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Its time to converge against a Mugabe dynasty

The past few days have seen the heightening of madness in the motherland, insanity reached it's the highest levels yesterday.

A praise and worship session held at ZANUPF headquarters yesterday exposed bootlickers and mercenaries who have sold their soul for a bowl of soup.

To save their careers, the cowards in ZANUPF will applaud while our beautiful country we all want to call the Great Zimbabwe is captured by just one family.

Now a new worrying development has emerged, that of a regent President a phenomena which exceptionally applied to traditional monarchical leadership.

This is a direct call to action for the citizen, there is no other time to rise than this, a convergence of Zimbabweans is urgent.  

Our constitution does not provide for a regent president, we are a constitutional democracy one which relies on elections as a way of mandating those who govern.

Our law specifically puts this fact in black and white, "the authority to govern derives from the will of the people demonstrated through elections that are conducted efficiently, freely, fairly, transparently and properly on the basis of universal and equal suffrage exercised through a secret ballot."

With this in mind, Zimbabweans ought to realise that these constitutional principles are now threatened by just but one family which is being driven by unjustified and unbridled ambition to create a dynasty.

Their narrow and selfish agenda is now the biggest threat to the existence of Zimbabwe the Nation State. This situation requires an urgent selfless response with the sole objective to rescue the motherland from privatisation.

The first lady from hell is now in loco parentis she is now a self-proclaimed and appointed national headmaster who lectures everyone on what to do with their rights tossing around everyone including senior members in the executive.

As we stated two days ago she does not qualify to occupy any position of authority let alone to be the moral guardian of our society.

We argued then as we do now that the following traits in her must make every Zimbabwean worried: Besides pursuing dynastic politics she is of questionable mental and physical disposition, has no social base and moral high ground, she is a looter who lacks vision and crafty competence.

These traits among other things are ingredients of a recipe for disaster; we need to show the love for our country by standing up against Grace.

We urgently need to work on a rebirth of the politics of our country; this is a time we ought to unite at least against the capture of our country by an unrepentant family which feels entitled to rule forever.  

We call for a broad convergence beyond just political parties, churches must take an active role, and businesses must also save themselves from paying illegal licenses to a rotten system.

The nascent social movement which pressurised the regime in previous year must be engaged, Zimbabweans must throw everything they have into this agenda.

This is a defining moment in the history of our country, we stand at the crossroads, we either stand up and save ourselves or watch and be devoured by a family with an insatiable appetite for political power.  

We must recognise that the little differences citizens have are outdone by the common goals we have as a nation including the challenges we face.

Our common goal to recapture the Zimbabwean Dream, reclaim the hijacked agenda of the liberation struggle and the need to enable the pursuit of happiness must also unite us beyond the fight against Grace.

In these times of madness we must focus our efforts on bringing people around the idea of creating a shared economy as opposed to one that benefits one family.

We in the PDP and our partners in the alliance commit to building a 100 dollar economy within 15 years and regenerate the belief in the decency of hard work.

The times of benefiting from being born in a ruling family must come to an end.

When the demons of derangement are defeated, Zimbabweans can open a new chapter through the creation of a Transformational Democratic Development State.
Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible

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