your regular everyday outfit and add more class to it with stylish accessories, such as a classic pump or a stunning handbag.

Alternatively, you can take your classiest outfit and make it more casual by, for example, untucking and unbuttoning the shirt, or spicing it up with some bright jewellery. Regardless of what you choose, wear it with confidence, and you will be just fine!

Tips on how to be a classy lady

how to be classy book

Apart from dressing classy, you might also consider our tips on how to be a classy lady. Class is not only your clothes, but it is also your overall appearance, posture and the way you handle yourself in public. Consider these tips on how not only look, but also be classy.

★ Take good care of your clothes. (Dry) clean them regularly, remove wrinkles and weird smells. If you take care of your clothes, the clothes will take care of you.

★ Keep up the good hygiene. Try to stay fresh in any way you can. Use perfumes sparingly and try to avoid harsh smells. The same goes for the breath. Eat mints, chew gum, brush your teeth, in other words, take care of dental hygiene.

★ Have good manners. Learn basic etiquette; behave yourself properly in public and in private situations. Avoid confrontation and raising your voice unless absolutely necessary.


★ Do not forget about hair, makeup and nails. Stick to neutral colours, avoid crazy hairstyles or garish shades of lipstick and eyeshadow. Keep the nails clean and moderately short. Do not paint them in neon colours.

★ Carry yourself like royalty. Good posture is key, no slouching. The style of walking is also important. Try to avoid wide steps, running or dangling your arms.

★ At the end of the day, let loose a bit. It is impossible to stay classy 24/7. Breathe out, put on your favourite pyjamas and curl up on the couch to watch your favourite soap opera. Be comfortable in your own body and in your style. Have fun!

We hope that our tips will help become a better and classy you. Keep your chin up high, and show the world what you are worth.

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Tips On How To Dress Classy
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