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10 Facts You Probably Never Knew About S3x (Must Read)

10 Facts You Probably Never Knew About S3x (Must Read) File Photo

There are many beneficial things revealed in this article many people do not know about sex. Sex serves many different purposes that can be of help to your body. 

Most people know the basics of having sex and some of the strange facts about our bodies during intercourse. But many won't know any of these crazy but completely true things about sex, so check them out and learn more about yourself.
1. Majority of women reach peak libido around ovulation
A survey completed by 115 women, aged 23 to 45 by the University of Virginia, found that women reported much more interest in sex and greater satisfaction from orgasm during their mid-cycle compared to pre-menstrually.
2. What do sneezes and orgasms have in common?
Sneezes, along with orgasms, are the only physiological responses that can't be controlled.
3. Like breasts, testes can also increase in size during sex
Many people know that breasts swell in size during intercourse but many people don't know that the testes also increase in size by 50 per cent.
The increase is because of vasocongestion, which causes the blood the flow and the vessels to dilate, causing the testicles to grow according to WebMd.
4. The clitoris contains twice as many nerve fibres as the penis
The clitoris is incredibly sensitive and contains and a whopping 8,000 nerve fibres compared to the penis which only has around 4,000.
5. Men release millions of sperm every time they ejaculate
According to Dr Hilary MacQueen of the Department of Life, Health, and Chemical services at the Open University, on average men release 80 to 300 million sperm each time they ejaculate.
6. Only 30 per cent of women orgasm from penetrative sex
According to sexpert Madeline Castellanos M.D., a massive 70 per cent of women require direct stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse in order to reach climax.
Men's nipples become erect too when they are aroused.
7. It is very common for men to get erect nipples when they're sexually aroused
This may come to a surprise to a few but it's not just women that experience erect nipples when they're sexually aroused. A massive 60 per cent of men experience nipple erection, this is because the muscles inside and underneath contract and the hormone oxytocin is released.
8. Masturbation can relieve depression
Often masturbation is frowned upon but two scientists at the University of Sydney have found that there are a number of health benefits to doing it.
The opinion piece by Anthony Santella, a public health scientist and his colleague Spring Chenoa Cooper a senior lecturer revealed that "masturbation also improves immune functioning by increasing cortisol levels. These can regulate immune functioning in small doses and reduce depression by increasing the amount of endorphins in the bloodstream."
White woman are reportedly more likely to have an orgasm than black women
9. White women are more likely to reach orgasm than black women
According to a study on Sexual Dysfunction in the USA, which used a sample of 1,749 women aged between 18-59, white women are more likely to experience pleasure than black women.
This is because black women tend to have higher rates of low sexual desire and therefore makes it more difficult for them to orgasm.
10. Some women can achieve orgasm through breast stimulation alone
Many reports have found that women can orgasm through breast and nipple stimulation and according to a study by Dr Herbert Otto, the nipple orgasm is actually very common.
Dr Otto claims that it's the second most common form of orgasm and of the 213 women who took part in the study, 29 per cent had experienced one.


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10 Facts You Probably Never Knew About S3x (Must Read)
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