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Ladies Free 5 Ways To Get A Man On Heat For S3x

Take these tips to the bedroom with you and give him the time of his life. Lets learn about some of the most powerful erogenous zones ... Full story

Son Recounts Shocking Experience: I Caught Our Houseboy Sleeping With My Step Mother On My Father's Bed

Joro Olomufin has shared the top secret that is disturbing a young man which he feels could break his father and shatter his happy family. According ... Full story

5 Ways To Protect Your Bank Account From Thieves

Identity thieves are getting smarter and more devious, especially when their victims are affluent. As you may have heard, John Menard, a billionaire hardware chain ... Full story

A Shocking Story Of An Older Man And 12 Girls: One Of Them Was A Gift To Him From Her parents

His name is Lee Kaplan, and he resides in Pennsylvania. Police have found 12 girls living in his house. Some neighbors reported the man had ...

Omg: Meet The Man Who Has S3x With His Wife 10 Hours Every Single Day

The man identified as Mashudhu Chauke, has been found out to have s*x with his wife 10 hours every day after the woman made the ... Full story

10 Mistakes Ladies Make With Guys

Please appreciate the fact that men and women are wired differently. They have different ways of expressing and varying levels of emotional understanding. Avoid making ...

Hot And Wicked: If You Have These Physical Features, Men Will Find You Totally Irresistible

According to a report by Dailystar, men find women with 6 of the following physical features irresistible. Beauty may be in the eye of the ... Full story

See What Some Ladies Are Doing To Themselves

When a lady is living in self-deceit, she will say 'I want a man who will accept me just the way I am. Any man ...

New Face Of Prostitution In Abuja: How Female Drug Sellers Offer S3x To Prove The Drug's Efficacy

An Abuja resident identified as Musa, closed from work on a night and decided to pick some snacks at an eatery in the AYA axis ... Full story

Male Hairdressers Explain Why Women Prefer Them

By Josephine Agbonkhese & Anino Aganbi WHEN you think hairdressing, you naturally think women and nothing more. But that isn’t the case anymore as more and ...

5 True Things You Didn't Know About Erections And Men

Do you really know your magic stick? Are you knowledgeable about erections? Well, this piece has some p*nis and erection facts that may blow your mind. (1) ... Full story

Help Please: I Am 17 Years Old And I Love S3x So Much, I Can't Stay Without It

A young girl has cried out for help as she doesn't understand why she is so addicted to s*x. Could something be wrong with her? ... Full story

Borno IDP: I Take Hard Durgs To Erase Memories Of My Slaughtered Parents And Sisters

An Internally Displaced Person at Dalori camp in Maidugui on Tuesday said he took to drugs to erase memory of the “slaughter of his father, ...

Have You Seen A Black Woman With Blue Eyes Before? These Amazing Photos Will Blow You Away

These amazing photos of a black woman with blue eyes are trending on social media since they emerged online.  The photos show the stunning woman striking ... Full story

3 Extremely Dangerous S3x Positions For Women (Photos)

If you do not want a night of passion to end in agony and pain be cautious of these positions.  S*x is often all about taking ... Full story

Relationships Suffer Because Women Want To Be Men, We Can?t Be Equal Says Ooni f Ife?s wife

Wife of Ooni of Ife, Wuraola Otiti Zynab Obanor, has waded into the much talked about gender equality bill. She suggested the need to ignore the ...

4 Biggest Mistakes Women Must Avoid In Bed

Women make lots of mistakes in bed. Here are a few as shared by News24. 1. Faking orgasm S*x is more enjoyable when a women reaches orgasm ... Full story

What Should I Do : I Caught My Wife Having S3x With Another Man, But I Still Love Her

A man has shared his experience of hurt after he caught his wife having s*x with another man. He is hurt and has chased her ... Full story

Confused Woman Breaks Silence: I Have Lived With My Boyfriend For 20 Years Still He Has Not Proposed

The woman shared her story showing just how sad she feels about her situation. Below is what she shared: My boyfriend and I have been together for ... Full story

Ifeyinwa Ighodalo: My Dad Raised Me As His First Son

Furniture anywhere in the world is seen as men’s work, but Mrs. Ifeyinwa Ighodalo, CEO,  DO.II Designs Ltd,  decided to challenge the status quo and ...

Nollywood Actress, Susan Peters Reveals: 18 Tips On How Married Men Can Be Better Husbands

18 Tips on How Married Men Can be Better Husbands - By Susan Peters 1. Don’t shout at your wife when you are talking. It really ... Full story

Ladies Take Note: 15 Annoying Things Women Do That Guys Hate

These are the 15 thingw women do that make men hate them. According to FamilyShare, these traits could ruin your relationship if it is not ... Full story

Guys Stay Alert: These Are The 7 Types Of Women That You Must Avoid Immediately

While there are enough reasons and pointers on the kinds of men that women should avoid, here’s a look at the kind of women that ... Full story

S3x Time: 7 Foods You Should Be Eating To Boost Your Libido

Below are some food materials that could help in boosting one's ability on bed naturally: (1) Chocolate: Cocoa contains the chemical phenylethylamine, a stimulant that conjures ... Full story

Read How Man Blasted Woman On Twitter In 2014 But Ended Up Paying Her Bride Price in 2016

A Nigerian Twitter user identified as Ibe (pictured above with his lady) took some time to troll a young woman on twitter in June 2014.  The ... Full story

Woman Makes Shocking Revelations: My Husband Uncontrollably Sleeps With Our Housemaid Under My Nose

A married man of so many years who in a bid to satisfy his s*xual fantasies has been romantically engaged with his housemaid who once ... Full story

Distraught Lover: My Girlfriend Is A Bank Marketer, She Recently Returned Home Without Her Pants

Corporate prostitution in the banking sector is well pronounced and has been crippling romantic relationships. A case in hand is a recent stroy sent to ... Full story

These 10 Awesome Things About S3x Will Make Your Day

S*x is a pretty complicated and broad topic. This is why there are new facts that keep popping up about it regularly. Check out ten pretty ... Full story

Babcock Uni Female Student Cries Out: I Just Want To Have S3x, I Am Tired Of Being A Virgin

A 300 level student of Babcock University who is set to turn 20 in August, 2016 seems ready to have s*x after the ordeal of ... Full story

Nigeria Girl Narrate : How I Had S3x In The Bush And Narrowly Escaped Ritualists Who Wanted My Sperm

A man has shared what looks like an unbelievable story of how he nearly lost his life while having s*x in the bush with a ... Full story

Man Regrets : I Left My Wife For A S3xy Hot Lady And Now I Am Living Like A Prisoner In My Own House

A man has confessed how he ended up being a prisoner in his own house after abandoning his godly wife for a hot girl. He ... Full story

5 Dangerous S3x Positions Nigerian Women Hate (Photos)

Sure, s*x is supposed to be something fun for couples to enjoy, but not all positions will count as a favourite for every individual. Five Nigerian ... Full story

23 Year Old Nigerian Girl Laments: I Don't Enjoy S3x, I Hardly Get Wet

Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a 23-year old Nigerian lady who is finding it hard to get wet during sexual activities thereby not ... Full story

5 Strong Reasons Every Man Must Know How To Give Woman 'Head'

More and more men are developing an interest in improving their oral s*x skills, but since this is still sort of a taboo subject among ... Full story

Be Careful: If She Does These 8 Things, She Will Not Make a Good Wife

Dreaming of your dream woman? Watch out for these 8 signs as it any woman with such habits is likely not to make a good ... Full story

I Can't Think Well Anymore After Mistakenly Seeing My Cousin's P3nis While He Was Bathing

Dear readers, Please help. I am in a dilemma right now. I mistakenly saw my cousin's p*nis while he was bathing yesterday. It was just too ... Full story

Nigerian Lady Reveals Shocking Embarrassing Moment: How 'God' Abandoned Me For A Second During Hot S3x Romp

Joro Olumofin has shared one of the craziness romance stories of Nigerians this year. The story entails how a lady's body system adversely reacted to ... Full story

Obese Nigerian Lady Pours Out Her Tearful Story: I Have Stopped Having S3x Because Men Always Dump Me

Joro Olumofin has again shared a pathetic story of an obese Nigerian lady who is suffering from inferiority complex due to her physical appearance. Read her ... Full story

See What Happened To A Woman After Sending Her N@ked Pictures To Her Married Lover

A Kenyan girl has landed in trouble after she sent her n*ked pictures to her married lover. However, the pictures have fallen into the wrong ... Full story

Troubled Man Laments, Please Help: I Ejaculate Whenever I Sight A Woman

Joro Olumofin has shared another very weird story of a man's indiscrimate mode of ejaculation on his Instagram page. Read the shocking account of the person ... Full story

Nigerian Man Reveals Juicy Details: I Can't Cope With My Wife She Perform Like A Pornstar During S3x

A man is currently feeling uncomfortable about the sexual prowess of his wife who has dramatically change overnight. He wrote the message below to Joro ... Full story

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