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My New Lover and His Uncle Banged Me The Same Night As Double Birthday Gift - Lady Reveals

My New Lover and His Uncle Banged Me The Same Night As Double Birthday Gift  - Lady Reveals

He was on top of me and pinned me down. He then moved his hand to cover my mouth as he slid his massive cock into me and banged me to stupour. 

I met Saheed one Wednesday afternoon, a day that happened to be my birthday.
He offered me a lift home but as we were having a conversation in his car, it came up that I was a year older that day.
He was excited and offered to take me out for lunch. We got to know each other better as we sat opposite each other in the restaurant. I felt and instant attraction to him and I did not want the date to end. He seemed to feel the same way too because he suggested we hung out at his house for the evening.
I went along with him, excited to hang out with him some more. I discovered he was not based in Lagos but was only around that week for business so he was staying with an uncle during this time. When we got to his place, I met his uncle who was a lot older. He was on his way out when we entered so Saheed and I had the house to ourselves.
We sat beside each other on the couch, enjoying each other company as the attraction built. In minutes, we were kissing and clinging to each other hungrily. He hurriedly took off my clothes and I did the same for him. He slid his cock into my waiting cunt and I moaned out his name in pleasure. The s*x was rough but very pleasurable. We f*cked like two animals in heat until we laid, panting after we both enjoyed an intense orgasm.
Later that evening, we went to a nearby bar. I knew we were on a whole different playing field when he began to down bottles after bottles of beer. His company was not as fun as it was earlier because, soon, his words became slurred and I figured it was time to end the night. When we returned home, I realised he slept in the living room.
He laid a mattress on the ground and I helped him lay his sheet on it. His lips were soon on mine as he claimed me hungrily. The s*x was not as good as earlier and he did not last as long so I had to go to sleep, n*ked and horny by his side.
I must have been asleep for only a couple of hours when, in my sleepy haze, I felt a hand clawing between my legs. I tried to bring myself back to consciousness as I felt a finger inside my p*ssy, I moaned, savouring the feeling of the finger pumping hard into my cunt, getting me wet. Finally, I opened my eyes. It was not Saheed finger-f*cking me but his uncle.
He looked at my n*ked body lustfully as he fingered me. Saheed was right beside me, passed out from alcohol.  I tried to get up but as soon as his uncle saw that I was about to struggled, he moved so he was on top of me and pinned me down. He then moved his hand to cover my mouth as he slid his cock into me.
He did not need to bother, his cock, though not very long, was thick and it filled me completely. I melted as soon as he began moving in and out of me. He eventually took his hand off my mouth and replaced it with his lips. His kiss was intense as he fucked me.
The heady feeling of knowing his nephew was right beside us as he f*cked me completely drove me crazy. I moved my hips upwards to meet his as he fucked me even harder. I closed my eyes and began to shudder as I came. His thrusts became even more intense as he ground against me, purposefully hitting all my sweet spots. His breaths started coming faster and he began to quiver over me, cumming deep inside my cunt.
Very early the next morning, Saheed's uncle offered to take me home. I agreed since I had to change and get to work. We both left the house, leaving Saheed snoring away. I wonder if he would ever be told what really happen that night.


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