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The so-called experts!

Things are unfolding at a hectic pace that it is impossible to maintain objectivity in analysing the daily events. For me however, the problem lies with the so-called experts on Zimbabwe. They are the main culprits on many fronts and have let Zimbabwe down in a bigger way.
Take for example the country's constitution, Chapter 5 section 97 specifically states that the Senate and the National Assembly must be involved in removing the Vise President. The Constitution is online and anyone with 2 minutes can go and confirm this for themselves and yet our so-called experts jumped on to say Mugabe acted Constitutionally. Lovemore Madhuku, leader of the opposition National Constitutional Assembly party's analysis to the unfolding saga was "From the time they organized their (party) constitution, they chose one center of power. Whatever Mugabe does is what works. So there is no need for a meeting. Mugabe simply does whatever he wants in that party" Pathetic!
Mugabe fired Emmerson Mnagagwa from the government clearly violating the country's constitution. Here we have a lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe; someone who has gone to every corner of the world to speak on the Constitutional process in Zimbabwe misleading the whole nation that there was no violation of the constitution. What happens in ZANU PF is a different story; at issue is Mugabe's disregard of the supreme law of the country.
I will forgive all other so-called analysts. They are not worth mentioning. As much as I am worried about Mugabe's violation of the constitution, I am also deeply worried about the miss by the public at large of the deceitful ZANU PF actions disguised as a purge for factionalists and secessionists.
Zimbabweans have to start being serious about issues affecting their lives or else they will witness wasted generations. All these expulsions, purges, and assassination attempts are stage-managed. They are engineered at shake-shake house and I will give you a few pointers; not that it matters with Zimbabwean people but I will try.
The whole drama is about raising foreign currency for the dear leader. The country has economically collapsed and the symptoms started showing on September 23, 2017. There was panic buying in Zimbabwe. The shelves were empty as people prepared for the worst. Mugabe was out of country and some Kasukuwere was assuring people that the President will solve this crisis when he gets back from New York. Since then, the situation has gotten worse; the foreign currency has disappeared and black market has taken center stage. Foreign airlines cannot access over US$50 million stuck in Zimbabwe and are threatening to pull out. ZIMOCO is making headline news for selling 6 trucks in three weeks. Bus operators are threatening to increase fares citing foreign currency shortages. There is no employment to talk about. I hope you get it!
The President returned from New York and goods miraculously returned to the shelves. The focus was turned on the factionalists as the main reason for food shortages. Individuals were singled out and targeted with the biggest culprit being Emmerson Mnangagwa. All the Youth Interface rallies were about Mnangagwa; nothing to do with Youth welfare.
The noise and the push against Mnangagwa became louder and more concerted. A lot happened leading up to today's present situation. As an aside, my conscience and my humanity will never accept the politics of killing and when I listened to Mugabe and his wife's chilling messages to Mnangagwa that he will die, that his head will be crushed like a snake, I stopped thinking; all I wanted was to see Mnangagwa's safety—that's all.
But then another thought beckoned on me as I read the statement attributed to Vice President Mnangagwa and later that day as I listened to Christopher Mutsvangwa addressing a press conference in Sandton, South Africa. Mnangagwa promises to wrestle power from Mugabe in a few weeks. The guy has just been hounded out of the country by drunkards, thugs and mafikozolos; now he is promising Zimbabweans freedom from Mugabe in a few weeks; how in the world is he going to turn the tables against an entrenched dictator in a few weeks? Maybe he knows something I don't know. I stay in Mhandamabwe anyway, what do I know?
Then came Mutsvangwa's press conference. I am disturbed; the main message is about funding. They have set up base in South Africa and have immediately adopted a 'look west' policy. Could this all drama be about money? Yes the country is at the pit bottom and Mugabe seems to have another trick up his collar again? These guys have money and their immediate objective is money. Can you imagine now they are talking about challenging Mugabe at the ballot box. A few weeks are now uncertain as Mnangagwa is going to miraculously come up with this strong party to dispose the most heinous dictator the world has known.
Please excuse my skepticism. These guys have money and if they are serious about challenging Mugabe, they must put their money where their mouth is. We will follow the lead not the other way round.

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