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Why are the books of Chinua Achebe so important for Africa?

Stories from Chinua Achebe books still remain relevant and in demand despite the fact that this genius author is no longer with us. The high significance of his work was recently celebrated by the corporation, Google. Their Internet application Google Doodle emphasized Chinua Achebe status as one of the most important literary figures of the last century.

Chinua Achebe

Google experts created an image of the 87-year-old African writer. It is a great honor to be among the persons who have captured the attention of the search engine giant. Now the whole world is able to learn about the father of contemporary African literature.

  • This talented person authored dozens of poetic books, essays, and novels.
  • His passed on in 2013. At that time, the writer was 82 years old.
  • He was awarded many honorable international prizes such as Man Booker.
Chinua Achebe books are very important for Africa

Features of Chinua Achebe's works

Chinua Achebe's books were written in the post-colonial years. This was a particularly important period for Nigeria because before that the ancestors, for many years, had been under the control of foreigners. In the last century, Nigeria received political independence and was able to breathe the delightful air of freedom.

Achebe has acted as the spokesman of some sort for the determination of patriotic citizens who do not wish to build their lives on the basis of the European customs and stereotypes.

Books written by Chinua Achebe can be considered truly African. It concerns our characters, atmosphere, and style of thinking. These stories are completely independent of European influence and are intended for the indigenous population. This explains their wide popularity.

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Why are Chinua Achebe books so important for Africa?

Achebe purposely inspired an opposition to the spread of European literature in Africa. He believed that Africans should not serve the foreign ideology that was instilled through the literary characters and situations typical to the Europeans.

In his words, Joseph Conrad was a bloody racist. The features of his character are clearly seen from the novel "Heart of Darkness." According to the story, a researcher who arrived in Africa from Europe sees the continent as an incomprehensible and dangerous place. Achebe called this work completely deplorable.

In European books, Africans perform limited, one-sided roles. Characters are not described in sufficient detail. The authors do not bother to reveal the depth of their souls. Typically, they were given small and insignificant places. Achebe, on the contrary, gave African characters more attention, invented many-sided personalities who seemed to be real people.

C. Achebe

What is the most prominent work of Chinua Achebe?

The most famous creation among books by Chinua Achebe is called “Things Fall Apart”. This is one of the main works in the school curriculum. The story tells us about a proud village leader named Okonkwo. The reader will learn about the complex traditions of the Igbo tribe. This ethnic group is one of the most dominant in Nigeria. It has unique peculiarities of language and culture.

The literature work describes the change in the life of Okonkwo and his tribe after the appearance of European missionaries on their native land.

The final paragraph hints at how foreign visitors destroyed the cultural heritage of African peoples believing them to be wild and primitive. Considering the thoughts of the colonial leader, we see that the Europeans did not have any respect for the culture and customs of the true masters of the African land.

Chinua Achebe books

We strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with the literary works of this author. Nothing can raise in the soul of a Nigerian more than the patriotism and love for his homeland. Love your country, remember its past, and respect the ancestors!

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