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Kylie Jenner’s HIV Fear After Charlie Sheen And Boyfriend Tyga Linked To Same Transgender Porn Star

The teen, who briefly split from Tyga last week, is said to be very worried about the situation Kylie Jenner is “freaking out” after it emerged ... Full story

Hillary Clinton Trails EVERY Top-Tier Republican In National Poll As Marco Rubio Leads Her By 8 Points – And Even Chris Christie Could Edge Her In A General Election

PRIMARY: TRUMP 28 / CARSON 18 / CRUZ 14 / RUBIO 14 / BUSH 5  Marco Rubio has the biggest lead over Hillary in a hypothetical ... Full story

Mali Hotel Attack: American Mum Named Among Victims

Anita Datar leaves behind a young son after she was mercilessly murdered by twisted Islamists An American mother has been named among the victims of yesterday's ... Full story

ISIS Threatens New York Terror Attack Following Paris Siege (Video)

The clip shows a would-be terrorist assembling a suicide bomb before strapping it to his waist mixed with scenes of Manhattan streets A new ISIS video ... Full story

Barack Obama Heads For Showdown Over Syrian Refugees

President Barack Obama would veto a Republican bill introduced in the wake of the Paris attacks to toughen the screening process for Syrian refugees, the ...

Floyd Mayweather Gifts Son, Koraun New Mercedes Car For 16th Birthday (Photos)

Superstar undefeated champion, Floyd Mayweather splashes 30,000 pounds on Mercedes Benz car for son, Koraun’s 16th birthday. 38-year-old undefeated champion, Floyd Mayweather has put his money ... Full story

Charlie Sheen Confirms He's HIV Positive, Says He Has Paid 'MILLIONS' To Silence Blackmailers

"I'm here to admit that I am HIV-positive," Sheen said. "And I have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks, subtruths, ... Full story

Justin Bieber Prays For The People Of Paris During Live Concert (Video)

He has vowed to change his ways after living what have arguably been the most tumultuous few years of his life.  And it looks Justin Bieber's ... Full story

Chrissy Teigen Proudly Flaunts Growing Baby Bump In Stunning Selfie

Expectant mother Chrissy Teigen has been proudly showing off her growing baby bump. The model, who announced she was expecting her first child with hubby John ... Full story

Women Wanted For S3exual Abuse Forcibly Twerking Against Man In Convenience Store

Police are hunting two women on suspicion of sexual abuse after they were caught on camera forcibly twerking against an unsuspecting man in a shop. CCTV ... Full story

Man Kills Wife And Posts Photo Of Her Dead Body On Facebook

A man has left his Facebook friends utterly bewildered when he posted the image of his wife's dead body, claiming he was her killer and ... Full story

Live Tapeworm Pulled From California Man's Brain (Photo)

A California man is recovering after he had a live tapeworm removed from his brain during emergency surgery. Luis Ortiz was admitted to a hospital in ... Full story

Kendall Jenner Flashes Nipple On Instagram (Photo)

So, this must be what 20 is like for Kendall Jenner. The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star, who celebrated her birthday earlier this week, ... Full story

American Man Flees To Canada For Asylum Because He Thinks US Police Will Kill Him

An American citizen, 30 year old Kyle Canty, has applied for asylum in Canada after claiming he fears the police in the U.S will kill ... Full story

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Open Up About Their Marriage, Her Health

In a rare and very candid interview, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt opened up about their marriage, Jolie's health and their new movie together, By ... Full story

What A Miracle: Lamar Odom Is Off Dialysis And Out Of The ICU

Lamar Odom is a fighter, and his recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. The two-time NBA champion appears to be winning the most ... Full story

Police Officer Who Assaulted Student At Spring Valley High School Fired

Deputy Officer Ben Fields, who assaulted a girl dragging her from her seat to the floor in a classroom at Spring Valley High School in ... Full story

Farrah Abraham Forced To Have 3rd Boob Job To Ease “Burning And Pain”

The former Celebrity Big Brother star went under the knife to take her up to an 800CC In a move that’s giving Katie Price a run ... Full story

Floyd Mayweather Flaunts His Newly Acquired $3.5M 2015 Bugatti

Floyd Mayweather showed off his new 2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, he said it cost him $3,498,000.   ... Full story

Justin Bieber Offered $1 Million To Endorse Dildo

After the recent exposure of Justin Bieber's eggplant to the entire world, Clone-A-Willy, a do-it-yourself dildo-maker, says it has offered him $1 million to advertise ... Full story

Nicki Minaj Meets Meek Mill's Grandmother (Photo)

Nicki Minaj got to meet her beau's Grandma. Nicki Minaj said she was enamoured by her. You can see the resemblance between Meek and his ... Full story

Michael Jackson's Doctor Arnold Klein Dies Following Fall From Grace

The dermatologist - known as the father of Botox - became wrapped up in a number of high profile scandals after Michael's deat Michael Jackson's doctor ... Full story

I Saved His Life’ After He Passed Out At Love Ranch Lamar Odom Hooker Defends Herself

One of the hookers who found Lamar Odom unconscious has broken her silence. Monica Monroe, who works at the Love Ranch brothel, insists that not ... Full story

Chai! Lady Gaga Exposes Underwear (Photos)

 The award winning singer suffered wardrobe malfunction and showed too much revealing her underwear at a public appearance.   However, ever the professional, she didn't pay any ... Full story

Unbelievable! Incredible Transgender Transformation Of An Ex-Soldier (Photos)

The incredible transgender transformation of a former United States soldier will shock you as she sheds his huge weight and beards to become a slim, ... Full story

Armed Robbers Kills Man Just A Week After Flaunting $60,000 Cash On Facebook (Photos)

It was meant to be a joke but it cost Tony Harris his life last week after he posted a picture on Facebook of his ... Full story

Amazing! World's Fattest Woman Heavier Than Small Car Reveals New Body After Shedding 36 Stone (Video)

A woman who used to weigh half a TONNE - more than a small car - has ditched the flab and lost an incredible 36 ... Full story

Hillary Clinton Attacks Rival Bernie Sanders On Gun Laws

Hillary Clinton has attacked her main rival Bernie Sanders over US gun laws at the Democratic presidential debate. When asked if the Vermont senator was strong ... Full story

Emilia Clarke, The 'Sexiest Woman Alive' (Pics)

Esquire magazine has unveiled its most sexy woman of the year and it is Emilia Clarke  Emilia Clarke is a 28-year-old Londoner, who played a role ... Full story

Former Vice President Sambo Recuperating From Surgery In US

Nigeria’s immediate past Vice President, Namadi Sambo, is recuperating in the United States after undergoing a complex surgery to save his leg from amputation.  A source ... Full story

Kourtney Kardashian's Daughter Penelope Gets Hit In The Face By Car Door (Photos)

Penelope Disick is just the cutest and we really felt for her when she got SLAMMED in the face with a car door by accident. The ... Full story

Topless And Unclad Women Take Over Times Square In New York (Photos)

New York Times Square topless ladies say they will refuse to leave despite city officials desires to confine performers to 'activity zones'.  A growing legion of ... Full story

Iggy Azalea Shows Off Her Asset (Photos)

OMG! You will surely drool at photos of Iggy Azalea's inviting backside    Pretty female Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea shows off her inviting asset in these pictures. ... Full story

Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Fap-Inducing Figure Backstage At SNL

In the spirit of redundancy, Nicki Minaj performed on SNL with The Weeknd…this weekend. Before taking the stage, Meek Mill’s husband girlfriend took a nice handful ... Full story

Heavily Tattooed Convict Charged With Raping Fiancée's 12 Year Old Daughter

A heavily tattooed convict has been charged with raping his fiancée's 12-year-old daughter as he babysat while out on parole, it was reported. Shalin Ren Payne, ... Full story

Kidnapped Girl Dive From Moving Car To Escape Her Captors (Video)

This is the terrifying moment a teenage kidnap victim dives out of a moving car in a bid to escape her captors. The startling footage shows ... Full story

U.S Rapper Makes A Selfie Video Few Seconds After He Was Shot In The Head (Watch)

An american rapper has shocked the world by posting on social media a selfie video just few seconds after he was shot in the head ... Full story

Read Inspiring Story Of Athlete And Model Born Without Legs (Video)

The true and unbelievable story of a model doing incredible things even though born without legs. You can't miss this inspiring story...  "No legs, no limits."   That's ... Full story

Justin Bieber Caught On Camera Strolling Around Completely Naked (Photos)

Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber, is not shy about letting the whole world see him in his birthday suit as he was recently pictured walking ... Full story

Horrible! Evil Son Murders Mum Then Cuts Her Heart Out

An evil son murdered his mother and cut her heart out after an argument. Omar Pettigen reportedly told police he murdered his mum, Nailah Pettigen, and ... Full story

Revealed! Hidden Fact About Kim Kardashian Will Shock You

Do you think you know everything about Kim Kardashian? Then, read this.  I Bet You Don't Know This About Kim Kardashian...     Kim Kardashian and TJ as teenagers   Did ... Full story

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