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Meet World's Most Amazing Real Rapunzels

Meet World's Most Amazing Real Rapunzels Meet World's Most Amazing Real Rapunzels

Have you heard of the story of Rapunzel? Is it possible to grow such long hair in real life? Who has the longest hair in the world? Read and see girls with world record longest hair, and not only girls, men are also keeping up.


Hair is a symbol of beauty! It's hard not to agree with this. Long hair looks very nice. It continues to have an effect on men's (and women's) imagination due to its luxury and beauty. But if hair length is more than six meters, I wonder whether its "owner" is happy to put so much time, patience and efforts into its care.

Woman with the longest hair in the world: China

Longest hair world

Who has the longest hair in the world? Her name is Xie Qiuping and the length of her hair is 5.62 m.

Longest hair CHINA

Wow! This record was set in 2004. She started to grow her hair in 1973 when she was only 13. It was officially confirmed that the record length of the hair is 5 meters 62 centimeters. Unofficially, it's 7 meters and 92 centimeters. Just imagine!

To achieve this record, she refused any hairdressers' services. It is clear that to take care of such hair is really difficult. So if you would like to repeat or break this record, you need to think twice. For example, her usual procedure of hair washing takes a few hours, a lot of strength and a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. In this regard, she washes her head once every month.

Unknown Indian nun (hair length 7.92 m)

However, according to other sources, Xie Quiping is now far from real record holder for the World's Longest Hair. In India there is a woman living with curls the length of which is nearly eight meters (7 m 92 cm). Unfortunately, this wasn’t officially proven.

China: Chenq Shiquin (hair length 2.4 m)

Longest hair in the world CHINESE

Chinese Chenq Shiquin is the owner of a beauty salon. She has let her hair grow longer than 2.4 m. She hasn't cut her hair in 16 years. While participating in photo sessions, she complained that hair care is very difficult. She spends two hours of her time washing her hair and more than one hour for combing it.

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Man with the longest hair: Vietnamese Tran Huy Wai (hair length 6.80 m)

Longest hair in the world MAN

According to him: "Last time I cut my hair when I was 31 years old." The 67-year-old man named Tran, was determined not to go for another haircut. In order to get into Guinness Book of Records, he grew his hair long, despite the fact that it lost its luscious appearance and turned into felt. It was clear that the hair was in urgent need of care.

Tran Huy Wai admitted that he had not washed his hair for 6 years. In order to get rid of the disturbance caused by his long hair, he would wrap it around himself. His life occupation was to cure people. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 79 not being able to cure himself.

This odd man didn’t want to cut his hair because he observed that he fell ill after every haircut.

Longest hair in the world TRUN HUY WAI

Bear in mind: Hair usually stops growing when it reaches the length of 60-90 cm. So, Guinness Book of World Records contains only those people whose hair grew without ceasing, due to some anomaly, during the whole life.

Thailand: Hu Satio (hair length 5.79 m)

Tran Huy Wai has already broken Hu Satio record. His hair length was 5.79 cm. In 2001, he died after a stroke. In the opinion of his comrades, it was his own fault because he allowed tourists to take pictures of his hair. Representatives of Hmong nation regard this behavior as an intervention into his private life.

Girls with very long hair: American Asha Mandera (hair length 2.60 m)

Longest hair in the world -the USA

American Asha Mandera also spends quite a bit of time on her hair. Her hair length is 2.60 m. She is a world famous longest dreadlocks owner. For one hair wash, she uses the whole bottle of conditioner and shampoo. Imagine how much money she spends on hair care!

Longest hair in the world ASHA MANDERA

Asha admitted that, at first, she washed her hair three times a week, but these days, only once a week is enough. The procedure takes a lot of time and effort. It took her 20 years to grow such long hair. Her dreadlocks need two days to get dry without a hairdryer. Check out these dreadlocks, their total weight is about 11 pounds. Wearing them must not be easy. This process could become exhausting, but everything is done for popularity!

Natasha Moraes de Andrade (1.6 m)

Longest hair in the world BEFORE

12-years-old Brazilian girl from Rio de Janeiro required more than $600 per year to buy shampoo to wash her long curls. Her parents were very poor people and the family lived in the poorest district of Brazilian metropolis.

She didn’t cut her hair from birth and she spent a lot of time and effort to care of it, but she hesitated to get rid of her long hair. Indeed, it was a pity to part with her curly dark hair, with a length that was only 10 cm shorter than Natasha's herself was. However, Natasha managed to sell her cut hair for $5000, this helped her family to solve the pre-existing housing problem.

Longest hair in the world AFTER

Have a look at the pictures of the longest hair in the world:

Longest hair in the world CUTE
Longest hair
Longest hair in the world SO LONG
Longest hair in the world BEAUTY

Some might argue that these hair are not that beautiful. Only well-groomed and healthy hair looks really beautiful, no matter the length. The only thing you should remember that very long hair requires much time and money for hair care.


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