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Meet the 50-year-old Lady Who Says She’s Never Had S**


A 50-year-old woman, is currently, after she shocked audience and viewers after she revealed on Wendy Williams’ show that she’s never had sex.

The lady, Yvette from Hopkinsville Kentucky stood to ask a question during the Ask Wendy segment of the show and her revelation left everyone gobsmacked.

She revealed that she’s 50 years, still a virgin, never gone past kissing, never used a sex toy, and she’s not in a relationship at the moment.

She said she grew up in a Christian home and believes in waiting till marriage, however, she’s yet to meet the right one.

She told Wendy she wanted to know the best reply to give to people who tell her she’s abnormal for that.

But the look on Wendy’s face showed that even Wendy thought the woman was abnormal. Wendy was speechless for a long while but Yvette was unperturbed and kept smiling through it all.

Eventually, the 53-year-old host told her that she didn’t have to tell people that she’s still a virgin, that way, she’ll avoid all the shocking stares and comments.