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Nigeria Girl Narrate : How I Had S3x In The Bush And Narrowly Escaped Ritualists Who Wanted My Sperm

A man has shared what looks like an unbelievable story of how he nearly lost his life while having s*x in the bush with a ... Full story

Man Regrets : I Left My Wife For A S3xy Hot Lady And Now I Am Living Like A Prisoner In My Own House

A man has confessed how he ended up being a prisoner in his own house after abandoning his godly wife for a hot girl. He ... Full story

5 Dangerous S3x Positions Nigerian Women Hate (Photos)

Sure, s*x is supposed to be something fun for couples to enjoy, but not all positions will count as a favourite for every individual. Five Nigerian ... Full story

5 Things Every Woman Should Always Deny A Man

There are things no woman should do to please a man. These are the things that compromise her character and kill her personality. If a ...

23 Year Old Nigerian Girl Laments: I Don't Enjoy S3x, I Hardly Get Wet

Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a 23-year old Nigerian lady who is finding it hard to get wet during sexual activities thereby not ... Full story

For Lovers: 5 Rules To Avoid Trouble On Facebook

By Adeniyi Ogunfowoke Facebook has abruptly ended many loving relationships. This is not only restricted to singles but also married people. There have been reports of ...

Court Dissolves 17 Year Old Marriage Over Secret House Built By wife

Lagos – A Lagos Island Customary Court on Wednesday dissolved the 17-year-old marriage between a transporter, Haruna Amunikoro, and his wife, Alimotu, after he complained ...

5 Strong Reasons Every Man Must Know How To Give Woman 'Head'

More and more men are developing an interest in improving their oral s*x skills, but since this is still sort of a taboo subject among ... Full story

Can Your Job Affect Your S3x Life? Get A List Of Sexiest Jobs In The World

Folks from the dating app Tinder have carried out a research on most attractive and sexy jobs people have. This list is a surprise to ...

Small Manhood And Weak Performance? These Natural Solutions Worked After I Lost My Wife

This is a true confession from a Nigerian Man. “I could not satisfy my wife in bed, I caught her with our gate man, we got ...

Be Careful: If She Does These 8 Things, She Will Not Make a Good Wife

Dreaming of your dream woman? Watch out for these 8 signs as it any woman with such habits is likely not to make a good ... Full story

I Can't Think Well Anymore After Mistakenly Seeing My Cousin's P3nis While He Was Bathing

Dear readers, Please help. I am in a dilemma right now. I mistakenly saw my cousin's p*nis while he was bathing yesterday. It was just too ... Full story

Nigerian Lady Reveals Shocking Embarrassing Moment: How 'God' Abandoned Me For A Second During Hot S3x Romp

Joro Olumofin has shared one of the craziness romance stories of Nigerians this year. The story entails how a lady's body system adversely reacted to ... Full story

Obese Nigerian Lady Pours Out Her Tearful Story: I Have Stopped Having S3x Because Men Always Dump Me

Joro Olumofin has again shared a pathetic story of an obese Nigerian lady who is suffering from inferiority complex due to her physical appearance. Read her ... Full story

10 Amazing Pre Wedding Pictures That Will Make You Fall In Love Again (Part 2)

Nigerian couples just would not rest; they keep inspiring us with their creative concepts with the pre-wedding photo-shoots they do these days. You will have to ...

See What Happened To A Woman After Sending Her N@ked Pictures To Her Married Lover

A Kenyan girl has landed in trouble after she sent her n*ked pictures to her married lover. However, the pictures have fallen into the wrong ... Full story

Does Money Really Make It Easier For Women To Forgive Cheating?

The question was prompted by this photo making round on social media. Kobe Bryant cheated on his wife Vanessa and she stayed. Dwyane Wade had ...

7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Giving Up On Your Relationship

It is high time women stopped chasing what is not; they should learn to read the signs in their relationships and learn when to give ...

7 Ways To Recognize Broke Girls Who Try So Hard To form

It is definitely not new to see girls who go out of their ways to give people the impression they are comfortable when in reality, ...

Troubled Man Laments, Please Help: I Ejaculate Whenever I Sight A Woman

Joro Olumofin has shared another very weird story of a man's indiscrimate mode of ejaculation on his Instagram page. Read the shocking account of the person ... Full story

Nigerian Man Reveals Juicy Details: I Can't Cope With My Wife She Perform Like A Pornstar During S3x

A man is currently feeling uncomfortable about the sexual prowess of his wife who has dramatically change overnight. He wrote the message below to Joro ... Full story

Popular Actress Tonto Dikeh Says Something Else Is Better Than S3x For Couples, See What It Is

The actress who recently gave birth to a baby boy, is obviously enjoying her marriage. She took to her Instagram page recently to hand out relationship ... Full story

Do You Love Your P3nis? Then You Must Avoid Doing These Five Things

Taking care of your p*nis is important as it is a valuable asset you cannot play with. According to The Mirror, here are five things ... Full story

Married Woman Laments: My Husband Release Too Quickly During S3x And I Don't Enjoy Him

A mother of one who is not having good s*x with her husband has lamented to Joro Olumofin about her unusual experience with her husband. Read ... Full story

Woman Laments: I Got Raped By My Brother And Now I Can't Get Pregnant For My Husband

The woman shared her story showing just how much loathes her past affair with her own brother and how it may actually be responsible for ... Full story

Attention Ladies: Check Out Foods That Make Your Buttocks Bigger Naturally

Ok first off I need to make one thing painfully clear. There is no food alone that you can eat to make your butt bigger.  However, ... Full story

Guys: Use These Three Powerful Techniques And You Will Blow Your Woman Away In Bed

Could Viagra help you last longer in bed? The latest research published in theJournal of Sexual Medication seems to think so. Researchers reviewed 14 studies that ... Full story

Help Me: I Love My Boyfriend But My Boss Gives Me the Best S3x Ever

Dear readers,  My boss gives me the most incredible orgasms and has become like a drug to me. I have a boyfriend, though, who doesn’t deserve ... Full story

Ladies Watch Out: If Your Man Is Doing These Three Things, Then Its Time To Walk Away From Him

Relationships are great and they spice up life but sometimes they can get sour and will need to be severed.  Even though we don’t want to ... Full story

16 Year Old Girl Makes Shocking Confession: I Cannot Sleep Without Having S3x Every Single Day

A very young girl who is obsessed with s*x, has made a shocking revelation about her addiction as she grapples with it.  The 16-year old girl ... Full story

Warning Guys: 12 Horrible Things Women Hate During S3x

There are many things men do during s*x that puts many women off and leaving them not to be in the mood anymore. Read and ... Full story

7 Habits That Can Destroy A Loving Relationship

These destructive things don’t look like bad habits at first but if they aren’t handled carefully, it could result into bigger problems that would eventually ... Full story

Guys, Is This True? Penile Sizes According To Zodiac Birth Signs

They say this is the size of men and their private body part according to their birth signs. Is it true? ... Full story

Check Out Some Sensational S3x Positions You MUST Try At Least Once In Your Life (Photos)

Winning the heart of a woman and staying in a strong relationship with her transcends buying of gifts and calling her on phone but also ... Full story

This Is What The Perfect Woman's Body Looks Like

A study has revealed what men really want from their ideal or perfect woman especially the kind of body shape, backside and frontal areas.  Women are ... Full story

Ladies Alert: 9 Tricks To Keep Your Man Faithful And Totally Satisfied With You

Getting to make your partner happy can be a really tasking and tricky thing, but not impossible. Check out these tricks to make your man ... Full story

Study: Marriage May Help Fight Cancer

Married people are more likely to survive cancer than unmarried people, a new study suggests. The researchers found that single men with cancer had a death ... Full story

Lead With Your Dick: 4 Best S3x Position For Different Penis Types

Sex positions for men with a small penis Obviously the problem with having a small penis is that you can't get deep penetration as easily as ... Full story

Read Reasons Ladies With Big Butts Are Better Lovers

Most men believe the bigger the butts, the better the sex. Ladies with big butts have been reported to have better performances in the bedroom ... Full story

17 Ways To Treat A Woman Right

Handsome Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has shared his views on her to treat a woman to ensure .her happiness After going to the 17 points he ... Full story

33 Hottest Wags (Footballers Wives And Girlfriends ) Of 2015

Today we take a look at some of the hottest Wags in football going into the festive period and of course the new year of ... Full story

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