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Welcome back Minister Dr Engineer Walter Muzembi

I am one person who really got disappointed to see all the effort by my dear friend Minister Walter Muzembi coming to a halt abruptly. Yes with my friends here, I had given my own analysis of what would happen in the pursuit of the position of the Secretary General and how we would be fooled to belief that our countryman would pilot a United Nations organisation that supports and have imposed targeted sanctions to our leaders to include our icon RG with the premier position. Sad indeed and I feel for not only the Engineer but even the team that fought unswervingly. Sometimes I wish we had engaged the services of our new brand of young prophets who are scattered all-over to have declared that Zim guy would do it. YES, I RECEIVE PAPA might have worked. Oh!!!! Bla Phidza was just busy with our African agenda but I believe beyond this, he will move to the next level. Just watch the space.

Anyway, don't stress Cde Minister, after all you are a fantastic Minister and we just highly rank you. You still have a lot to do within the Ministry, revitalize some towns, and deal with roadblocks that have been condemned within the circle of Tourism as a factor contributing negatively to its performance. The shortages of cash and you still have to mount a campaign for the adoption of the rand. There is unquestionably a lot of work indeed within our beloved Zimbabwe and the vision 2060 should be kept alive.

By the way, we have good news for Kariba, whilst you were away on the international enterprise, domestic tourism picked up and this year the resort Kariba is hosting the heads of schools (NASH and NAPH) with around 1200 heads of Secondary Schools descending here end of this June. Kariba has already managed to accommodate all of them and is preparing to make sure that such groups enjoy an assortment of activities. Kariba boasts of the water body and the school heads have just been given an opportunity to either put up in the houseboats nicely mounted and anchored at our precious harbours resembling a street at night, nice lighting overlooking the water. Educationists are very important people hence no chances are being taken regards services, hey will spend their day on the ground and then sleep in these boats without being taken away from their harbours and obviously with the nice breeze, such life experiences are of first class and found only in Kariba.

Kariba will replicate that service sometime in September with the Primary school heads who are almost 2000. The NAPH are bound to enjoy more fruits since new linen, refurbishment of some facilities would have been done by then out of the business being brought by the secondary school heads. Gone are the arguments that Kariba cannot host thousands of people at ones. We actually have more than what you might have been told Minister sometime before the kickoff of your campaign about the number of facilities and beds in Kariba. We are not even talking of accommodation within the hotels and lodges in and across the lake. I remember at one time we had wished for you to drive for the twinning of Siavonga and Kariba so that we could utilise such facilities but my supposition is that you no-longer has to be bothered about it. You can take a good rest after that busy campaigning schedule that took you to 31 countries throughout the world, flying hours and days after a stymied Kariba trip. We would even offer you one or two nights of rest in our resort free of charge because you are our Minister and we care for you.

I strongly believe you will be happy to realise that whilst you were away, we, the people of Kariba became more organised and dealt with our local challenges and surely you are forgiven regards that attempted visit that we had put so much into.

Honourable Minister, the domestic tourism has brought happiness to Kariba and places like Tamarind lodges have brought exciting, affordable packages for all levels of clientele needs with township lodges like Luna Accommodation doing the unbelievable. Our only two functional hotels Carribbea Bay and Cutty Sark haven't disappointed and we currently very proud of them. The marvel job being done by the appendage that falls directly in your Ministry of collecting levies only is still discernible and that has not deterred players in the meadow of Tourism. The many levies that are being charged have continued to exist in the business and believe me not, Kariba has continued to move. Schools have continued to visit Kariba and we are just pompous that they will continue and the operators will just adjust and do what they have to do.

Surely, welcome back our competent Minister and all the best as you now focus on your Ministry. You really fought a first-class mêlée and its destiny hence it could not come our way.

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