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I will vote for Nkosana Moyo if he stands for the 2018 elections!

For a personality like Nkosana Moyo to say he is contesting for the elections come 2018, I will certainly vote for him. The guy is not stupid! I am sure he made his homework very well. His Physics and Banking background will tell us that he is going for elections with a well thought through strategies we simple people may not know. I will vote you dear Sir: come elections of 2018.

You have been in that government of Zanu PF before. You know all individuals by name and their deeds, how rouge a government of Zanu PF is like: almost half of them are of high criminal minds. You have indeed taken stoke of this and you have done a thorough groundwork how you are going to play out with their criminality when it comes to rigging the elections.

I have never doubted your calibre, professionalism and political astuteness. You have shone in the international stages: alone the people of Mashonaland have great hopes in you: the people of Mathebeleland as well. We hope you play your cards well. Tell the people you are coming to give bread and butter on the tables of 13 million citizens and not two of them. Tell us you will turn the economy round and give us jobs. Tell us you will remove our girls as young as 10 years from the red lights. Tell us you will give women and girl children hope and future: that you will give them protection from rapists and pedophiles roaming the stress of towns and villages no prosecution. Tell us you will refurbish our roads, schools, hospitals, energy infrastructures. Tell us you will make primary education free for all. Tell us you will make our towns clean again.

Tell us what you shall do in your first year as President: you will make water and sanitation, human right; free to all, as 95% of the population are out of employment. Tell us you will resuscitate our industry and many will have jobs and improve the conditions of living in our beloved country. Tell us that we women are equal to men and will get equal payment as men. Tell us you will negotiate our debt with international body lenders so that we can start afresh without debt problems on our shoulders. Tell us that your government will not be bloated, giving people government just to appease them: without any track record of experience. Tell us you will not tolerate any corruption of any kind whatsoever. Tell us how you will recover stolen revenues from previous government. Tell us how you will tape the experience of Diaspora electorate, convince them to come home and assist in the remaking of this great country. Tell us how you are going to address the swelling number of street children who die miserably in the streets because there is nothing to scavenge in the Zimbabwean streets.

These questions are not coming from the blue, but they come from the open letter you Dr. Moyo wrote President Mugabe last year. In your campaign tell us that you are not bringing neo-liberal policies that have failed elsewhere in African countries. We say zero neo-liberal policies in our beloved country. Liberalism serves outside investments and not Zimbabweans. Tell us how you will engage white Zimbabweans who left their country of birth because of racism in Zimbabwe. We want them back; they have the same citizen rights as anybody else, they should come back in their country of birth and develop it.

Please lay out your MANIFESTO for all of us to see and be convinced that you mean business. It must be readable by us average citizens: middle fingers, and not only the elite out there. Tell us you are not reaching out to the only educated and the wealthy elite out there, their electorate will not account to voting you to the State house Sir! In retrospect, be able to speak to us too: simple minded, we may be rouble rousers but we can shout loud enough. Tell us how the people around you constitute, and how you will convince us that you are the people of the moment. Tell us you are capable of talking to Jack and Jill's like ourselves and all those down trodden and povo, vendors, housewives, peasants in the rural areas, street women and children, farm workers and 5 million unemployed citizens roaming the streets of Zimbabwean towns.

We need energy to ever go for production in the industries!  You must tell us to eat what we kill and never unreasonable debt that goes to the deep end! We are sick of begging for food to donor agencies: are you going to give back our pride and dignity of African people: we were once upon a time very proud people! How are you going to restore our respect we have lost? We are spat at: looked down upon, disgraced, humiliated all in the effort of looking for refuge in foreign lands. We have even gone to the colonial masters and cried for shelter, the very colonial master we chased away successfully in 1980: it's all because we have failed in all aspects of our development in our country and we are now seeking refuge to Great Britain. Asylum seeking: In retrospect we are economic refuges. If the colonial Europeans laugh at us are you going to blame them!  Zanu PF and Mugabe disgraced the entire nation because we failed, failed dismally in all aspect of our development.

Please give us your Manifesto well in time to study it so that we can sincerely say here is the MAN of the moment: our OBAMA! Give us the best possible information to be able to go out there and vote for you. In that way, indeed we are convinced; we shall be behind you and assist in whatever way to make you win the elections. By the way we take it that you have done your thorough ground work and you are convinced you want to contest the elections. You are not stupid: a Graduate from Imperial College will have made several political experiments that make you think you can go for the elections. We shall therefore support you and realize those dreams that are not your prerogative alone but for all citizens who mean well for this great country.

I pen off anxiously but hopeful! Hopeful that you are doing the right thing!



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