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ULoyiko takes the Shona Grand Plan to the Public Protector

ULoyiko has written a letter to the South African Public Protector requesting protection of the South African citizens from the impact of the Shona Grand Plan.

For those new to the Grand Plan maybe asking themselves, what is this Grand Plan? The Grand Plan  is an acerbic document which was written by Shona supremacists and ultra-tribalists in London, UK in 1979 on the eve of independence.

Some people who are said to have written the document include Nathan Shamuyarira; Dr Simba Makoni and others. The document sets out what would happen to the  Ndebeles (Mthwakazi) when Zimbabwe becomes independent from Rhodesia. Ndebeles are to be suffocated and eliminated from all spheres of life in order to force them to migrate back to South Africa. Their language is supposed to be mutilated, their culture distorted to the extent of destroying their identity (cultural genocide), they are not to be employed in any meaningful jobs, their women are to be impregnated and left to fend for the children and many other vile propositions. True to form when Zanu pf came into power in 1980 a year after the document was written they did not waste any time the implementation and purging started, those Ndebeles who had joined the national army from ZIPRA were vilified, hunted and hounded out of the army, but many lost their lives.

The impact of the Shona Grand Plan on Mthwakazi is palpable, it can be found everywhere and the Shonas who claim that Mugabe and zanu are the only ones who hate Mthwakazi are used in the fulfilment of the ends of this vile and satanic Plan.

 In the Grand Plan they also talk of how they would infiltrate Southern Africa and Shona becomes the main spoken language. True to their promise they have exported this earth scorched policy to South Africa and other Southern African countries. They have exported nepotism in the job market, they employ each other in South Africa solely based on tribalism.

ULoyiko when approached the office of Busisiwe Mkhwebane Public Protector sought to fight the encroachment and the effects of this Shona supremacist Grand Plan.

"On Monday, 6th November 2017 we took our letter and our research report to the good office of the Public Protector requesting that investigations be initiated into the impact of the Shona Grand Plan in South Africa" explained Mr Ayanda Manala.

"We are grateful that the office of the Public Protector received us well and listened to our story, they promised us that they would get back to us after they have studied the contents of the letter and our research document" said Mr Manala.

When Mr Manala was asked what they aimed to achieve, he said that they would like to see the effects of the Shona Grand Plan thoroughly investigated and if it was possible the investigations should include Zimbabwe or the victims of the Grand Plan who are in South Africa.

If the office of the Public Protector does eventually investigate the effects of the Grand Plan, as it is expected it will, many South Africans will be shocked of what is happening in Zimbabwe and they would not believe that such evil could be allowed to persist in any nation in the world later alone in their neighbour and that the apartheid policy is now being exported into their own country. Thanks to the vigilance of ULoyiko this vile Shona policy may be uprooted in South Africa before it is entrenched in every sphere of life.

"We have reached a point where we feel morally obliged to defend South Africa from the imported diabolic tribal system that has already paralyzed Matebeleland's economic, social and political life" reads part of their statement to the Public Protector.

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