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30 Questions To Ask Before Agreeing to Marry

30 Questions To Ask Before Agreeing to Marry 30 Questions To Ask Before Agreeing to Marry

• What makes you happy?

• Do you want children?

• What is your financial situation? How much debt do you have?

• Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What are your long-term goals?

• Do you have a close relationship with your parents?

• How is your credit?

• Where do you want to live: a city, suburb, or overseas?

• How many really close friends do you have?

• What kinds of pets do you love — if any?

• Do you know how to cook?

• What’s the most violent thing you’ve ever done?

• Have you ever cheated?

• Do you prefer socialising or staying in?

• What is your family’s history with disease?

• How do you want to raise your kids?

• How much money do you need to be truly content?

• Would you be willing to seek couples therapy if we ever needed it?

• What is the worst thing you have ever done?

• What do you love to do most in the world?

• What are your feelings on divorce?

• Do you want a prenuptial agreement?

• How do you like your meat cooked? Seriously, I need to know.

• Do you promise to stay with me even if things get really bad? If one of us gets sick or becomes disabled, will you be there?

• Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

• Do you have a savings account?

• How do you feel about the missionary (s*x) position?

• Would you ever use my toothbrush without asking me?

• How do you feel about having breakfast food for dinner?

• How do you regard the gym on your list of important things you need to do?

• Do you still call your mom for advice on the underwear you’re purchasing?

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30 Questions To Ask Before Agreeing to Marry
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