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Policeman Arrests Goat....The Reason Will Shock You

A goat has been dramatically arrested and detained by the police for crimes bordering on gross misconduct and destruction of property.  Police in central India arrested ... Full story

10 Lessons Nigerians Can Learn From Agege Bread Seller Turn Model Story

We all have probably heard the amazing story of Olajumoke Orisaguna, the Agege bread seller in Lagos who is on her way to super stardom ...

Shocking How Python Swallowed A Goat In Abuja

The residents of Gwagwalada area in Abuja were in shock when they woke up to see that a goat had been swallowed by a snake. The ... Full story

Strange Man With The Most Number Of Fingers And Toes In The World

Meet Devendra Suthar, an Indian man who holds the record for the most number of fingers and toes in the world. But Davendra is worried? Why? ...

Woman Dies And Resurrects Within 56 Minutes

Sonia Burton had no pulse for almost an hour but said she remembers her late husband, John telling her 'it's not your time - go ... Full story

Unbelievable! G-Wagon Casket Spotted At A Funeral Will Blow Your Mind

A rich family in Anambra state has stunned people when they got a casket designed like a G-Wagon to bury one of their own in ... Full story

Unbelievable! This Woman's 40th Birthday Cake Will Make You Scream!

A woman recently clocked 40 and the cake that was designed to celebrate her will surely leave you wondering.  The woman in the picture recieved this ... Full story

Unbelievable! Man Masturbates For Thirty Minutes Inside Train While Staring At Female Passenger

In this most unbelievable and strange story, police are on the manhunt for a man who masturbated for 30 minutes while staring and smiling at ... Full story

WONDERFUL! Lady Wears Dress Made With Access Bank ATM Cards (Photos)

Pictures of a beautiful Nigerian lady has emerged with a very strange clothing made with Access Bank's Automated Teller Machine cards.  The identity of the lady ... Full story

Luxurious Lifestyle! Nigerians Buy N27.8million Bottle Of Champagne In the United Kingdom (Photo)

A social media user has shared a shocking discovery of the ostentatious and luxurious lifestyle of Nigerians in the UK.  Dr. Ayoade Alakija, an activist for ... Full story

Young Man Attempts Suicide After His Girlfriend Dumped Him (Graphic Photos)

A man made the weird decision of attempting to take his own life following an emotional trauma caused by his lover's exit from his life.  A ... Full story

Sexy Ballerina Girl, Sonoya Mizuno Dances In Lingerie And Loungewear (Video)

In this super sexy and gorgeous display, pretty ballerina shows off her very enticing and sexy body as she wears lingerie dancing ballet.  Stunning and beautiful ... Full story

SHOCKER! New Butt Enhancement Procedure Introduced (Photos)

A new trend of butt enhancement has been introduced to replace the common methods involving surgical operations which may come with dangerous side effects.  This is ... Full story

$2bn Arms Deal Saga: Ngozi Okonjo Iweala's Dancing 'CHOP MY MONEY' Goes Viral

The video which was made about a year ago capturing the former Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala has resurfaced again as she battles to clear ... Full story

Funny! See How A Military Wife Punished Her Civilian Husband (Photo)

This picture of a wife who belongs to the Nigerian military dealing with her erring civilian husband will crack your ribs.  This picture has been making ... Full story

Man Born With 4 Legs Becomes Outcast As Villagers Label Him 'Devil' (Video)

A bizarre and unusual defect in a man's body leaving him with four legs has made him an outcast in his village.  An Indian man, named ... Full story

Female University Student Found Dead In Bush After Being R*ped

A promising student of a popular higher institution was reportedly raped and then murdered by some yet to be identified hoodlums with her body dumped ... Full story

Thieves Destroy ATM To Steal Cash (Photos)

An Automated teller Machine belonging to a branch of one of the new generation banks in Niger State, was broken into by thieves to steal ... Full story

Gory Moment Man Has Month Old Botfly Maggot Pulled From His Head (Video)

The man had to wait a month for the parasite to grow big enough to be pulled out A man has a botfly maggot surgically removed ... Full story

OMG: Ogun-Based 'Babalawo' Promotes His Business Online (Photos)

An African native doctor currently based in Nigeria has taken to the social media to market his business with attractive pictures to lure potential customers.  An ... Full story

Policeman Mistakenly Shoots Wife Dead

The police in Lagos have arrested a policeman, Corporal Yinka Oloko, who allegedly shot his wife dead in the Egbeda area of the state. PUNCH Metro ... Full story

Zimbabwe Ugliest Contest: The New Mr. Ugly Emerges (Photos)

A 42-year-old unemployed man was crowned Zimbabwe’s ugliest man at a pub pageant in Harare — but the contest turned ugly when the runner-up accused ... Full story

Final Moments Of 'PARIS ATTACK' Suicide Bomber Hasna Ait Boulahcen Caught On Camera

In the dramatic footage filmed from the street, some shouting can be heard before a huge fireball explodes when Ait Boulahcen detonates an explosive belt This ... Full story

Blindfolded Muslim Man Stands In Middle Of French Capital And Asks Strangers To Hug Him (Video)

Man holds sign reading: ‘I’m a Muslim and I’m told I’m a terrorist. I trust you, do you trust me? If yes, hug me?’ Standing blindfolded ... Full story

Aliko Dangote Resigns From Dangote Flour Mills (Details)

Aliko Dangote has resigned from the board of Dangote Flour Mills  Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote and three other directors resigned from the board of Dangote ... Full story

ISIS Stone 2 Men Accused Of Homosexuality To Death (Graphic Photos)

Dreaded terrorist group, Islamic State has stoned two men to death on claims that they are homosexuals.  Photos of the gruesom murder of two men have ... Full story

Skateboarding Bulldog Breaks Guinness World Record

In Lima, Peru, Otto the Bulldog glided into the record books with a triumphant attempt at the Longest human tunnel travelled through by a skateboarding ... Full story

New Bride Brutally Raped By Robbers As Husband Was Forced to Watch in Lagos

The Bariga area of Lagos has been heavily attacked by armed robbers in recent times with some dare-devil gunmen storming the house of a newly ... Full story

Man Caught Masturbating Over Games Console In Front Of Stunned Shoppers

The man got a little bit too excited over the popular games console, and was promptly ordered out of the store A man was filmed pleasuring ... Full story

Shocking! I Satisfy My Daughter Sexually - Emmanuel Udoh

The men of the Lagos state Police Command have apprehended a man who engages in sex with his daughter without seeing anything wrong with his ... Full story

Unbelievable! Meet The 'Smallest' Youth Corper In Nigeria (Photo)

An amazing photo of a small man currently serving at the National Youth Service Corps orientation camp in Anambra is currently making rounds on social ... Full story

Young Woman Stoned To Death For Adultery (Video)

In a highly condemned act of jungle justice, a young woman has been brutally stoned to death by an angry mob over allegations of adultery.  A ... Full story

Heartless! Kenyan Man Reveals He Is Willing To Sacrifice Mother To Join Illuminati Cult (Audio)

A Kenyan man agreed on a radio interview that he would be willing to sacrifice his mother to join the Illuminati cult.  A young man from ... Full story

OMG! Giant Cyst Is Sliced Open By Surgeon Out A Man's Back

This footage shows the moment a surgeon sliced open a giant cyst sending a stream of pus gushing out of a man's back. The scene features ... Full story

Dog Turns And Bites Reporter After It Was Praised

As the dog turns around, a woman off camera can be heard shouting "grab him!" A news reporter covering a 'nice' rescue dog - is stunned ... Full story

Amazing! Make-Up Artist Transforms The Face Of A Gas Explosion Victim (Photos)

Zuzu Mamman who is a professional make-up artist has proved her superior mastery of the skills of beautification with a recent feat that wowed her ... Full story

My New Book Will Draw Blood - Wole Soyinka Vows (Photos)

Wole Soyinka has disclosed that his new book would be his vengeance against unprovoked assault of public lies directed against him. A must read indeed!  Gov. ... Full story

Catfish Caught By A Fisherman That Looks Like A Cow (Photos)

A man has caught a fish that look exactly like a cow. The man who caught the fish, many described as the first of a ... Full story

Amazing! Meet Couple Who Have Lived Alone In Abandoned Village For 45 Years

For the past 45 years, Martin and Sinforosa Colomer have been the only two residents of La Estrella, an abandoned village in Spain. Their story ... Full story

Checkout The Face Of South African Lady Calling Nigerian Women 'Ugly' On Twitter

A South African girl with questionable looks has lashed out on Nigerian women for reasons probably owing to personal experiences.  A South African lady identified by ... Full story

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