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Oluyemisi Adebayo, New York Nurse Arrested For Murdering Baby

Oluyemisi Adebayo, New York Nurse Arrested For Murdering Baby Oluyemisi Adebayo (left) andNaomi Mondesire (right)

A nurse accused of murdering the developmentally disabled toddler in her care was arrested Wednesday just as she was about to board a flight to Africa, reports CBS New York.

Investigators said 23-month-old Naomi Mondesire died Monday of "thermal related injuries," after Oluyemisi Adebayo, 54, allegedly placed her inside a bathtub with scalding hot water last week.

Prosecutors said Adebayo had been hired to take care of Naomi in her family's home in Queens.

Adebayo said she prepared a bath for Naomi on Tuesday, April 21, and that she tested the temperature of the hot water with her own hand before putting Naomi in the tub, prosecutors said.

Adebayo allegedly claimed she only noticed skin falling off Naomi's legs after she took the girl out of the tub, prosecutors said.

But NYPD Crime Scene Unit detectives reportedly determined that the water from the tub spigot reached 130 degrees, and it took about two minutes to reach the maximum temperature, prosecutors said.

The station reports that prosecutors said the injuries suffered by Naomi were consistent with her being submerged up to her waist in 130-degree water for about 30 seconds, and that medical personnel said Adebayo's account did not at all match up to the injuries observed.

"She claimed it was a mistake. She claimed she checked the water. It's impossible," the child's father, Corey Brock, said. "If she had checked the water, she would have been burnt also."

Adebayo could face 25 years to life in prison if convicted, prosecutors said.

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