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Wickedness! Villagers Tie And Beat Up Pregnant Woman Suspected Of Stealing (Video) Video

An irate mob of villagers were seen lashing out cruelty on a pregnant woman who was suspected to be a habitual thief.  A young pregnant lady ... Full story

Unbelievable!! Pastor Makes Members Suck His Manhood In Church, Saying His Semen Is A Sacred Holy Milk

An evangelical pastor arrested for raping his faithful, after convincing them that his penis contained sacred milk. An Evangelical Pastor from Brazil, Sobrino Valdeci Picanto, has ... Full story

14yr Old Junior Olympian Michael Riley Dies After Brain Eating Bug Entered His Nose

The fatal brain-eating amoeba has struck once again, this time claiming the life of a 14-year-old star athlete. Amoeba entered 14-year-old Michael John Riley Jr. had ... Full story

ISIS Sets Four Men Ablaze In Iraq (Photos)

ISIS this weekend released these horrific photos of 4 men they burnt to death in Anbar, Iraq… Graphic pics below:   ... Full story

Chinese breast pageant sees women compete for best cleavage

The International Breast Model Contest kicked off in China last week The pageant sees women judged on their assets by a panel of judgesThey wear glitzy ...

Asian trend of women and men wearing nothing but a plastic bag

Crazy trend in Asia has people posting photos in nothing but a plastic bagThe viral social media sensation in Taiwan is truly bizarreMen and women ...

You can add SEVEN YEARS to your life by taking a brisk 25-minute walk a day

Regular exercise can reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack by half Study finds just 25 minutes of brisk walking a day can add ...

Baby gorilla and toddler Isaiah Chute play game of peek-a-boo at Columbus Zoo

Isaiah Chute was visiting the Columbus Zoo with his mother SherryHe went up to the enclosure, banged his chest, and the game began The pair chased ...

Scientists create ice cream that doesn't melt by using protein found in Japanese food

Special protein naturally occurs in Japanese breakfast food called 'natto'Binds together air, fat and water in ice cream, helping scoops stay intactCould also stop ice ...

Australian Actress Rebel Wilson, Under Fire From Black Lives Matter For Joke At MTV VMAs

While viewers of the MTV VMAs are still reeling from Kanye West's 2020 presidential announcement and Miley Cyrus' surprise album drop, it's Rebel Wilson who ...

Baby food 'triggers a sweet tooth' because they include fruit juice and carrots

Study shows food is packed with vegetables such as carrot and potatoBut this means toddlers never actually learn to appreciate bitter flavoursParents should instead teach ...

Donald Trump makes appearance at The Barclays to watch ex-assistant pro

Donald Trump came out to Plainfield to watch Jim Herman play Pat PerezHerman was an assistant pro at Trump's golf course in nearby BedminsterTrump encouraged him ...

Rick Trippe photographs battle between a sea snake and stonefish 

A man has photographed a fierce battle between two deadly sea creaturesRick Trippe intervened in a death lock between a sea snake and stonefishThe poisonous creatures ...

Kanye West says in his VMA 2015 speech that he’s running for president in 2020

Kanye West announced he plans to run for president in 2020 during his MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speech West was presented with the Video Vanguard ...

Burning Man's party-goers cover up as dust storms threaten to overshadow festival

During final preparations for Burning Man festival, wind speeds reached 30mph and gusts of swirling desert dust filled the airSeveral campsites collapsed as a ...

Don't giggle, but laughing is the new trendy therapy! Marianne Power lightens up to find out whether it really is the best medicine

Marianne goes to a laughter group to see if it boosts her mood and health Therapy was started in 1995 and the NHS now gives ...

Dating expert Kailen Rosenberg is seeking a wife for a millionaire bachelor

'Love architect' Kailen Rosenberg has played Cupid to countless peopleMatchmaker is looking for a partner for a 34-year-old American millionaireHannah sees if she's got what ...

Obese people's brains wired to eat in same way drug addicts crave fix

Obese people's brains may be wired to want food similar to drug usersResearchers offered snacks to both obese and normally weighted peopleBrain scans showed obese ...

Dominica declares disaster and appeals for aid after Tropical Storm Erika leaves 20 dead

Erika whipped the island for more than five hours on WednesdayStrong winds and rain provoked deadly flooding and mudslidesHundreds of homes were destroyed and ...

Newark Liberty Airport evacuates part of Terminal C after man enters secure hallway

Evacuation happened around 7pm in Terminal C of the New Jersey airportEntered via exit and Customs and Border Protection agents confronted himMan, whose name was ...

Erawan Shrine Explosion: Police Probing Bangkok Blast Find Bomb-Making Materials In Raid Of 2nd Apartment

Thai police said Monday they discovered bomb-making materials during a raid of a second apartment on the outskirts of the capital, as authorities widened their ...

I Have Been Bitten 26 Times By Some The World's Deadliest Animals - The Venom Doc

Brian Fry has been bitten by some of the world's deadliest snakes, chased by Komodo dragons, stung by scorpions and even tangled with giant Antarctic ...

Devoted Chinese Mum Sets Up Oyster Stall In Determined Bid To Raise Money For Treatment For Her Triplet

A devoted mum from northeast China has set up an oyster stall in a desperate bid to raise money for her triplet daughters' cerebral palsy ...

France Train Shooting: Francois Hollande Awards Legion d'honneur

Three Americans and a Briton who foiled a suspected terror attack on a train have received France's top honour from President Francois Hollande. Mr Hollande presented ... Full story

Macedonian Police Fire Tear Gas At Migrants Trying To Cross From Greece

Riot police in Macedonia fired tear gas and stun grenade to disperse thousands of migrants trying to enter the Balkan country from Greece. Clashes erupted a ...

Photographer Edith Tudor-Hart Who Played Key Role In Recruiting Kim Philby

A Russian spy told MI5 that an Austrian photographer had recruited Cambridge Five spy Kim Philby and was the ‘grandmother of us all’, according to ...

Erawan Shrine Attacker Is Part Of Network

The bomb attack that killed 20 people at Bangkok's Erawan shrine on Monday was carried out by a "network", Thailand's chief of police has said. Police ... Full story

Bangkok Explosion: 12 Reportedly Killed Outside Erawan Shrine

A bomb has exploded outside a Hindu shrine in central Bangkok, killing at least 12 people and wounding many more, according to a police officer ... Full story

ISIS Recruiter Mrs Terror Seen Back In Britain

An infamous ISIS recruiter dubbed Mrs Terror is feared to have slipped back into Britain and may be planning an atrocity. Special Branch officers are on ... Full story

South Korean Man, Sets Himself On Fire In Anti-Japan Protest

A 80-year old South Korean set himself on fire on Wednesday during a protest calling for Japan to apologize for forcing Korean girls and women ... Full story

White House Staffer Arrested After Firing Shot At Lover

A White House staffer was arrested Friday on charges of assault and reckless endangerment after allegedly threatening and shooting at a Capitol Hill police officer ... Full story

Nigeria, Other Countries On ISIS New Map Of Domination

This chilling map reveals the calculated way ISIS plan to take over the world by 2020. The terrorist group aim to control the Middle East, North ... Full story

Twin Train Derailment In India Leaves At Least 24 Dead

This is not the first fatal railway accident in India this year Two passenger trains derailed off a bridge and into a river in central India ... Full story

Pakistan Hangs Shafqat Hussain Despite Appeals

Pakistan has executed a man whose case triggered an international outcry after his lawyers said he was arrested as a juvenile and tortured into confessing ... Full story

Boy With 7 Inch Tail In India, Worshiped As A god (Photos)

A 13 year old Indian boy named Arshid Ali Khan with a 7 inch tail has become an idol of worship in the Punjab area ... Full story

Gay Couple Go Nude In Public To Protest Against Homophobia (Photos)

A gay couple have reportedly gone nude publicly on the street of Sao Paulo in Brazil to protest against homophobia.  As the idea of same-sex receives ... Full story

India State Funeral For Former President APJ Abdul Kalam

Tens of thousands of people have attended the funeral of former Indian president APJ Abdul Kalam in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Prime Minister Narendra ... Full story

Colombian Model Juliana Lopez Faces Death Penalty In China For Drug Trafficking

A 22-year-old Colombian model is facing the death penalty after she was caught with a plastic bag full of drugs hidden inside her laptop. Juliana Lopez ... Full story

Escalator Swallows Woman In Shopping Mall (Terrifying Video)

A Chinese mother has died after becoming trapped following the sudden collapse of an escalator at a shopping mall. The woman fought to push her ... Full story

Jules Bianchi Honoured As FIA Retire No 17 Car

Jules Bianchi's number 17 will be retired from the Formula One World Championship in his honour. The 25-year-old died last Friday following the devastating brain injuries ... Full story

Kim Jong-Un Orders North Korean Airline's Stewardesses To Wear Shorter Skirts

The leader personally oversaw the re-designing of the uniforms for members of the crew North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un has demanded female stewards on board his ... Full story

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