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O jewa ke eng meaning, explanation and usage

January 2019 was an explosive month for social media trends. Hands down, the #10YearChallenge was the most popular across the world. After that, it is now o jewa ke eng. It is a phrase in the Sesotho language that has taken the internet by storm. As a result, many people have been searching for the o jewa ke eng meaning, and here it is.

O jewa ke eng meaning and translation

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Just to bring you up to speed, Sesotho is the national language of Lesotho and is also spoken in Zimbabwe. Additionally, it is the primary language of the Sotho-Tswana group in South Africa. Although o jewa ke eng is a phrase in this Southern Africa language which was first tweeted by Keabetswe, it has become popular in other African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. Many social media users have contributed to this trend without knowing the meaning behind it. Let us break it down.

What does o jewa ke eng mean?

Let us break this question into two parts. In the first part, we will explain the straightforward o jewa ke eng meaning in English. The second part will dive deep and dissect this phenomenal phrase.

The most straightforward explanation for this phrase is 'what is bothering you'. You can also loosely translate it as 'what is it that is eating you up?'

Now, let us explore what the phrase really means. The deep meaning of o jewa ke eng is, what is it that is bothering your spirit or what is disturbing your soul — something like a deep pain inside of you that you want to let out. Doing a direct o jewa ke eng translate to English will mislead you because it will lose the meaning during the translation.

O jewa ke eng meaning

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How to use the phrase

There are no rules to follow when using the phrase. It is all about sharing what has been bothering you for a long time, and you have nobody to talk to about the issue. However, the trend of using these words has taken various adaptations.

Users have come up with creative categories for o jewa ke eng to let others share related issues. Some of the versions and editions include the following. You can click on each to view the entire conversations.

1. Relationship and s3x

In this category, users can share the experiences that bother them right now or bothered them in the past.

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