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'NO womanhood celebration for me after rape'

A Zimbabwean woman based in South Africa has lamented that as the world celebrates the women's day, she was grieving injustice after she got rapped by a a Marc Gbaffou but justice failed to defend her cause.

The world celebrated women's today (August 9.)

The woman said happy women's day to all the women out there.

She said there is no life without women, there is no struggle without women, there is no home without a woman and there is "no me without a woman in me."

"I am sitting here with a heart broken into a million pieces, not only by my rapist, but also by the very society that is obliged by 'Ubuntu' to protect me. I am trying to figure out which piece goes where so l can mend my heart because nobody seem to be caring that l am a time bomb in a so called rainbow nation."

"What women's day must l celebrate when Marc Gbaffou took from me that that defines a woman and the state blessed him. Advocate Thuli Madonsela once said that virtually, everybody is a leader, only that some are misleading. How could a man claiming to be a voice of migrants turn into a migrant destroyer.  As if this is not enough, esteemed organizations and beings shield him from the wrath of justice," the woman who identified herself only as G W Ncube said.
"Living in hiding with only one or two family members knowing where l am, with a family that decided to protect it's egos at my expense, yet it's so easy for the world to say "forget and move on". How do l move on with my mind so messed up, how do l move on without a body to maintain my human shape."

She said maybe one day, the world will know what rape does to a woman.

"Maybe one day the world will know that shielding a rapist not only destroys the victims but those around the victims. Maybe one day, the world will know that the world can only be a better place with happy women," she said.

"Happy women's day to all men who respect, value and protect women, women are because you are real men. To all men who think women are an object of emotional, psychological and physical abuse, l hope you all die in accidents one by one, the world is a very awesome place to inhabit monsters like you."

She said her forensic results came back two weeks back and are positive with drugs in his sperm but the court already closed her case saying she didn't have a case and evidence against him.

"Now nobody wants to commit to sign that my docket must go back. How can such a decision not to prosecute be taken before forensic results are out," she fumed.

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