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Photos Of Rihanna At Barbados Carnival

Photos Of Rihanna At Barbados Carnival Photos Of Rihanna At Barbados Carnival

There's nothing that can stop the sexy singer from having a good time, like these amazing gallery of pictures suggest

It’s got to the point where we would be seriously concerned if a day passed without seeing pictures of Rihanna being mostly naked.

And her little trip to Barbados has been nothing short of reassuring with plenty of pictures of the stunning singer dutty dancing in teeny bikinis.

Rihanna, 25, brought plenty of Diamonds for the Kadooment carnival as she parties her way through the eight day festival extravaganza.

She was sipping from a customised orange flask which had her iconic ‘R’ logo and a bit of swearing for good measure because nobody likes those dodgy plastic pint cups, do they?


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