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So Wonderful: Onitsha Mad Woman Becomes Choir Mistress After 35 Years Of Insanity


A woman who has been known over time to have roamed the streets in fits of insanity has miraculously made a recovery. 

The woman simply identified as Sister Chioma, is a 46-year old mad woman who had roamed the streets for 35 years insane and who has become a chorister shortly after she was delivered from the bondage of marine spirits who tormented for the whole period.

According to Vanguard, Sister Chioma who hails from Ntigha in Ngwa area of Abia State, she automatically regained her consciousness as the evil spirits tormenting her fled during an encounter with  Prophet Onyeka Chibuzo (Agina) of the  Church of Last Born (a.k.a the Anointed Assembly).

The miracle leading to her deliverance reportedly took place on March 11, 2016 at the premises of Onitsha Main Market where Prophet Onyeka and members of his church went to hold outreach prayers for the traders. 

On how the feat was achieved, Vanguard reports that while the Prophet was firing his prayers during the outreach, Chioma passed through the arena and when he saw her in tattered clothes, God said to him  that the hour of miracle had come.

According to Prophet Onyeka who spoke in his church at Oraifite, Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State,  during a special dedication service  where Chioma is presently worshiping, 

“I held Chioma by the hand as she was passing by and she shouted, ‘’hapu m!” (which means leave me alone!) and I immediately ordered her to bow down”.

“Initially, she disobeyed me by repeating the command after me to also bow down but  I knew I was not fighting with Sister Chioma, but the evil spirit that was tormenting her. It was, however, at the sixth command that she fell down and immediately realized that she was almost naked. 

“Sympathizers who were around and listening to my preaching, on humanitarian ground started donating clothes to her and among them, two women who had pity on her, took her to a secluded corner, cleaned her up and shaved her dreaded hair”, Prophet Onyeka stated.

He disclosed that God made a startling revelation to him during the prayer session that Chioma’s case was exceptional it was marine spirit which was spearheaded by occult men who were  desperate in amassing wealth through occultic and ritual practices that were responsible for her madness.

Narrating her ordeal from grass to grace, sister Chioma who is now a strong member and chorister at the church said she didn’t know how she became mad nor what actually brought her to Onitsha.

According to her: “all I knew was that my parents were dead long time ago before my madness started. My late parent had only two of us in the family, my sister, Nkechi and I but Nkechi was married before my sanity began”.

Chioma also recalled that she worked as a labourer in peoples’ farms, a job she did to earn her living before she finally became insane. She said she did not know who or what was responsible for her past ugly condition which she must have passed through in the last 35 years, adding that she was told  by a witness who could be in her late thirties that she (witness) was only seven years old when she (Chioma) became mad.

Chioma who is now a melodious singer, singing beautiful gospel songs during their Church services, thanked God for driving away the marine spirits that tormented her and for saving her from the hands of the cultists/ritualists that tended to use her for money spinning rituals, adding that many peoples’ lives had been ruined in this manner by the so-called ritualists and cultists who are being used by the Satan and his agents to kill and destroy the children of God.

Two women who witnessed the miraculous work, Evangelist Rose Nwachukwu and Mrs Ada Jesus confessed to have known Chioma for years as she usually passed along major streets of Onitsha and Onitsha main market, where they transact their businesses.