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Zapu has confidence in the ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe

"Together We Can Make Zimbabwe Work for Everybody", says, the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) in their Manifesto soon to be launched.  In relation to the recent Mugabe's cabinet reshuffle, the message is, why bother with Mugabe and his game of musical chairs where, from time to time, his lieutenants switch seats. The same corrupt and mediocre individuals remain in key decision making positions with nothing new to offer.  
ZAPU may be considered an insignificant party in the eyes of some people but its vision resonates with many people who want the ZANU centralised incompetency out of the way. The party's support base is growing rapidly.  The reality is that Zimbabwe is broken and it needs all of us as citizens to make our country work for everybody and not just for the elites and the connected.  The rot must not be allowed to continue beyond the 2018 elections.  People should avoid putting their Xs in the wrong box.

Political Madness
The ZANU PF and its government administration are in disarray.  The ruling party leadership is now possessed by a spirit of madness which renders it incapable of fixing anything now or in the future apart from doing everything possible to hold onto power. By madness, I mean the exhibiting of harmful or reckless behaviour that does not make sense to any level headed thinking person.
Madness is not new to the ruling party. Our long serving president, Mr Robert Gabriel Mugabe, once described the act of unleashing the Firth Brigade on the people of Matebeleland and Midlands and the killing of innocent civilians in 1982-84 as a "moment of madness".  Now a different kind of madness is around him.

The shortage of tradable currency is killing businesses and there is no hope of economic recovery under his administration. The government allowed the Chinese to mop up the US dollars and is now in the business of mopping up the US dollars by using money vendors on the streets.  Surely this is the madness of the first order. 

We have a party that defies the African culture and tradition of Ubuntu. Mr Mugabe at his advanced age is in charge of the country's administration and is expected to be doing the running around and the jetting off to every international event as if there are no subordinates. What happens when he drops dead tomorrow.  It is also madness on the part of Mr Mugabe to be holding on to power.

The First Lady, Grace Mugabe is throwing herself into the political fray like a headless chicken with no direction as to where she wants to land.  Whether she is being used or is flexing her own muscles, it is extremely embarrassing to hear the supposed mother of the nation publicly undressing leaders of her party and wanting the corpse of her husband to rule from the grave.  Her whorish utterances are an affront to women in general and those who applaud such disgraceful behaviour should be ashamed of themselves.

Day in and day out we are bombarded by stories of factional fights which are said to be tearing the ZANU PF apart.  Is this real or is it a mirage to confuse people.  What difference will it make if either faction triumphs over the other?   Initially, it was Emmerson Mnangagwa against Joice Mujuru and now it is Lacoste against G40.  Of course, soap opera is seductive but these ZANU internal politics should not be the  concern the of suffering masses who spend hours queuing for their pensions, medical aid benefits and to withdraw money from their banks?  It defies logic that so many people will vote for ZANU in 2018 elections and the continuation of the same.

ZANU old tricks cannot be ruled out. It is a common belief that ZANU PF has, over the years managed to hold onto power by doctoring the electoral processes, creating fear of violence, intimidation and exclusion from livelihood benefits, using state resources for party campaigns, and by making people dependent on the party and government handouts, including the linking of access to banking facilities to ZANU PF membership card.

Together we can make Zimbabwe work for everybody
ZAPU pledges to remove the current system of centralised power which perpetuates patronage and "jobs-for-loyalty", and implement the unconditional devolution of power and responsibilities to the provinces, local governments and local communities. In 2013 the people of Zimbabwe voted in a referendum in favour of the constitution which enshrines the virtues of devolution in CHAPTER 14:
 - The democratic participation in government by all citizens and communities of Zimbabwe and
 - The equitable allocation of national resources and the participation of local communities in the determination of development priorities within their area.
Zapu pledges to work tirelessly to ensure that the enabling legislation is enacted for the devolution of power to be implemented.  This will promote democratic, effective, transparent, accountable and coherent governance in Zimbabwe and put brakes on the thieving and reckless use of resources for partisan ends.  Those who benefit from the current system are unlikely to allow such a departure without a fight.  It is up to you the owners of the state to exercise your choice wisely.



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