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How Good Are Nigerian Women In Bed?

How Good Are Nigerian Women In Bed? Nigerian Women In Bed

It has been said that the most important things to the Nigerian man are sex, food and defecation. But, not necessarily in this order. They also say that the way to the heart of a man is through his stomach. Feed him and you can have your way with him.

Perhaps this explains the big stomachs seen in many of our men, especially those in the corridors of power. They are being fed to death! I wonder why the women then complain; after feeding the man too much, he cannot do much more than snore.  Anyway, it is also said that an emotional connection, and perhaps good sex, leads to the heart of women.

This of course, is not necessarily the same for the Nigerian woman. Pray then, what is the way to the heart of a Nigerian woman? Is it a blackberry smart phone, trip to Dubai or a day out shopping at Garki market in Abuja? Further, is the expense worth it?

 I wrote earlier that perhaps the lack of good sex was driving the Nigerian woman to fat. Being fat and immovable in bed reduces ‘bedmatic’ exercises and prevents many men from actually getting to the ‘Promise Land’. After the huge reception to the erstwhile article, `How good are Nigerian men in bed’, it seems worthwhile and adventurous to ask a similar question regarding women. So here for your pleasure or perversion is the article.

How good are Nigerian women in bed? Cinderella The most exciting time to toast a Nigerian woman is at the numerous ‘owanmbe’ parties: weddings, birthdays and funerals. Fully made up and resplendent in wonderful attires, the women look like a million dollars. Whether they deliver up to a million Naira later, the day after, may be a Cinderella story. Beauty will definitely be in the eye of the beholder. Backward in coming forward Generally, Nigerian women are not known for sultry, flirty moves and attitudes. The women are also not proactive in communicating their interests. Many women therefore spend more time alone waiting to be asked out.

This is perhaps economics at play. The poverty mentality pervades the terrain so much that many women are reliant on the man for dates and have little initiative for making the first move. They therefore put up fake facades and hide their feelings. Someone said most women in Nigeria have never known their father’s with one woman all his lifetime and this may leave deep feminine insecurities. We have to note that a woman’s knowledge and understanding of her own body, her looks, feel and lots more, determines a lot about how much a man will want her.

A confident woman, who knows what she wants, and asks for it, is definitely in the market for a good husband.  Tony (Mr. Anonymous to you!) had a South African woman who asked him out on a date. On the second date, she asked, “So, what are you planning to do to me? Are you going to ravish my body?” He was shocked. You mean no pretending? No fake facades? Goodness, he said he could not wait to marry her. Could you imagine how much fun and excitement such a wife would bring into your life? Don’t get me started!  Bring your own protection Nigerian women do not buy their own protection (for example, condoms), relying heavily on the men to protect their welfare. They also do not actively use other protection such as pills and injections to prevent pregnancy. Part of the protection also includes personal hygiene.

Good personal hygiene includes a bath, trim nails and a clean shave (including the legs and the private parts). Many women do not shave. Saying that, some men do like women with hairy spider legs!  A box of chocolates It is said that the Nigerian woman has the body of a goddess compared to women of other nations. They have real booties, full hips and breasts that give the illusion of the hanging Gardens of Babylon. There is no full blooded man that wouldn’t harbour naughty thoughts of wanton pleasures when you see the body of a Nigerian woman. Websites and authors on the Internet suggest that the Nigerian woman can do anything you want in bed. Talk of a sex machine under the sheets – that’s the Nigerian woman for you. This makes it the more interesting because as long as a man has the energy and skills to try new things, the woman is ready.

Some writers say that they are in high demand in foreign countries. I suppose it will take a real connoisseur to make definitive statements on this issue. Perhaps we could start a research project!  Locally, research for this article suggests that the Calabar woman may be the most exciting Nigerian woman in bed. That they are taught ‘blue, black, red thread’ tricks of waist movements appear to help enhance their sexual prowess. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the rate of divorce is low among people in Cross Rivers and Akwa Ibom States. The fact that they keep clean house, cook great food are of course added bonuses for the discerning man. I am sure other tribes in Nigeria have their own strengths and weaknesses and particularly ways to satisfy their men folk. Please write in as we thrash out this article.  In conclusion The Nigerian woman appears to be a shy and reluctant partner initially, but is actually a box of chocolates. You just never know what you might get. However, it’s fun finding out what flavour and what exquisite taste.  Bon appétit!



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