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Chai: Woman Advertising Sofa For Sale Online Accidentally Posts Her N@de Picture For Everyone To See

The lady identified as Jessica O’Brien tried to sell off her sofa on the internet. She swears she had honest intentions as she set out to ... Full story

Hilarious: Who Is The Pregnant One Here? Husband And Wife

This very hilarious photo emerged online recently but it has since gone viral on social media. The photo features a heavily pregnant woman standing side by ... Full story

Dad Tried Reviving Daughter Left In Hot Car By Putting Her In Fridge

A father who left his six-month-old daughter in the back of a hot van for four hours put her in a fridge to try to ...

So Shocking: Meet The Wife Who Has Been Having S3x With Other Men With Her Husband's Permission

A wife who enjoys open marriage and is having s*x with other men with the permission of her husband has finally shared her shocking story. ... Full story

Shame: Watch How Couple Were Caught Having Steamy S3x Session In Hotel Room As Over 50 Tourists Watch (Video)

A group of tourists were left stunned after catching two lovebirds having steamy s*x in their hotel room via the window. The footage shows the ... Full story

Shocking! Photos of top pastor and his gay partner hit internet

The pastor and founder of Christ Temple Ministries, Washington, DC, Peter Sean Scie, has shown off his better half, Sir Bryan, on Facebook. Declaring love for ...

Nigerian footballer who cannot have s3x because of being a Hermaphrodite, cries out

– Hermaphrodite player was booted out of the Falconet’s camp over her predicament – Laments her inability to have a boyfriend – Cries out for help as ...

Africans Don't Copy This: Ladies And Men All Go N@ked At London Bare Restaurant

In our usually copy copy, I hope Nigerians won't copy this madness and bring it here too? More pics...     Funny enough, majority of those in London ...

?No Smoking, No Crime: Welcome To Duterte?s Town

DAVAO CITY — Residents who are 18 or younger are not allowed on the street without an adult between 10pm and 5am. Liquor cannot be ...

Allah Name Appears In Watermelon In The Midst Of Ramadan (photos)

– A family has discovered the name Allah written in Arabic inside a watermelon – Now their house has become a pilgrimage destination for all Muslims in the ...

Omg: 70 Year Old Man Rescued After Being Buried Alive in a Mud for 12 Hours

A 70-year-old grandfather, was saved from riverbed of mud after he mistakenly got buried in it while trying to pick up a used water bottle. The ... Full story

Public Shame: Shameless Couple Caught Engaging In Oral S3x In Broad Daylight At A Busy Highway

Two shameless couple were caught red-handed performing a sexual act by the bushy side of a busy highway. The video recorded by a motorcyclist showed the ... Full story

Uruguay's Blind 'Bird Man' Can Identify 3,000 Bird Sounds

MONTEVIDEO (Uruguay) — Born blind, Mr Juan Pablo Culasso has never seen a bird. But through his gifted sense of hearing, he can identify more ...

Crazy: See How Two Ladies Tried To Claim One Man As Their Boyfriend (photos)

A young man has called out two ladies who he claims have been telling people he’s in a relationship with them The grandson of former president ...

Japanese ?Naked Restaurant? To Ban Overweight Diners

TOKYO — Japan’s first “naked restaurant” opens in Tokyo next month with draconian rules of entry —  podgy prospective diners will be weighed and ejected ...

Unbelievable: Meet The Young Boy Who Is Slowly Transforming Into A Stone Due To A Skin Condition

When Nar Kumari held her little boy for the first time, he couldn't have been more perfect. Smiling back at her, Ramesh looked like any ... Full story

SHOCKING: Angry Woman Slices Husband's P3nis With Blade For Cheating On Her With A Trusted Close Friend

The woman from A Pattaya, Thailand found out her husband was cheating on her – so she pretended to be extra nice to him in ... Full story

SHAME: See The Face Of Shameless 60 Years Old Man Who Tried To Marry A 9 Year Old Girl

A 60-year-old man has been apprehended in Pakistan as he tried to marry a 9-year-old girl. The police were able to stop the marriage and ... Full story

OMG: Look At Baby Born In Yobe With His Heart Outside

The people of Yobe were shocked yesterday after a baby was born with the heart outside his body (a rare case of disorder) at a ... Full story

See What A Dog Did To A Woman's Neck As She Tried To Cuddle It

A mum-of-six almost died after a crazed dog tried to rip out her throat missing her jugular vein by a millimetre. The incident happened outside ... Full story

School Teenagers Engage In S3x Competition In Which The Man Who Lasts Longer Wins

A new s*x competition game is now trending among youths in which some men are chosen to engage in s*x with ladies and the couple ... Full story

Meet The Baby Born With Tongue Twice The Size Of Her Mouth

A little baby born with a tongue twice the size of her mouth can now smile after a surgery was performed to correct the problem. According ... Full story

Woman Borrows N2.4 Million To Fix Her Sagging Breasts But What She Got Instead Is Shocking

Kayla Cole, a mother-of-two spent £9,000 (about N2.4million) on a surgical procedure to correct her deflated breasts that looked like 'saggy sacks of skin' but ... Full story

Shocking Tradition: See How Family Watched Son Making Love To His New Wife For The First Time

A shocking family tradition captured on camera showing how a husband and wife had their first s*x while members of their family watch on has ... Full story

Drama : Man Catches His Best Friend Stealing His Wife's Panties

The man identified as Mushfiek “Fiekie” Jacobs, 22, says the perverted thief is actually his friend. However, Jacobs revealed that he wants to publicly apologise ... Full story

Terrifying: Python Bites Man's P3nis As He Sits On Toilet Bowl To Ease Himself (Video)

A terrifying incident has left a man hospitalized after a python came from the toilet bowl and bit the man's p*nis without letting go. The ... Full story

Unbelievable: Meet The Man Whose Right Hand Is Almost As Big As His Whole Body Due To Rare Condition

The man with a rare condition that caused one of his arms to grow to an incredible size was forced to migrate after being 'disowned ... Full story

Miracle: Meet The Baby Who Was Stabbed 14 Times And Buried Alive In Shallow Grave But Refused To Die

The Thai baby boy was left for dead but saved from a shallow grave The boy has staged a remarkable recovery after being found stabbed and ... Full story

Viewers In Shock As Reality TV Contestant Begs Man To Lick Her Breast While People Watched

Viewers of a reality television were given the shock of their lives as a reality television contestant begged a fellow contestant to lick her breasts. According ... Full story

Dog Bites Off Man's Manhood As He Tried To R@pe It

A 37-year old man whose manhood was bitten off by a pit-bull dog is suffering some very serious groin injuries and has been admitted at ... Full story

Shocking: 12 Able Bodied Men Died After Drinking Homemade Alcohol

Twelve Indonesian men have died after drinking bootleg liquor, police said Tuesday. This is the latest deaths in the Muslim-majority country caused by homemade alcohol. The victims ... Full story

Man P3nis Gets Stuck Inside Woman While Having S3x In The Sea

The couple's s*x tryst in the sea ended in agony when their genitals became stuck together. The Italians took advantage of a warm day and deserted ... Full story

Shocking: University Pays Male Strippers To Perform S3xy Lap Dances For Its Female Staff As Mother's Day Treat (Video)

A controversial incident is about to tarnish the image of a Mexican University after it allegedly hired a group of male strippers as a treat ... Full story

See How Fire Fighter Battled To Save A Man's P3nis After It Got Stuck In A Ring Spanner

The man whose p*nis became stuck in a ring spanner was the subject of a 'delicate operation' by firefighters to remove the tool.  Daily Mail reports ... Full story

Man Shoots Himself While Cleaning His Gun But He Didn't Realize it Until 3 Days Later

The man from Florida shot himself in the arm while cleaning a handgun, but didn't realize it until three days later when he finally changed ... Full story

Man Shoots Himself While Cleaning His Gun But He Didn't Realize it Until 3 Days Later

The man from Florida shot himself in the arm while cleaning a handgun, but didn't realize it until three days later when he finally changed ... Full story

Unbelievable: This Man's Body Can Magnet All Types Of Metal Objects (Video)

An Indian 'magnetic man' has showcased his bizarre talent for sticking metal objects to is skin. The 37-year-old man identified as Arun Raikwar could stick metal ... Full story

Watch How Man Was Forcefully Stripped And Bathed In Public After He Refused To Have A Bath For Years (Video)

The man pictured is a Cameroonian who is said to hardly take his bath due to the fear of water. He reportedly has not had a ... Full story

Unbelievable: 70 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To Her First Baby

A 70-year-old Indian woman has left people stunned after news circulated that she has given birth to her first baby. The first-time mother said, she ... Full story

Shocking: Woman Exposed After Mixing Sperm And Poo In Bizarre Ritual To Win The Hearts Of Rich Men

The woman identified as Geraldine Baye, who plotted to win over rich men by mixing her sperm and poo has been humiliated after her WhatsApp ... Full story

OMG: Woman Grabs Boyfriend's Testicles And Nearly Ripped It Apart During Fight

A woman has confessed after she nearly ripped her boyfriend's testicles apart during a fight. The woman who was arrested by the police got crazy ... Full story

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