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You He Been Charging Your Phone Wrong! And Here Is why

How often do we complain our phone won’t survive until evening? As a matter of fact, it is completely our fault. According to scientists, a battery
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Africa Working To Impact 250,000 Youth On Employability, Entrepreneurship Skills

AfricaWorking, a new private sector initiative committed to impacting Africa on employability and entrepreneurship skills, says its agenda is to support 200,000 youth and 50,000

Ethiopia Shuts Down Social Media Ahead Of University Exams, Could It Be Done In Nigeria?

Ethiopia has blocked social media sites since Saturday and for the next few days, after questions from end-of-year exams were posted online last month, sparking

Snapchat Introduces New Way To Save Old Snaps

NEW YORK — Snapchat’s commitment to the ephemeral message was ... ephemeral. The popular visual messaging service is giving users a new way to save

1 2 3 next total: 96 | displaying: 1 - 41

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