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COVID-19: 7 Ways a family can enjoy stay-home order

It is not easy staying at home especially when we are not doing so on our own free will. It is obvious that the pandemic has forced the government of most countries to enforce a stay at home order.

The stay at home instruction is telling on us, this is due to the fact that a greater part of our life has been spent outside our home. In other words, the search for greener pasture, extra cash and so on have prevented us from staying at home, even when sometimes we yell for it.

Some of us before the pandemic spends only night and weekend at home and not even most of the weekends.

Most people have totally forgotten how to make their home interesting and are really finding the stay at home order very difficult to adapt to. To ensure you and your family enjoy this stay at home.


Exercise is an aged long activity carried out by several people in society since time immemorial. In fact, it is near impossible to trace the history nor origin of exercise. During this stay at home, exercising is of the essence as it has a lot of health benefit.

Exercise even gets more interesting when you exercise with people, now imagine exercising with not just people (strangers), but with people you love, by this I mean family. Certainly, boredom will be a thing of the past when you engage in a daily routine exercise with families during this period.

2. Share Cultural Values/Family goals

Some of us have forgotten or do not know our cultural values, this is not totally a bad thing at all. It is very important that we get to know more about our cultural values. The good thing is, unlike the perception people have about their culture that it is boring, the reverse seems to be the case as our culture is much more interesting than we think.

This stay at home is an appropriate time to enjoy learning your culture and its values. You will be amazed at how fun-filled and interesting it is learning about your cultural values. For those with kids, interest your kids with those great tales your father told you about your culture. You will be amazed at how interesting your family will find stay at home to be.

3. Cooking

Most of us have probably forgotten the feelings of staying in the kitchen, most especially those who enjoy cooking but barely have time for it, due to so many engagements. This is one of the best times to enjoy those cooking moments. It gets more interesting when you are cooking with your spouse and family around you.

Stay at home will be interesting if you spend your time cooking and eating healthy.

4. Intimacy

This is the best part of staying home, you get to know more about your family, what they like and what they don’t. It is always interesting to get to know new things about your spouse and families. This can be achieved when you get to stay at home.

Ask questions, discuss what’s on each other’s mind, explore your body, make love and listen to music together. It makes your stay at home interesting and also builds stronger bonds among families.


Most of us due to our busy schedule, find it difficult to make out time for ourselves and family. These have made us totally forgotten the benefits of watching movies, with our loved ones. A time like this is one of the best periods to rejuvenate the spark in our family through watching movies.

There are lots of movies that are best for family and some of these movies can be educating as well as entertaining. Watching movies will not only make you enjoy your stay at home, but it will also help educate and create bonding among members of your families.


The benefits of reading cannot be overemphasized however, some of us normally see reading as, something done only by those in the academic discipline or students, and those who need to seat for an exam, this notion is wrong and untrue. Reading is a form of brain exercise which is highly recommended for all.

It is utmost significant that we develop our reading habits, as it will go a long way for families to stay at home comfortably, without feeling bored at all. Not only will reading clear boredom, but it will also help educate and inform, and for those of us that have kids, it will help a lot in building their vocabularies and mental capacity.

Staying at home will always be interesting if you read the right books. There are a whole lot of books by different writers, on several topics. You can always find the choice of books that suits you and make your stay at home, interesting.

7. Conversation/Interactions

Communication has been a major factor for a successful relationship, and a healthy relationship makes life interesting. for those of us who have communication gap among our family members, this is the best time to work on the communication and bring back that relationship.

Constant communication with our loved ones leads to a healthy conversation or interaction, which in turn builds our relationship and make, stay at home interesting.

Conversation also helps to build bonding between members of families and increases love in the family.

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