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Khupe, Ncube a disgrace to the people of Matabeleland - MRP

The skirmishes which took place at MDC-T offices in Bulawayo on Sunday, where Thokozani Khuphe and other MDC-T officials were attacked by thugs allegedly from Harare sent by Morgan Tsvangirai, are a replica of what happened in 2005 at Harvest House in Harare that resulted in the first MDC split, Mthwakazi Republic Party has claimed.

The party said prior to the MDC split in 2005, Welshman Ncube and other cdes who were not singing to the tune of Morgan Tsvangirai were severely beaten by the thugs from Harare, hence we all know that it is the people like Thokozani Khuphe at that time who aided Morgan Tsvangirai against her kith and kin.

"Surprisingly the pendulum has shifted the 2005 ghost, once again has came and this time its now Welshman Ncube aiding Morgan Tsvangirai. This time Welshman is now wining and dining with Morgan and the swords have been turned against Thokozani Khuphe and her team," said MRP.

"The happenings and the events are so amazing to the point that the Ndebeles continue to be used by these people from the East against each other. "Lafa Elihle" sibhekile because of the love of money and positions at the expense of our suffering Mthwakazi people. People like Welshman and Thokozani are failing to understand the current political dispensation. Shona people will never change, they are wolves in ship skins. Whether in church or politics they are just cunning and heartless."

MRP said Welshman Ncube has not told the people of Mthwakazi what caused their split in 2005 and we all know that they are some casualties of those split and am vividly reminded by one of our own, a former Member of Parliament for Mpopoma constituency Bekithemba Nyathi who nearly lost his eye through those skirmishes.

"We are aware that MDC split in 2005 aided by ZANU PF's advice to Morgan Tsvangirai that MDC of that time was too powerful for shonas because the top five were from Matabeleland, hence the first split was supposed to be the one which was orchestrated by Ari Ben Menashe that comedian Canadian guy who was hired by ZANU PF in cahoots with Morgan Tsvangirai. Hence the arrests of the three, Morgan , Welsh and the late Renson Gasela. Surprisingly Welsh and Renson were first to be acquitted of those fake treason charges and our people were quick to say they have sold out as per the plan of ZANU PF  and Tsvangirai. Albeit the split failed and ZANU had to come up with another project to split these people but this time it was the Senatorial elections project which indeed managed to split these guys. We remember the likes of Bhebhe Abednico and others who went to sellout in 2008 to Morgan and were each paid US$3000," said the party.

"These are the same Bhebhes who received beatings and harassment from the thugs sent by Morgan Tsvangirai all the way from Harare. Welshman Ncube has not told us how they have fixed the differences of 2005, yet they have formed the alliance which I feel is not people centred but it is derived from donor funding. We know that both of them are broke."

"Our MRP message to people like Welsh and Thoko and other so called Ndebele leaders who dine and wine with shonas is that please stop taking our Mthwakazi people for a ride nothing good will come from Mashonaland. We know you are in these marriage of conveniences for your own personal benefits not for the benefit of people of Matabeleland. We urge you to stop confusing the masses because this time Welsh is taking his followers to Tsvangirai and Khuphe will withdraw her followers from Morgan Tsvangirai and our Matabeleland people will  continue to be tossed around," MRP added.


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