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10 killed in Brazil students’ bus crash

Ten people were killed and at least 20 injured when a bus carrying students on a hiking trip crashed in Sao Paulo, police said Monday. “They ...

Woman Kills Her Daughters And Self With Acid After Falling Out With Mother And Father-In-Law

A mother poisoned herself and her two young daughters by drinking acid after falling out with her live-in mother and father-in-law, an inquest has heard. Heena ... Full story

German police injured in clashes with far-right hooligans

Forty-four German riot police were injured in clashes with far-right hooligans rallying against “Islamist extremism” in the western city of Cologne overnight, police said Monday. Police ...

Israel approves plans for 1,000 Jerusalem settler homes

The Israeli government has given the green light for the planning of more than 1,000 new Jewish settler homes in annexed Arab east Jerusalem, an ...

New York records first Ebola case, two-year-old Malian contracts EVD

Government officials in New York have confirmed the first case of Ebola in New York. They said on Friday that a doctor, who recently returned from ...

Popular fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta, dies at 82

Oscar de la Renta, one of the most sought-after fashion designers of the last half century, dressing American first ladies and Hollywood stars in his ...

UNBELIEVABLE: 12 Shocking Similarities Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose Have In Common (LOOK)

The Two fashionistas have too many similarities in common. You may wonder what Kanye found in common with both fashionistas..  He dumped one and married ...

IS jihadists launch new offensive on Syria’s Kobane

Islamic State group militants launched a fresh assault on the Syrian city of Kobane late Monday, a day after the US military began air-dropping weapons ...

CEO of French oil company TOTAL, Christophe de Margerie dies in plane crash

Chief Executive Officer of French oil company Total, Christophe de Margerie, has died in an air crash in Moscow.Airport spokeswoman Elena Krylova said: “Tonight, a ...

Los Angeles Clippers owner caught on tape telling his girlfriend to not bring African-Americans to 'my games'

TMZ revealed a recording early Saturday morning of what it says is Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling pathetically admonishing his girlfriend for “associating” with ... Full story


In a weird confluence of the nation's two most pressing issues -- Obamacare and our insane immigration laws -- this week we found out that ... Full story

Three year old white toddler 'racially bullied' by her black neighbors - Video

A shocking video has emerged which appears to show the racially motivated bullying of a three-year-old white girl by her five-year-old black neighbors. Two clips uploaded ... Full story

19-year-old lesbian jailed again for having AFFAIR with 14-year-old girl

A 19-year-old Florida woman was jailed for violating a court order prohibiting her from contacting her 14-year-old girlfriend. The gay community rallied behind Kaitlyn Hunt when ... Full story

Desperate migrants ride the 'Train of Death' all for a piece of the American dream - Video

The freight train known as The Beast travels from the southern Mexican town of Arriaga up to Mexico City. And every day hundreds of migrants, mostly ... Full story

Queen Elizabeth discharged from hospital after bout of gastroenteritis

Britain's Queen Elizabeth is reportedly in "good spirits" as she is discharged from being hospitalized for symptoms of gastroenteritis.She contracted the stomach bug Friday and ... Full story

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison lashes out at Sean Hannity on Fox News

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison exploded during a live interview with Sean Hannity on Tuesday, calling the Fox News host the "worst excuse for a journalist ... Full story

Pakistan To Turn Place Osama bin Laden Was Killed Into $30 Million Amusement City

Pakistan is planning to build a $30 million amusement park with a zoo and adventure sports facilities in the town where Osama bin Laden was ... Full story

Arnold Schwarzenegger's nude photo for sale at $150,000

A Popular porn site has offered $150,000 for an intimate photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger having sex with an unknown female. Financial entrepreneur Jeremy Frommer purchased storage ... Full story

Fred Finn, World's Most Travelled Man - "Nigeria is Least Beautiful of My Destinations"

No-one has been around Planet Earth more than Fred Finn. With more than 15 million miles under his belt he is – and this is ... Full story

Cannibalism On Rise In North Korea Due To Food Shortage

Evidence of cannibalism is emerging from North Korea during a food shortage that may have killed 10,000 people last year. Reports from inside the secretive ... Full story

Justin Bieber gropes female fan's boobs

Justin Bieber was captured in this photo groping a female fan's chest as they posed for this picture together. This was at the launch of ... Full story

Piers Morgan faces radio host Alex Jones who wants him deported for expressing his opinion on gun control

Radio host Alex Jones wants CNN host Piers Morgan deported back to the UK for expressing his opinion -- a first amendment right -- on ... Full story

Syria’s Internet Service Reportedly Shut Down

Internet service throughout Syria apparently went down on November 29.The country, embroiled in a civil war, dropped offline at 10:26 a.m. UTC (12:26 p.m. local ... Full story

Number of BBC's Jimmy Savile victims soars to 300

THE number of alleged victims of Jimmy Savile soared to 300 today, with police probing the scandal calling it a "watershed" moment in child abuse ... Full story

Teacher fired after former student bragged on Twitter and posted nude photos she sent him

A substitute teacher has been fired after a former student bragged on Twitter and claimed he had sex with her while he was still in ... Full story

Mitt Romney’s garbageman stars in new attack ad - Video

A labor union that supports President Barack Obama's re-election campaign has released an attack ad that features a sanitation worker collecting trash outside Mitt Romney's ... Full story

France to close 20 Embassies in fear of Prophet Mohammed naked cartoon backlash

France announced Wednesday it will close 20 embassies across the Muslim world on Friday after French weekly Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed ... Full story

Christopher Stevens, U.S. ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi attack

The U.S. ambassador to Libya and three embassy staff were killed as they rushed away from a consulate building in Benghazi, stormed by al Qaeda-linked ... Full story

Pastor T.D Jakes’ Daughter, Sarah Henson Ends Her Marriage After 4 Years

T.D. Jakes' daughter Sarah Henson has decided to end her marriage to footballer, Robert Henson after  4 years.Sarah made the announcement on her website, writing:"I ... Full story

Baghdad Court Sentences Iraqi Deputy President To Death By Hanging

A Baghdad court sentenced Iraq’s fugitive Sunni vice president to death Sunday after finding him guilty of masterminding the killings of a lawyer and a ... Full story

Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon, dead at 82

Neil Armstrong, the astronaut who marked an epochal achievement in exploration with “one small step” from the Apollo 11 lunar module on July 20, 1969, ... Full story

Empire State Building shooting likely workplace dispute not terrorism

A man who opened fire on the crowded streets outside the Empire State Building, shooting indiscriminately and hitting multiple people, appears to have been motivated ... Full story

Saudi Arabia is to build city exclusively for women

Saudi Arabia is to build a women-only city as it struggles to combine Sharia law with career-minded females. The new city will be exclusively for women ... Full story

Prophetess Juanita Bynum confesses to sleeping with women in the past

The last time she was in the news was when she revealed she had been a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her ... Full story

Charles Shamblin Jr., arrested for molesting and impregnanting daughter

A 56-year-old man West Virginia man has been jailed after allegedly fathering three grandchildren with his daughter over a 13 year period. Police in Charleston, ... Full story

Colorado Denver shooting at Batman movie leaves 12 dead, many wounded

A masked gunman killed 12 people at a midnight showing of the new Batman movie in a suburb of Denver early on Friday, sparking pandemonium ... Full story

Indian Community Makes Falling In Love Under 40 Years An Offence

In a small Indian community, a new law has been introduced that makes falling in love under 40 an offense.The village council in Asara, located ... Full story

US Supreme Court Rules To Uphold OBAMACARE

The Supreme Court, in a landmark ruling Thursday, upheld the individual insurance requirement at the heart of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. Pro-life activists, led ... Full story

Rodney King, 47, whose beating by Los Angeles police in 1991 sparked riots, found dead at bottom of pool 'after drink and drugs binge'

Rodney King, whose beating by Los Angeles police in 1991 was caught on camera and sparked riots after the acquittal of the four officers involved, ... Full story

White House to halt 800,000 young illegal immigrants being deported

The White House will halt the deportation of as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants and in some cases give them work permits, in a ... Full story

Are women in India taking skin whitening too far?

For centuries Indian women have been raised to believe that fairness is beauty, and this has given rise to a vast and ever-growing skin-whitening industry ... Full story

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