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Shocking Tradition: See How Family Watched Son Making Love To His New Wife For The First Time

A shocking family tradition captured on camera showing how a husband and wife had their first s*x while members of their family watch on has ... Full story

Giraffe Woman Has The Longest Neck On Our Planet. Its Length Is Shocking!

This woman is called a Giraffe not for nothing. Her neck length is 11 inches! The name is an appropriate one, as both humans and ...

Drama : Man Catches His Best Friend Stealing His Wife's Panties

The man identified as Mushfiek “Fiekie” Jacobs, 22, says the perverted thief is actually his friend. However, Jacobs revealed that he wants to publicly apologise ... Full story

Terrifying: Python Bites Man's P3nis As He Sits On Toilet Bowl To Ease Himself (Video)

A terrifying incident has left a man hospitalized after a python came from the toilet bowl and bit the man's p*nis without letting go. The ... Full story

Unbelievable: Meet The Man Whose Right Hand Is Almost As Big As His Whole Body Due To Rare Condition

The man with a rare condition that caused one of his arms to grow to an incredible size was forced to migrate after being 'disowned ... Full story

Meet Woman With No Arms, But She Drives Herself

That's one of the advantages of being born in a society where things work. She is not discriminated upon, rather she's allowed to flourish and ...

Miracle: Meet The Baby Who Was Stabbed 14 Times And Buried Alive In Shallow Grave But Refused To Die

The Thai baby boy was left for dead but saved from a shallow grave The boy has staged a remarkable recovery after being found stabbed and ... Full story

Women Are Now Paying To have Expert Vagina Massages

Look, we know that if someone offered you a ‘vagina massage’ you’d most likely run far, far away or possibly slap them. It just sounds ...

Viewers In Shock As Reality TV Contestant Begs Man To Lick Her Breast While People Watched

Viewers of a reality television were given the shock of their lives as a reality television contestant begged a fellow contestant to lick her breasts. According ... Full story

Dog Bites Off Man's Manhood As He Tried To R@pe It

A 37-year old man whose manhood was bitten off by a pit-bull dog is suffering some very serious groin injuries and has been admitted at ... Full story

Shocking: 12 Able Bodied Men Died After Drinking Homemade Alcohol

Twelve Indonesian men have died after drinking bootleg liquor, police said Tuesday. This is the latest deaths in the Muslim-majority country caused by homemade alcohol. The victims ... Full story

Man P3nis Gets Stuck Inside Woman While Having S3x In The Sea

The couple's s*x tryst in the sea ended in agony when their genitals became stuck together. The Italians took advantage of a warm day and deserted ... Full story

Shocking: University Pays Male Strippers To Perform S3xy Lap Dances For Its Female Staff As Mother's Day Treat (Video)

A controversial incident is about to tarnish the image of a Mexican University after it allegedly hired a group of male strippers as a treat ... Full story

See How Fire Fighter Battled To Save A Man's P3nis After It Got Stuck In A Ring Spanner

The man whose p*nis became stuck in a ring spanner was the subject of a 'delicate operation' by firefighters to remove the tool.  Daily Mail reports ... Full story

Man Shoots Himself While Cleaning His Gun But He Didn't Realize it Until 3 Days Later

The man from Florida shot himself in the arm while cleaning a handgun, but didn't realize it until three days later when he finally changed ... Full story

Man Shoots Himself While Cleaning His Gun But He Didn't Realize it Until 3 Days Later

The man from Florida shot himself in the arm while cleaning a handgun, but didn't realize it until three days later when he finally changed ... Full story

Unbelievable: This Man's Body Can Magnet All Types Of Metal Objects (Video)

An Indian 'magnetic man' has showcased his bizarre talent for sticking metal objects to is skin. The 37-year-old man identified as Arun Raikwar could stick metal ... Full story

Watch How Man Was Forcefully Stripped And Bathed In Public After He Refused To Have A Bath For Years (Video)

The man pictured is a Cameroonian who is said to hardly take his bath due to the fear of water. He reportedly has not had a ... Full story

Unbelievable: 70 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To Her First Baby

A 70-year-old Indian woman has left people stunned after news circulated that she has given birth to her first baby. The first-time mother said, she ... Full story

Shocking: Woman Exposed After Mixing Sperm And Poo In Bizarre Ritual To Win The Hearts Of Rich Men

The woman identified as Geraldine Baye, who plotted to win over rich men by mixing her sperm and poo has been humiliated after her WhatsApp ... Full story

OMG: Woman Grabs Boyfriend's Testicles And Nearly Ripped It Apart During Fight

A woman has confessed after she nearly ripped her boyfriend's testicles apart during a fight. The woman who was arrested by the police got crazy ... Full story

Meet The Women Who Breastfeed Animals With Her Breast

A shocking discovery has left some people baffled after it was discovered a tribe in India where its women actually breastfeed animals with their own ... Full story

See University Students Strip N@ked For A Swim To Celebrate On May Day (Photos)

University students have decided to celebrate the May Day differently by stripping totally n*ked and jumping into the freezing water to cleanse them of their ... Full story

Popular Bishop's Wife Cries Out : My Husband Starves Me Of S3x After Sleeping With Other Women

A female pastor has cried out for help after she accused her Bishop husband of starving her s*x while he goes about cheating with everything ... Full story

Shocking: Man Brings His Dead Girlfriend Back To Life With A Kiss After She Had Promised Him S*x Before Dying

A man has caused a stir during a party as he miraculously resurrected his woman after giving her a kiss of life.  A Limpopo man brought ... Full story

Woman Makes Shocking Claim: I Fed My Dad With My Breast Milk To Give Him An Extra Year Of Life

Helen Fitzsimmons, 40, pumped her breast milk and gave it to her father Arthur after he was diagnosed with cancer. According to Mirror Online, the mother-of-two ... Full story

See School Where Prostitutes Assist Male Students To Get Marks

There is only one option for the female students to get an A grade in their courses — sleep with the male lecturer taking the ... Full story

Meet Half Man, Half Tree And His Shocking Story (photo and Video)

Dede, a 32-year-old former fisherman, lives in a remote village in Indonesia with his two children. He has an extraordinary skin condition that makes him ... Full story

Suspected Cultist Who Allegedly Turned Human Beings To Goats Lynched

One Kunle Poly who was reportedly accused of kidnapping eight people and turning them to goats in Ilorin, Kwara state, has been confirmed dead after ... Full story

Man Tells Court: My Wife Always Tears My Boxers To Rape Me

“My wife has turned my boxers to rags as she always tears them to rape me,” a retired soldier, Gafaru Rodoye, told an Igando Customary ... Full story

Identical Twin Sisters Who Share Everything (photos)

31-year-old identical twins, Anna and Lucy Decinque, are from Perth in Australia. The beautiful twin sisters share everything including a boyfriend, Ben Byrne. The duo have ... Full story

Female Protesters Strip Off and Take to the Streets...Reason Will Shock You!

Thousands of people took to the streets across South America to highlight a number of human rights issues, including gender equality, violence against women, women’s ... Full story

Woman Dates and Sleep with Men to Raise Money for Mother’s Burial

A woman has been making cool cash by dating and sleeping with men to save enough money to bury her mother. Marlene Cowens, 44, paid ... Full story

Insane: Man Locks Up Girlfriend in Dog Cage for Four Months

A man held his girlfriend hostage, locking her up in a dog cage and doing some unspeakable things to her while in captivity.  Frank Guerra, a ... Full story

Woman Bites Off Her Boyfriend's Tongue During Passionate Kiss

A woman who was caught in the throes of passion while kissing her boyfriend, has allegedly bitten off his tongue in the process.  Shakeia Long, a ... Full story

Popular General Overseer Impregnates Two Sisters

A highly respected Man-of-God has been accused of impregnating two sisters – The clergyman allegedly attempted to sell an apartment belong to the father of ... Full story

Am proud to be a Nigerian!

A Nigerian, an American and a German boarded a plane. As the plane was flying over the sea Satan came out and said to them: ... Full story

Unbelievable! Woman Marries 2 Cats After Her Last Relationship Ended In Heartache

A woman who suffered a grievous heartbreak from a previous relationship, has unbelievably settled down in matrimony with her two cats.  Incredible as it sounds, a ... Full story

Policeman Arrests Goat....The Reason Will Shock You

A goat has been dramatically arrested and detained by the police for crimes bordering on gross misconduct and destruction of property.  Police in central India arrested ... Full story

Shocking How Python Swallowed A Goat In Abuja

The residents of Gwagwalada area in Abuja were in shock when they woke up to see that a goat had been swallowed by a snake. The ... Full story

Woman Dies And Resurrects Within 56 Minutes

Sonia Burton had no pulse for almost an hour but said she remembers her late husband, John telling her 'it's not your time - go ... Full story

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