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Why Mnangagwa's move to rejoin Zapu would quickly escort Mugabe out?

Conventional, predictable methods appeal to no one. An unconventional political moves produces surprises that stink to the high air while opening unexpected doors for a clever man.

If Mnangagwa formed a new party, he would be nothing less that Zum-Tekere or Joyce Mujuru.

If Mnangawa is capable of exploiting the innovative and contemporary methodologies designed by experts, he would submerge a Zimbabwean hero again. I am a British University educated designer with a Degree to design anything ranging from ideas, machines, aesthetics, political surprises and harnessing mob science.

Mnangagwa has a tiny window which needs only he to consider. If he asks anyone who is not trained like me, he would not even consider this wise advice. If he reads my expert advise and allow himself to be hypnotised by my unconventional methodology, he would break unexpected political grounds in a few days. He would be back in Zvishavane and fully protected by his war credentials like Mujuru.

In 1962, Mnangagwa was Zapu. He was deceived, directly by Mugabe, to believe that Zanu was a Shona party which was better than a Ndebele led party. Mugabe himself confessed this in his rallies.

As a mare nineteen year old, Mnangagwa accepted to join Zanu which purportedly has no tribalism. Mnangagwa witnessed worse in Zanu than he had seen in Zapu. He saw fellow influential Karangas hanged for airing divergent operational ideas in 1976. Six months ago, Mnangagwa was told "Zezuru unconqurable" by Grace Mugabe. No one is in doubt now in Gweru, Masvingo Shurugwi and Zvishavane that Zanu is Zezuru unconqurable.

I wish it's an untrue dream being hearing in Zanu, that Zezuru are unconquerable.

Imagine where South Africa would be if Winnie Mandela had said "Xhosa unconquerable" in 1988?

Or, where MDC-T would be if Mrs Tsvangirai said "Karanga unconqurable"?

Mnangagwa was used to commit the worst of all crimes against humanity, far worse than the man who sent him. If the Hague had to be invoked against him today, Mnangagwa would have no defence and those who sent him would walk free. President Mugabe has never killed anyone, never pulled a trigger, never bombed a train. So, the same cannot be said about a Zipra youth who was corrupted to become Zimbabwe's dirtiest man -Mnangagwa.

To be cast out into the wilderness, effectively removing all the political immunity, is a matter that one needs a step back home. Mnangagwa back to Zapu.

Home is a wonderful place. One can burn his home and become prodigal son for so many years. But, if one is left exposed, the only way is to take an unexpected, unconventional turn and run home. Home is where genuine love is. Thus where one had his napkins changed and nakedness covered. Home is where the cleansing waters really exist and where genuinely tender hands reside. If Joshua Nkomo had been alife today, he would have called back all his youth who were fooled by political fraudsters in 1962.

It is unconventional to even dream of the architect of Gukurahundi thinking of being accepted in Zapu. But, this mad, mad turn, according to the dictates my training as a designer, is the only turn Mnagagwa can take. He won't be the only one taking such a mad, cognitive dissonance turn. Jonathan Moyo was writing very caustic articles about destroying Mugabe some years ago, but he is Mugabe's strategist today. Same as Mazivisa.

Mugabe himself prostituted from Zapu to Zanu thenFrollizi and back to Zanu. Although he wants to superimpose himself as the inventor of that party, we know the truth.

So, after fifty years in Politics, and after forty years of being used to commit crimes, Mnangagwa must urgently consider this advice, and very urgently. Time is an important factor in design. If Mnangagwa tries to join Zapu after two weeks from now, the effectiveness will not be same. Actually, it will be impossible.

If he had announced that he was joining Dabengwa last Tuesday after being expelled the previous day, his status in Zimbabwe would make Mugabe shiver by today. No one would be talking treason and he and Dabengwa would be addressing rallies of hundreds of thousands of thrilled Zimbabweans.

Dumiso Dabengwa is the only conduit that can help this prodigal son. It only takes his hug in front of the camera and Mnangagwa in baptised back home. Mnangagwa's Zapu turn would bring back Masvingo and Midlands and Matebelelands in the hands of Dabengwa and Mnangagwa. Both Mnangagwa and Dabengwa should desist from the temptation to claim power, but should sit down and appoint a new and young player. Zimbabweans will never vote for an old stock again. Zimbabweans need new innovative minds, thus why Chamisa would make everyone vote MDC and not Tsvangirai. We live in the age of electromagnetic dynamics which old Mugabes don't understand. We are a country that does not want to be left behind with 1924 values.

If Mugabe loses Masvingo, Midlands, Manyikaland and Matebeleland, it will be game over for him and people are now currently expecting Mnangagwa to make an announcement which protests "Zezuru unconqurable".

Actually, Mugabe knows that he has soiled Mnangagwa to the point that he wont go back to Zapu to merge with Dabengwa. And yet, this is the contemporary political Hiroshima wich can freeze Mugabe's knowledge of politics.

Mugabe knows nothing more than mare conventional. He does not understand unconventional methods. He wont say zapu are sell-outs or Western instruments against the legacy of the Liberation struggle. That language will be gone. An it is the only language he knows.

If it's a new party, he will successfully mock it to it's disbanding. No one can, mock Zapu.

The army can only accept Mnangagwa if he is either in Zanu or Zapu. Mnangagwa has been fired from Zanu. Zapu is the answer.

All war veterans and their children and the generality of Zimbabweans would gain from this move. But, every unconventional turn has its own problems. Mnangagwa must not expect children of Gukurahundi victims to be smiling for him on the first day. He has to prepare himself to confess everything about Gukurahundi. And work hard to earn public perception. Nkala was embraced before he died. Human beings are malleable creatures, if you work hard and honestly for them, they will embrace your turn, especially if they know that your wise turn brings about unexpected paradigm shift in the tribal politics of our ruthless president.

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