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Look Perfect And Trendy With These Senator Style Clothes

Look Perfect And Trendy With These Senator Style Clothes Look Perfect And Trendy With These Senator Style Clothes

At the first glance people are always judged by their looks, so if you want to make a pleasant first impression, you need to look stylish, smart and well put together. Senator style will help you achieve just that, with minimum amount of discomfort and maximum space for you to adjust it to your taste. Here are a few examples, which will help you understand more about it and pick up something on your own.

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To create a dashing senator look, all you need is a shirt, pants and additional accessories. Although it seems too simple, there are some details to the style, that you wouldn’t want to miss. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Shirt

Senator style takes most of its inspiration from the traditional Igbo clothes. That’s why the shirt, used in it, is very similar to the Chieftancy – Igbo clothing, worn by men on special occasions. It is long and has some similarities in ornaments, that are being used. But there are some differences too, as Chieftancy usually looks loose, while senator shirt should fit your figure and stay on you pretty tight.


Senator shirts, as well as other parts of the clothing, are usually made in darker shades, often used colors are grey, dark red and blue, and pure black. However, you can try wearing lighter and warmer colors, as long as they are not too bright.

Senator style clothes

Another important part of the senator styled clothing is the ornament. It has traditional motifs, but which are often made in a minimalistic manner. This way the outfit gets some kind of originality and identity, while still being smart and classy.

Senator style clothes

Instead of classic long-sleeve, you can use a T-shirt for a more casual, but still elegant and stylish look.

Senator style clothes

2. Pants

The bottom part of your senator outfit is less important. It is partially covered by the shirt, so your pants just need to match in color with it. As well as the top, pants are usually made with simple textile fabric, so the outfit isn’t too expensive and can be worn not only for weddings and other special occasions, but also in your everyday life.

Senator style clothes

3. Accessories

As mentioned earlier, senator style was inspired by Igbo traditional clothing and accessories play the major part in Igbo outfits. That’s why senator suits are often completed by a hat, either traditional fez-like or classic fedora and beads. Canes work great with senator style too.

Senator style clothes
Senator style clothes

4. Variations for women

In recent years women have started to use men’s styles of clothing more and more. Senator style looks especially great, as it doesn’t lose its elegance and makes for a great outfit for business women.

Senator style clothes

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