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APC Chieftain Speaks Tough: President Buhari?s Government Is Filled With Thieves

APC Chieftain Speaks Tough: President Buhari?s Government Is Filled With Thieves President Buhari?s Government Is Filled With Thieves

Buba Galadima, a member of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), has hinted that President Muhammadu Buhari is surrounded by thieves.

In a recent interview with the Nigerian Tribune, the close ally to Buhari said Nigeria is drifting politically and economically. According to Galadima, Nigeria is either on a reverse gear, or a standstill. He said: “In all human endeavours, there is no development.

A lot of money was pumped into the economy and one is not seeing the impact of the money that was put into the economy. The reason is simple, the government of change has not changed the personnel of those they call names every day. They only decide they are giving money and they pay themselves because nobody has checked or cross checked or investigated what commitment the previous government held.

People are just stealing left, right and centre because their initial fear that when this government comes in they would be chased is no more there. So, it is business as usual in everything.” Galadima went on to speak about the appointed members of Buhari’s cabinet, saying: “How many were appointed? Ministers were appointed nine months after election and the ministers were forced to work with those they inherited in the system.

People who call the shots for 16 years still call the shots. So, how do you expect the government to move forward? Talk to any of the ministers individually and hear them talk.” He further stressed that “the prerogative of the president to appoint whosoever he wishes to help him deliver on his promises.

Those appointed were accused severally of being outsiders. The reason that most of the people that were appointed, were appointed was because they knew one person or the other; they are linked. They were brought in by one person or the other and that the president does not even know those he appointed and gave public trust.  his was variously canvassed by Dr Junaid [Muhammed], Dr Usman Bugage, Senator [Saidu] Dansadau and above all, the president’s own wife and all these four people cannot be wrong.” Speaking on rejigging the cabinet, Galadima said he had a different opinion about reshuffling.

He said: What the president needs to do is to make sure that he gives directives and blueprint to whosoever he appoints as minister or head of parastatal and let him deliver on those blueprints.

This has not been done because there aren’t people of experience and knowledge around the president, to assist him develop such blueprint. So, even if he appoints whosoever, no matter how much of an expert he is, if there is no blueprint, if he doesn’t know the thinking of the president, if he doesn’t know what the president wants to achieve, it will come back to the same thing.

However, whether the president rejiggs the cabinet or he doesn’t, the buck stops on his table. That is why I keep saying that the president does not need to appoint people because they are brought in by people close to him.

He needs to appoint people that can help him deliver on his promises, people of impeccable character, a woman or man of substance, knowledge that can help the president deliver on his promises. For now, everybody is just waiting for what the president has to say. So, there is no motion in the country. This is why everybody is complaining and some people holding critical offices receive quarterly allocations and just pocket them.

There is nothing positive anybody is seeing around him or her, no impact of development, money is not in circulation. When people claim that they have done or achieved 70 per cent budget implementation, then you ask, what have you seen that is that new since this government came to be? They are only paying salary, pocketing recurrent expenditure. Roads have collapsed; infrastructure is decaying. We shouldn’t be accusing PDP when we ourselves have not shown visible efforts to better the lives of the people.”



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APC Chieftain Speaks Tough: President Buhari?s Government Is Filled With Thieves
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