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2 000 attend launch of Mujuru Rainbow Coalition - 2 000 too many to be certified insane

"The train has arrived!" was the buzz phrase at the launched Mai Mujuru's Rainbow Coalition in Bulawayo.

2 000 or so people attended the launch. 2 000 or so people too many, I would say. This is a train that is starting from the hell-on-earth ruins created by this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship (of which Mai Mujuru was one of its key players) and whose destination, I can tell you, is many nautical miles deeper into this hell.

Mai Mujuru is promising "to rebuild Zimbabwe". She would say that just as she and Mugabe promised "Gutsa ruzhinji!" (Mass prosperity!) in the 1980s but only to deliver the mass poverty we see today. She is corrupt and incompetent, captain disaster personified, and with such a leader in charge, it is foolish to expect anything else other than disastrous ruin!

Zimbabweans are not serious, not yet anywhere, about finding a way out of this hell-hole President Mugabe and his corrupt and murderous thugs have landed the nation in. How can they say they are serious when they keep following the same corrupt and murderous thugs who landed them in the mess in the first place?

Mai Mujuru is a corrupt and incompetent simpleton who played her part in building the de facto one party dictatorship. She enjoyed the benefits of the tyranny and rigged elections - that is what kept her in power for 34 years, regardless of her having accomplished nothing of value to the nation - and she relished her lion's share of the wholesale looting that has been the hallmark of this Zanu PF regime. 

 Only fools would believe that Mai Mujuru could nothing to stop the looting and the serious human rights violation by Zanu PF all the 34 years she was at the heart of the regime. She says she did not see any of these things at the time!

"A puppy does not open its eyes the day it is born," she has said repeatedly. There is no breed of dog in the whole world, including Dotito where she comes from, whose puppies take 34 days much less 34 years to open their eyes. If a puppy cannot see after 34 days, it is blind! If Mai Mujuru did not see the gross mismanagement, rampant corruption, vote rigging, murder of over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans for political gain, etc., etc. in all the 34 years she was in government – she saw the vote rigging but failed to understand what was going on because she is a simpleton - ; it is because she is a corrupt and incompetent simpleton.

Zimbabwe is in a political and economic mess because of the nearly four decades of misrule by President Mugabe. It will take a competent and visionary leader to drag the nation out of this hell-hole. If you go hunting you take a good dog that can sniff and run; a Dotito dog that is as blind as mole is of no use whatsoever! 

 Mai Mujuru is fighting to get back into power not "rebuild Zimbabwe"; why did she spend 34 years destroying it, if she really cared! She is only saying that to win the vote of the politically naïve and gullible. If she was ever to get back into power her first priority is to rebuild the Zanu PF dictatorship in all but name and in her own image. Second, take up her looting from where she left off in 2014 when she was unceremoniously "baby dumped" out of Zanu PF, as Grace Mugabe said boastfully. 

 People like Mai Mujuru, Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti, and, of course, the murderous tyrant Robert Mugabe himself have all been in power and have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they are corrupt and incompetent and, in the case of Zanu PF leaders (present and those booted out years ago or those licking their fresh wounds in Zimbabwe or far-away lands) are vote rigging murderous tyrants. Why any Zimbabwean would still follow any of these women and men, beggars belief! 
 In the long run, people get the government they deserve. After 37 years, Zimbabweans certainly deserve this corrupt, vote rigging and murderous Zanu PF dictatorship complete with its entourage of corrupt and incompetent opposition parties – all 75 of them, they keep splitting and merging and splitting again.

Some political analysts have made a career of arguing the opposition parties to merge, "only a united opposition can dislodge Zanu PF," they have insisted. The analysts are nothing but "zvimbwa mupengo zvekuDotito" (Dodito mad dogs) howling at the full moon – Dotito dogs howl the longest, given they take 34 years just to open their puppy eyes!. Even the howling mad-dogs do not dispute that there are no quality leaders in the existing opposition parties, so even if all 75 were to merge into one "big tent" opposition party there will be no quality leaders. Tsvangirai's MDC was one super organism before it starting splitting up but they accomplished nothing even in those early years because there was no quality leaders. Without quality, quantity counts for nothing!

The howling mad-dogs also admit that with no reforms Zanu PF will rig the vote. In 2008 Zanu PF ordered a recount of the March vote and after six weeks ZEC whittled Tsvangirai's 73% to 47%, just enough to force a run-off. What the howling Dotito mad-dogs have all pointedly refused to address is, even if the united opposition got 73% of the vote next year – a big ask, given Zanu PF's ability to buy, conjure, coerce votes – what is there to stop the regime whittling the 73% to 47% again.

Indeed, there is evidence that Zanu PF has upgraded its vote rigging tactics to ensure the regime has a landslide victory without ever going through another six week recount and run-off. The regime has delayed the registration of the voters using the new BVR system. There is no way ZEC is going to produce a verified voters' roll before voting day. With no verified voters' roll the sky is the limit to what vote rigging shenanigans Zanu PF can employ to ensure a landslide victory.

Of course, it is insane for anyone to even bother taking part in an election contest without something as basic and fundamental to an election as an authentic list of who is eligible to vote and then confirm that only those entitled to vote voted. Morgan Tsvangirai and his opposition friends contest 2013 elections with no verified voters' roll; the reader can make their own inference. There is no doubt the opposition is going to contest next year's elections with no verified voters' roll and the Dotito mad-dogs are cheering them along with their usual call for the opposition to unite! 

 Zimbabwe is not in this political and economic mess by accident; we are where we are as a result of 37 years of hard work blundering from pillar to post, making the same mistakes over and over ad nauseam. Of course, it is insane and madness is very hard work. Where many other nations have seen the folly of contesting flawed elections and have implemented the democratic reforms, for example, we, in Zimbabwe continue to plough the same furrow.

No progress is ever made from ploughing the same furrow; the insane do not see that. The certified insane cannot self-diagnose their illness; if they do, then as of that instant, they are cured.

Mai Mujuru's Rainbow Coalition train will not take the nation out of poverty and political chaos but drag the nation even deeper into this hell. The real Damascene moment the nation has been dying for is when people realise the folly of entrusting the nation's destiny in the hands of someone like Mai Mujuru, with a proven track record as a corrupt and incompetent leader. That moment has been too long coming now there is a real danger of this nation sliding into the abyss of economic meltdown and political chaos born out of the decades of misrule and political madness!

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