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Paternity Mess: Femi Kuti's Two Kids Not His

Nigeria Afrojuju artiste, Femi Kuti is so heartbroken at the moment. The reason behind this awful feeling is not far-fetched. Femi recently discovered that two of ...

WHAT IS THIS WORLD TURNING INTO? Secondary School Boys Videoed themselves Doing IT with a Girl right inside their Classroom

[embedded content]Nowadays, things have really changed very much... Unlike then when some of these calamities ain't common. Now the kind of ridiculous and crazy things ...

WONDER: Moses Appears in Uganda with New Commandments and Rules (WATCH)

[embedded content]This Man who claimed to be Moses said that God sent him to africa to deliver a set of New Commandments and Rules.The mystery ...

"I Came To Harvest Yam" - Married Woman Caught Doing IT in the Bush with Another Man in Uganda (WATCH)

[embedded content]This married woman was caught doing it with an anonymous man in an abandoned house inside the bush.The eye witness who works for the ...

LADIES; Imagine this happening to you on your wedding day (SEE IT)

[embedded content][embedded content]Dear Ladies, what would you do if this happens to you on your wedding day? SEE IT HERE[embedded content] search feed ...

MADNESS OF THE YEAR: Pastor Kisses His Femaile Members' butts to open them up to finding their men (PHOTOS)

[embedded content] A Caribbean pastor asked his single female members to follow him to the beach where he will pray for them to find husbands. When ...

Do You Think She Had Plastic Surgery? See Nicki Minaj At 17 Years Old

[embedded content] Looking at this photo of her at 17, Do You Think She Had Plastic Surgery?[embedded content] search feed ...

EVIL: 25-year-old man murdered his best friend, chopped off his penis and fed it to his dog (PICTURED)

[embedded content] Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes, who was reportedly drunk, was overcome with guilt, that he turned himself in to the police.Reyes was reportedly walking his ...

VIDEO: Sugar Mummies Pay Some Sexy Male Dancers to Entertain them In South Africa (25+)

[embedded content][embedded content]These Sugar mummies in SA decided to go crazy by paying some male strippers to come over and entertain them while the have ...

Woman Caught doing things With Her Husband's Friend in an Uncompleted Building (18+)

[embedded content][embedded content]Hahaha! Only the looks in this man's face will tell you that something is really wrong with him.. the video will definitely make ...


[embedded content] Terry Ghas just shared a stunning throwback picture of himself taken about 9 years ago, 2005 to be precise.Still looking innocent and naïve in ...

SEE Obasanjo In His Farm Back In 1979

[embedded content] This photo was taken back in 1979 when he returned to his farm after handing over the same year. This photo was taken back ...

PICTURES Of Terry G at his water factory

[embedded content] Terry G opened his sachet water factory early this year and it looks like it's doing very well. See more photos after the cut... [embedded ...

WERE THEY DRUNK? Ghanaian Babes Remove their top and show off their Ministries while performing on the stage (LOOK)

[embedded content][embedded content]You won't believe these Ghanaian babes actually removed their top while performing on the stage with a Popular Ghanaian Musician, A fan recorded ...

This little Girl caught her elder sister Doing IT with her Boyfriend On Their Mom's Bed (WATCH)

[embedded content][embedded content]A lady invited her boyfriend in to their house 'cos she is feeling bored at home. They started having sex with each on ...

Polish woman certified dead wakes up in funeral home

A 91-year-old woman in Poland was declared dead November 6 and sent to a funeral home, only to wake up 11 hours later in cold ...

Pastor Matthew Olumide Accuses Wife Of Attempting To Destroy His Manhood

Matthew Olumide, a pastor on Monday asked a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve his marriage with his wife, Oluyemisi, for allegedly attempting to ... Full story

Actions that will cause you to remain poor forever

Saw this on Facebook, thought it was on point and similar to a trending thread by acidtalk. I completely disagree with number 9 though. Absolutely ... Full story

Photo of man watching hardcore adult video in his office goes viral

Porn is always “NSFW,” even if you’re the only one in the office.An Australian man having his own private office party was literally caught red ... Full story

British Nursing home provides strippers, prostitutes

To provide complete care for its residents, Chaseley Trust — a venerable British nursing facility housed in an ornate seaside mansion — offers amenities such ... Full story

Like father like son

Father and son bonding? ... Full story

Nigerian Fish Seller Flaunts Her I-Pad While Selling Fish

When one thinks Hilarious pictures are finding their way out of the window, this one pops up again. What the hell is that lady doing ... Full story

Roman Catholic Nun In An NYSC Suit

Photo Of A Roman Catholic Num In An NYSC Suit ... Full story

Man shoves 10cm stick up his anus as treatment of aliment

A MAN who made headlines earlier this year after a bizarre ritualistic treatment nearly severed both his arms is living with a stick up his ... Full story

Woman shocked as two nude witches crash land in her garden

Police in Mashonaland West on Monday arrested two women and charged them with allegedly engaging in a practice commonly associated with witchcraft after they stormed ... Full story

Pregnant Woman Swallows Toothbrush

A four-month pregnant woman swallowed a toothbrush while using it to scratch an itch at the back of her throat, an Israeli hospital spokeswoman said ... Full story

Married Woman Caught In Incestuous Relationship With Brother

My wife is secretive and reserved. We got married three years ago. We have no children but she has had three miscarriages. When we were ... Full story

Woman Avoiding Muddy Water, Dragged And Killed By Train

Tragedy struck on Wednesday [Sept. 26] when a passenger train crushed a middle-aged woman at Oshodi in Lagos. The woman according to eyewitness was trying ... Full story

The Difference Between Successful And Unsuccessful People

Difference Between Successful & Unsuccessful people ... Full story

Mother Killed And Ate Her 2 Sons; Thought They Were Pigs

A mum butchered and ate her two young sons because she hallucinated and thought they were PIGS. The Thai woman allegedly cooked and ate her children, ... Full story

Dead man in Edo State withdraws N20,000 from account

Benin Police in Uromi, Edo State have arrested a male cashier (names withheld) with one of the old generation banks in Benin in connection with ... Full story

Man Confesses To Sacrificing HIS PRIVATE PART For Money Rituals

I joined the church of Satan, I sacrificed a baby, I drank blood and so many other things, which I shouldn’t have done. I also ... Full story

What do you think is going on with this old man?

Shameless Old Man! Stupid Young girls ... Full story

Nigerian Army Punishment

I don't envy these Nigerian army cadets. Isn't this extreme as a punishment? ... Full story

Yussuf Babatunde Babalola, 32 Year Old Groom Dies Eve Of Wedding

Family members, friends and colleagues of a 32-year old groom named Yussuf Babatunde Babalola are currently trying to unravel the sudden death of the young ... Full story

Confusion As N.3m Church Money Turns To Mere Paper

Fear and confusion gripped residents of Hwolshe in Jos, when N300, 000 church collection suddenly turned to a bundle of papers as it was about ... Full story

Man Catches Wife Red Handed With Another Man In Their Bedroom!

The evil of infidelity has wrecked another home again. The 18-year-old marriage between Mr. Aremu Issa and his wife, Fatimoh, has finally hit the rocks ... Full story

22 year old man arrested for eating neighbour's dog alive during bad legal high

A man has been arrested after allegedly eating his neighbour’s family dog in a frenzied attack after taking a legal high.   Michael Terron Daniel, 22, is ... Full story

44 year old mother sleeping with daughter’s boyfriend

I’m 44, and divorced. He’s 29 and my daughter is 22.  She met him at the gym and they started seeing each other six months ago. ... Full story

I Had An Affair With Our Driver To Give My Husband A Child

I am not a loose woman. I am just a woman who loves her husband very much and didn’t want to lose him. I just ... Full story

Ice cream in different shapes

Am very sure some Naija ladies will love this type of ice cream.......lol ... Full story

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