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China's Lenovo Becomes Victim Of Cyber Attack

Chinese computer maker Lenovo has become the victim of a cyber-attack following a warning by the US government about software called Superfish. The Superfish adware program ... Full story

5G Researchers Manage Record Connection Speed

Record-breaking speeds have been achieved during tests of 5G data connections, scientists have said. Researchers at the University of Surrey's 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) managed one ... Full story

Brain Controlled Drone Dispalyed By Tekever In Lisbon Video

Technology that allows a drone to be piloted from the ground using only a person's brainwaves has been demonstrated in Portugal. The company behind the development, ... Full story

Google Warns Blogger Users Over Porn

Google has warned users of its Blogger platform that blogs containing sexually explicit images and videos will be made private on 23 March. None of the ... Full story

Ad Blocking Software Is Worse Than Superfish

Researchers have identified a fresh threat to the way consumers interact with websites, this time from software designed to block advertisements. PrivDog has been found to ... Full story

Michael Derus Conversion Of E-Waste To Good Business Is Solution To Dumping

There are precious metals in electronics that can be safely removed, since they also contain dangerous chemicals, and reused. This is one big business that ... Full story

World’s Most Expensive Phone Goes On Sale

This could well be the most expensive iPhone in the world at least as of today. UK-based Goldgenie, last week put up their limited edition of ... Full story

Google's YouTube To Launch Kids App

YouTube will launch a new app specifically for children on Monday in a bid to make using the service safer. It is understood that YouTube Kids ... Full story

Kenyan Tech Innovators Chosen For BBC Digital Pilot

Two groups of Kenyan tech innovators have been selected to help the BBC reach young African audiences through social and digital platforms. The young digital specialists ... Full story

2go Now Availabe On Windows Phone

Earlier in the week, South African Company, 2go Interactive Ltd announced the release of 2go for Windows Phone. The Windows Phone version of the mobile messenger ... Full story

Windows 2003 Server Will End In Less Than 5 Months - Microsoft

On July 14, 2015, Windows Server 2003 reaches it’s end of life. All support after said date will be history. Microsoft will no longer issue security ... Full story

US And UK Accused Of Hacking Sim Card Firm To Steal Codes

US and British intelligence agencies hacked into a major manufacturer of Sim cards in order to steal codes that facilitate eavesdropping on mobiles, a US ... Full story

Lenovo Taken To Task Over Malicious Adware

Computer maker Lenovo has been forced to remove hidden adware that it was shipping on its laptops and PCs after users expressed anger. The adware - ... Full story

New Frontiers For Gender Violence Is Cyberspace

The estimated financial cost of cybercrime worldwide exceeds US$445 billion annually. For individuals, the loss of private and sensitive information is particularly concerning, and a ... Full story

Cyber Bank Robbers Steal $1bn Says Kaspersky Report

Up to 100 banks and financial institutions worldwide have been attacked in an "unprecedented cyber robbery", claims a new report. Computer security firm Kaspersky Lab estimates ... Full story

Apple Bans Bonded Servitude For Factory Workers

Apple has banned the practice of bonded labour - where new recruits are charged a fee - from its factories. In its latest audit of factory ... Full story

Google's Vint Cerf Warns Of Digital Dark Age

Vint Cerf, a "father of the internet", says he is worried that all the images and documents we have been saving on computers will eventually ... Full story

Microsoft Revamps Logo For The 1st Time In 25 Years

Microsoft’s corporate logo has a new look, setting the stage for a wave of products designed to cast the world’s largest software maker in a ... Full story

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