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Everything you need to know about the lovely model Tabria Majors

The idea of “perfect” models with an hourglass figure has drastically changed over time. Today, society has embraced all types of models regardless of their body features. Among the major changes in the modelling world is the embrace of the curvy ladies who go by the name of plus-size models. One of the most iconic plus-size models in America is the beauty Tabria Majors. She is taking the modelling world by storm and continues to book gig after gig. Her photogenic character and esteemed beauty are some of the factors that seem to be propelling her modelling career to the limelight.

Model Tabria Majors

Image: instagram.com, @tabriamajors
Source: Instagram

In this article, you will get to acquire a deeper understanding of the gorgeous model Tabria Majors. You will gain knowledge regarding her age, height, measurements, and finally, have a glance at some of the hot photos Tabria has taken in her modelling career.

Tabria Majors profile summary

  • Nationality: American
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Spouse: Not disclosed
  • Profession: Model
  • Born in: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Net worth: Not disclosed
  • Weight: 218 pounds

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Who is Tabria Majors?

Tabria Majors is one of the most exquisite plus-size models in America. Her confidence has made her female fans to connect with her more, given that she tends to empower women to be comfortable in their skin and body size. Tabria is one of the models who has played a great role in fighting body shaming. She has managed to accumulate over one million followers on Instagram within a short time frame. This amazing track is a clear indication that Majors is looking to dominate the modelling world in the future.

Tabria Majors attended the University of Memphis. She enrolled as a major biology student but seemed to have a change of heart during her junior year. Therefore, she decided to change her course and become a music business and piano performance major. However, her fate immediately took a turn when she abruptly ventured into the modelling world. The intriguing fact is that she never saw modelling as her career direction.

Unlike most American models that seem to have known right from their young ages that they wanted to be models, this was not the case with Tabria. She acknowledges that in high school and the early years of college, she struggled with confidence, an aspect that is very pivotal in the modelling world. Therefore, a modelling career was not what she was looking for. In fact, she used to work as a production assistant in Los Angeles.

Tabria Majors bio and modelling career

Given the photogenic nature of this good-looking model, it comes as no surprise that there was always someone watching. In 2014, an agent working with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Magazine took note of her beautiful shots and decided to approach her. This move by the agent was productive since, in 2015, Tabria Majors decided to give modelling a shot. She emerged first in the casting call of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Magazine and was featured in the magazine.

Tabria Majors wearing a swimsuit

Image: instagram.com, @tabriamajors
Source: Instagram

After being identified by the agent, Majors spent quality time focusing on getting and posting amazing shots for her social media accounts. The young lady acknowledges that this move has played a huge factor in her landing modelling jobs both in the West Coast and New York. She is also a finalist in the #SISwimSearch for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2019. Thanks to the move taken by this agent, we can now enjoy the breathtaking photos of the inspiring plus-size model.

How old is Tabria Majors?

Tabria Majors age is one of the major searches on the internet by fans who cannot seem to get enough of this attractive model. Tabria was born on the 19th of March in 1990 in Nashville, Tennessee. So, she turned 29 this March. This young model is already doing marvellous and outstanding things in the modelling industry. She has landed modelling gigs with famous swim line wears and fashion brands at this young age. This has only left fans anticipating Majors to work with more fashion brands in the coming years.

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Tabria Majors height and weight

It is no secret that Tabria is well contoured and has one of the unique figures in the modelling industry. She tends to mention her weight in some of the videos, just to motivate females who may be looking to boost their confidence, increase, or even decrease weight. In 2017, this hot model was not afraid to tell her fans that she weighed 218 pounds. However, as of 2019, Tabria Majors weight is not known. There are no confirmations from the young model in regards to either her height or weight. However, the fact is Tabria has a magnificent physique.

Tabria Majors weight

Image: instagram.com, @tabriamajors
Source: Instagram

Tabria Majors measurements

Fans tend to be quite inquisitive and curious about the measurements of this cute model. They often want to know her measurements such as the waist size, the hips size, the bust size, or simply the regular sleeve size. Given that she plays a huge role in motivating women to either increase or decrease their weight, you would expect she would disclose this information to her fans. However, all these measurements have not been disclosed by Majors.

Tabria Majors hot pictures

Majors is the kind of a girl who walks into a room and immediately captures the eye of each person in the room due to her alluring and angelic features. If one were to scale her beauty on a scale of one to ten, Tabria would definitely range on a straight 10. Although most curvy girls tend to shy away from showing their curvaceous body, Tabria does not. She is incredibly gorgeous and does not shy flaunting her beauty to her fans online.

From her Instagram account posts, Tabria is seen taking hot photos in sexy lingerie, cute Halloween costumes, and in beautiful outfits. She has posted at least 613 posts on her Instagram account. Tabria knows her body, and it is shown in the shots she takes since she knows how to perfectly manipulate her body in order to get that amazing shot. She has even managed to mimic some of the most iconic poses of world-known celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. The results are amazing, and fans cannot help but admire her flawless beauty and striking figure.

Tabria Majors

Image: instagram.com, @tabriamajors
Source: Instagram

Distinct character traits of Tabria Majors

Tabria is well known due to the inspiration she spreads on to most of her female fans. Given that she struggled with confidence at some point in her life, she understands the insecurities of most of her female fans. Therefore, she does not shy away from motivating women to do what makes them feel secure. Additionally, this pretty model can play the piano. Given that she took piano lessons at the University of Memphis, it is evident that she loves playing the instrument. However, she admitted having slackened in playing it and has decided to buy a piano for her place in LA.

With over one million followers on her Instagram account and at least 600 posts, it is evident that this model is just on the rising. Given that she was discovered on Instagram and is using the same platform to help women fight their insecurities, it is incontestable that this is a sensational model in the making. The major deals she is landing with various fashion brands seem to be moulding her for the better. It is, therefore, safe to say that modelling companies and fashion brands should be on the lookout for Tabria Majors.

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