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Mnangagwa's speech machiavellian

Revolutionary greetings dear comrades. Today we witnessed the inauguration of Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa as the President of the country. I still reiterate that this might be our consignment from the desert to hell.

The post-Mugabe era's biggest question is: which is better between a desert and hell? Mnangagwa is nothing better than hell. Owing to the fact that he went to the Mugabe school of politics and wholly subcribes to Mugabeism, repression coupled with violation of human rights is far from being over. Violence and violation of human rights are the main pillars of Mugabeism.

Mnangagwa in his inauguration speech failed to define where the army stands in politics. He failed to advocate for keeping away the army from politics. The reason for his failure is clear and simple: he is the president today because of the army that fiddled in country's politics. The army is Mnangagwa and Mnangagwa is the army. In a normal democracy, the army is the honest custodian of the constitution and the protector of the citizens.

Whilst he defined his stance on the white farmers who violently lost their farms, he should have gone further and defined his stance on multiple farms the Zanu Pf comrades inherited from the land invassion exercise. The ordinary man did not benefit from the dirty land reform programme but only Zanu Pf policians and their immediate families benefited. There is therefore a need for a proper land reform programme that will benefit ordinary men, regardless of their political affiliation and ethnic extraction.

Gukurahundi attrocities are the main reason Zimbabwe is divided along ethnic lines. Preaching unity without  addressing the Gukurahundi issue is superimposing unity on cracked tribal pillars. That only serves to produce and reproduce pseudo unity.

Mnangagwa failed to define his stance on Gukurahundi solely because he is the perpetrator-Mugabe's main arm of terror, trained to destroy and kill. I am therefore saying to Mnangagwa if he is truly a repentee, he must try to provide a sound panacea to the Gukurahundi question. He must further acknowledge that his hands are dripping with the blood of the victims and ask for forgiveness.  Gukurahundi issue might be a time bomb if left unattended.  

He interestingly touched on arresting corruption, but did not define the mechanism. If he meant it, he should have advocated for the declaration of assets by the President, ministers and parliamentarians.

In his speech he promised the nation that elections will be held next year as scheduled. Disaponting is his failure promise the nation free and fair elections. Electoral reforms are needed to level up the playing field leading to free and fair elections.

Truly the voice of the people is the voice of God. One wonders when did he start to subscribe to this holy philosophy, very unfit for a man of his calibre, trained to destroy and kill. There is no guarantee that if the opposition wins the next elections he will give up power without a fight. Dear comrades, let us not forget that he engineered a soft coup because he loves power and benefits attached to it. Violence is in the DNA of Zanu Pf and its handlers. It is common sense that he wont give up power that easy, especially to someone with lean or nor liberation credentials.

The speech was a machiavellian deplomacy meant to mislead the masses and the world in general. It was nothing less than a piece of sublime mysticism and political blandish.

We want to see him walk his talk and fulfil his words. Times have changed, the masses cant be taken for granted anymore. The voice of the masses which he opines is the voice of God, the same voice that will pull him down from his plastic throne.

Comrades, power to the people. Let the people govern through their servants. The masses must know that they are more powerful than Chiwenga's army tankers and Mnangagwa himself. The power of the masses lies in the ballot box.

Let the masses register and exercise their power to choose their leaders. On the same note, a strong opposition alliance is the only set up that can stagger the final nail on the coffin of Zanu Pf. If the opposition approaches the upcoming elections disunited, it will be chasing shadows. Thus i say to the opposition parties, let us unite or risk being defeated by the wounded lizzards and perish as fools.

Dear comrades we have fought a good battle that resulted in the resignation of public enemy number 1. However the battle is far from bieng over as long as the factory that produces autocratic leaders is still operating. We shall not rest until the  factory closes down.

Victory is certain comrades. Alluta continua.

NPP National youth spokesperson Khulani David Ndhlovu.

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