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Reasons why I'd rather ABSTAIN completely than to vote for an opposition coalition

If anything, Morgan Tsvangirai should do away with his  ego and call all opposition leaders who broke from the  original MDC  in the past 18 years so as to recapture that spirit  of oneness one more time.  It doesn't make sense that  he wants to coalesce with Mujuru  without finding a common ground with his former lieutenants..they say charity begins at home..... Anyways,  the issue at hand is Mujuru!  Amid all rumours about a potential opposition coalition to challenge ZANU PF come 2018; and of all the people who are currently in the opposition in as far as Zimbabwean politics is concerned, Dr Joice Mujuru should never be allowed to lead the coalition of progressive opposition parties. For some, she could be a great states woman, but I'd argue otherwise! Record has it that she, just like Mugabe is a tried and tested unprincipled politician. In this article, I will give my opinions as to why Mujuru is not fit to lead any coalition never mind her so called political mantle and experience.

Reason number 1 - whereas I have high political regards for Dr Dumiso Dabengwa and Dr Simba Makoni; I have none whatsoever for Dr Joice Mujuru! This is solely due to the fact that she did not willingly leave ZANU PF. She was actually fired -that means the esteemed Dr did not want to leave. SHE WAS STILL A BONIFIED ZANU PF member, who chose to be oblivious to the short comings of ZANU PF - in as far as democracy and constitutionalism is concerned. For her, as long as her interests were protected, the interests of her  fellow countrymen came last. In fact history has it that she always sung praises to Mugabe until the time she got fired! It's clear that she's a sore politician driven by revenge than anything. After all what can one expect from the 'ruining' party except to ruin! Given the opportunity Dr Mujuru would still be Vice president and still be at the fore-front to succeed her 'mentor' - Robert Mugabe. It's crystal clear and rather unfortunate that she fell victim to succession politics within her own party. I do not know how people cannot see that she is just but the latest victim to her own party, and that my dear compatriots is none of our business. Ours is to pioneer a Zimbabwe that Joshua Nkomo envisaged - interracial and united.  In fact, she must be grateful of the fact that she did not go missing or die in some mysterious circumstances; that which has become a norm for many other Zimbabweans who are not as connected to the 'elite'. We still mourn those missing today, our hearts yearn for justice for all those victims. Many have gone missing under mysterious circumstances of which the state under ZANU PF has but turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to their cries. All this point to one FACT! That Joice Mujuru's DNA is still ZANU PF, yes 'musangano' and just as she has been part and parcel of the ZANU PF thugs, she has nothing new to offer under the sun except to give a faction of ZANU PF some new life. We will not blindly trust her to lead Zimbabweans into a new dispensation of hope, democracy, economic recovery and the restoration of patriotism let alone the much needed unity of all Zimbabweans across the racial and tribal divides.

Reason Number 2 -No one knows how she rose into the position of Vice President of the "Republic", only Mugabe knows. I'm sure all Zimbabweans who are in their rightful senses find Mujuru's assertions of "building Zimbabwe In peace" a mere joke. What total nonsense! How can we trust this 'esteemed' Dr to build Zimbabwe yet she has ardently played fulcrum in destroying Zimbabwe for more than 3 decades now! If anything, she lacks courage to stand up for whatever she believes in - and on that note my fellow compatriots, we cannot allow her too to turn Zimbabwe into her little toilet. We cannot allow such a coward to lead a struggle to constitutionalism, democracy and total reformation for our institutions. All the responses she has given whenever asked the question 'why now?' are anything but satisfying. She thinks she can fool Zimbabweans into buying her lies. When Mugabe so badly wanted a one party state -where was she together with her late husband Solomon Mujuru, and what did they say to prove that they were the reasoning voice behind ZANU PF as much as she purports. If her principles were bound by democracy and respect for human rights - she would've left ZANU PF back then? Clearly Not! In fact, history has it that she and her husband (Solomon Mujuru the one whom she now almost worships and is clearly wanting to create another cult around him) - supported Mugabe and his endeavours for a one party state albeit just for the sake of keeping their ill begotten wealth. Media has it, that her husband was even the army commander during the times of Gukurahundi! (Watch here) Now, for her to even think about leading or being a major player in the coalition of courageous and principled cadres of our struggle to democracy is so unbelievable! It's absolute Rubbish! We would be fooled if we are made to believe that. Now the real question is - what is it that she has been doing in office over the past 3 or so decades! Just eating of the tax payer's money and getting fat while the rest of Zimbabweans were languishing in poverty? Wait! Oh yes we know, media has it that she has been that impediment to success for some hard working Zimbabweans who wanted to create business back in the day. Oh yes, we know she has been part and parcel of the so called land reform program,  forcefully grabbing away farms from poor white  Zimbabweans albeit with Rhodesian descent. She is clearly of the view that some Zimbabweans are more equal than others (race wise) and yet now, she tells us that she wants to build a fairer Zimbabwe? She's a joker. Another note is - Joice Mujuru does not believe our parastatals are rift with corruption - she's unbelievably in denial and keeps on referring to the tired mantra of sanctions and fantasised western world enemies, not too long ago she had this to say with respect to corruption in parastatals: - (watch here) Fellow Zimbabweans, if this cannot convince you that she has nothing new to offer - I don't know what will.

Reason number 3 - All what Zimbabweans yearn for is a new beginning and I can tell you that Mujuru in this case, just like Mugabe and Mnangagwa likewise - represent the old and the past. Voting for her, my fellow Zimbabweans, will be tantamount to what Albeit Einstein, if alive, would've termed insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result! Even Christians will tell you in,
 Luke 5:33-39
"Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved".

We cannot keep recycling old people who are actually responsible for getting us into this mess in the first place, thinking that they have new solutions to offer. They are ideologically bankrupt and as such, should take a back seat! If anything play advisory role. She, just like Mnangagwa, has over stayed in power to the extent of being too comfortable in that zone. They yearned for presidency to be bequeathed unto them as though it's their birth right. What total rubbish! On the other hand, there's a bit of misconceptions out there that need removed from our fellow Zimbabweans in general. One of them is that - Dr Joice Mujuru has a lot of supporters so would be an asset to the progressive parties - No she does not, her recent loss at the hands of ZANU PF in Bikita west by-election proves this otherwise (I don't think any explanation is necessary), in fact she will divide ZANU PF support base in which case after the election she is most likely to make a coalition with winners (either 'a' ZANU PF faction that would've lost or MDC). All she will be concerned about is her ambition as president. If she was really concerned about Zimbabwean democracy, why did she not join any of the other political parties already in the opposition? At the moment, she remains just but a troubled soul in need of a place in Zimbabwean politics and because of that she cannot be trusted to lead opposition coalition.

With all this afore mentioned reasons, voting for Mujuru with a clear conscience will mean I am accomplice to the suffering of all Zimbabweans...they say today the world is a dangerous place not because of evil people like Robert Mugabe and his friends but because of people like Joice Mujuru who kept quiet and turned a blind eye when the evil deeds were committed, some want to partner with the undemocratic thinking they will usher in a new Zimbabwe - No it can't be. People say, mind when you are fighting monsters, least you turn into one. Call it ego, but I'd rather abstain from voting altogether than voting for a political monster (MDCT with Mujuru as a coalition partner) that I would not be able to tell what it actually stands for. The next generation of Zimbabwean leaders - us! envisage a country that is not held at ransom by the so called war veterans, whom they seem to be bragging about. A country which is free from tribalism and racism which they in ZANU PF created. We the younger generation of Zimbabwe will overcome! God Bless Zimbabwe!

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