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Here Are Techniques That Are Helping Men Last Longer In Bed

Here Are Techniques That Are Helping Men Last Longer In Bed Here Are Techniques That Are Helping Men Last Longer In Bed

Men want to know how they can improve their sexual stamina and have longer sex. Women want to know how their male partners can last long enough to give them amazing orgasms and give them the best sex of their lives. Couples around the world want to know how they can enjoy long-lasting sex. Of course, it is every man's desire to be the seductive and a powerful lover - one who has the innate ability to last as long as he wants and bring his woman to the height of sexual pleasure.

Statistics have shown that, as many as seven in every 10 men want to learn how to last longer in bed and end the embarrassment of early ejaculation for good.

Many people believe they can beat premature ejaculation and have longer sex by using stuffs like special condoms, special ointments or sprays that cause numbness or insensitivity to the penis. Even though you can add some crucial minutes to your sexual encounters, these products - numbing sprays and the others - are known to have their own severe limitations later on. For instance, you need to use these stuffs continuously whenever you want to have sex with your partner since these products will not cure premature ejaculation permanently, but they will just act as a temporary solution to your problem.

We are going to look at how to avoid premature ejaculation, boost sexual stamina and have longer sex with your partner.

How to Have Longer Sex and Bring Your Woman to the Height of Sexual Pleasure

Last Longer Through Arousal Control

The best way to last longer during sex is by controlling your arousal during sex. To fix premature ejaculation, you need to become aware of your own sexual arousal - it is the first important step towards beating rapid ejaculation. Understand the four phases of your sexual arousal. These are the sensations you go through during sexual intercourse. By becoming aware of your arousal stages, you will be able to slow down ejaculation and have longer sex.

When you concentrate on how your body reacts at these phases, you will be able to hold back ejaculation and control how long each phase lasts and you will be able to build sexual endurance and enjoy sexual intercourse.

The Phases of Sexual Arousal

We have 4 phases and they are as follows:

• The first phase is when the penis starts getting an erection.

• The second phase is when your arousal starts to rise. At this phase, your penis is fully erect.

• The third phase is when your arousal heightens or becomes more intense. The penis glans expands and becomes more sensitive taking you to the edge of ejaculation.

• The fourth phase is when ejaculation occurs.

If you want to stop ejaculating too fast and have longer sex, it is essential you extend out these four phases for as long as possible. Men with premature ejaculation can go from phase 1 to 4 in just a minute or less while those with superior endurance can engage in sex for hours. By learning how to re-program your mental and physical abilities, you will be able to control how long each phase lasts, delay ejaculation and have longer sex.

If you want to have more stamina in bed, know that phase two holds the key - meaning you need to stay in phase two for a longer time if you want to control premature ejaculation and have longer sex. However, if you fail to improve ejaculation time in phase two and you reach phase three, there is nothing you can do to make sex last longer even when your father suddenly walks into the room.

Lasting Longer In Phase Two

So now, the question is how can a man have better ejaculation control in phase two? My answer to this question will be, he only needs to relax his entire body and mind. You should focus on giving instead of taking - this is very important. Your woman should be your focus. Give her the sexual pleasure by caressing her, and stimulating her sensitive areas. Pay close attention to what she likes and where she wants to be touch and give her that pleasure.

If you want to prolong orgasm and have longer sex, strive in phase two for as long as you want by taking your concentration away from the pleasure you are receiving and focusing all your attention on your woman. Remember, sex should not be about you. It should be about HER. Pay attention to HER. Focus on HER body. Learn what is working for HER, and you will be rewarded with a sexual experience that 99 percent of other men can only dream about!

So you have it now, how to have longer sex. I believe this article has pointed out some useful techniques you can follow to end premature ejaculation and have longer sex. Got some techniques of your own to share? What makes you have sex longer? Share in the comments. Don't forget to share this post with your friends.

The good news is, any man can learn to "re-program" his physical and mental abilities to last longer in bed and give his woman the actual intercourse time she deserves. Learn how others are able to add 30 or even 60 minutes to the time they spend during sex and how you can too by reading this article: How to Last Longer In Bed!


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