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Meet The Woman Whose Legs Won't Stop Growing Due To Chronic Disorder

Meet The Woman Whose Legs Won't Stop Growing Due To Chronic Disorder Katia Page

A woman has found herself struggling as a result of her legs which won't stop growing. The bride-to-be is undergoing grueling treatment to decrease her 4ft-wide legs.

According to Dailymail, Katia Page, 36, suffers with Lipoedema - a chronic disorder that causes fatty tissue to accumulate in mass around the lower body.

Miss Page, from New Jersey, U.S., has started a series of liposuction sessions to prevent her legs from growing further.

She said: 'Before I had any surgeries, my legs were like 50 to 54 inches.'

Early signs from Miss Page's treatment show positive results with the swelling in her legs gradually decreasing.

She is being helped by an experienced doctor who has pledged to see her succeed. Doctor Lizzie Gottsegen, who is managing Miss Page's progress says: 'There are not many therapists or doctors for that matter that are even aware of this disease.

'If Katia has no surgery, if she had no bandaging, if she had no will to move - Katia would be dead very soon.'

Miss Page added: 'The swelling was at one point so bad that my ankles would be literally hanging all the way over my foot. My biggest fear is becoming immobile because once I can't move, I know this disease will progress and I could lose my life.'

Miss Page experiences a daily struggle with people assuming she is overweight because of an unhealthy diet, rather than her life-threatening disease that she can do nothing to prevent. But, she is working hard to overcome all these.

Miss Page is engaged and will be married soon as she works hard to overcome her predicament.

'I'm smart, I'm educated, I can cook and I'm a good catch! You'd be a fool not to want me,' she said.

'I'm engaged and we're going to get married soon. And to be honest with you, he loves me anyway, but I just want to look my best.' She said.

Although her recent surgery did not go to plan, with Doctor David Greuner having to stop proceedings earlier than expected due to a substantial loss of blood, she is still happy over what they have accomplished over the years.

Miss Page is appearing in My Legs Won't Stop Growing on TLC Monday 25 July. 


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Meet The Woman Whose Legs Won't Stop Growing Due To Chronic Disorder
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