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Who is a pluviophile? How to know if you are one

How can you tell that you are a pluviophile? People have different preferences, tastes, wants, and needs. It is this uniqueness that makes life enjoyable. While some people love the presence of sunshine, others feel good and productive during rainy seasons.

Pluviophile define

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Is pluviophile a real word? There are many signs to prove that you love rainfall and that nothing can stop you from cherishing the moment during downpours.

Pluviophile definition

What is a pluviophile? The term refers to any person who derives joy and inner satisfaction from the smells and sounds that are associated with rain. It is a combination of two Latin words: 'pluvia,' which means rain and 'phile,' a slang word used to describe a lover of something.

Pluviophiles find comfort and peace when they hear the sound of raindrops on the roof and they find the scent of moist soil to be aromatic. It is also common to see children playing in the rain, but this hobby gradually fades away as they grow up. Some people even find it comfortable and relaxing to play outside when it is raining in their youth or adulthood. Are you a pluviophile? Is it good or bad?

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Top things that define pluviophile

After knowing pluviophile meaning, you should also understand what such people like doing, which distinguish them from those who hate rainfall. What do you feel when it is raining? Here are ten signs to know that you are a pluviophile.

1. You love to play or walk in the rain

Many people will hastily look for an umbrella or find some shelter when it is raining. However, for you, it is an exciting moment that you would not like to miss.

You enjoy playing in the rain without caring about your hair or clothes. It makes you feel free from all your worries, troubles, and fears because all that matters is that moment.

What is a pluviophile

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2. You feel cheerful and enthusiastic when it is raining

Some people may feel bored or disgusted when it is raining, but for you, it is a moment of positive feelings and excitement that you can hardly avoid. You find it comforting and also enjoy relaxing at home during the downpour.

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3. You love the smell during and after rainfall

Do you like the smell in the air during or after a downpour? Some people love the rain for many reasons, including the scent that comes during or after rainfall.

You enjoy sniffing petrichor - the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. To you, it is like breathing fresh air. Some people also like filling up a container with humid soil after rainfall and smell it all day.


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4. You love watching raindrops falling from your window

What do your friends do when it is raining? For you, there is nothing more satisfying than watching the rain falling from your window.

Spending time staring at raindrops as they fall from the sky and land on the ground through the window is a beautiful experience. It fills you with fresh memories and nostalgia.

Watching the beautiful dark clouds during rainfall, seeing children playing, and other people running for shelter are some of the fantastic scenic beauties you enjoy through your window.

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5. You love the sound of the rain

Does the sound of rain falling on metal rooftops, trees, and leaves relax you? If you are a pluviophile, then you will feel a sense of calm and serenity by hearing the sound of the rain.

Some people even find it a suitable lullaby that helps them fall asleep. Whether it is light and soft or fast and hard, the sound is just so relaxing and pleasant to listen to.

Pluviophile meaning

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6. You record visual rainy moments

Your love for rainfall transcends beyond just watching the scenic beauty. You like to keep the memories with you by recording a video of the moment as the raindrops fall and land on various surfaces. You also enjoy taking amazing pictures through creativity and timing.

7. You own numerous rain outfits

If you own multiple rain outfits, including umbrellas, special rainy boots, colorful raincoats, among many more, then that probably shows that you are ready for the magical moments that come with rainfall.

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Pluviophile define

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8. You are a shower addict

Since it does not rain every day, you may turn to your shower to satisfy your desire. The feeling you get when water touches your skin and hits your face gives you happiness, and you spend more time in the bathroom. Taking many showers in a day is not a problem for you.

9. You love drawing on misty surfaces

Drawing on wet surfaces like cars and windows gives you satisfaction. You feel magical and creative by scribbling masterpieces on misty surfaces. Drawing lines, shapes, people, animals, objects, or even writing your name on a wet window surface gives you joy.

10. You listen to specific songs during rainy days

Having a dedicated playlist with favorite songs for a rainy day makes you feel and happy. You also like reading your best books or watching movies with your family or friends when it is raining.

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Being a pluviophile is an amazing thing since the presence of rain gives a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

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